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The Episode starts with Suraj getting shocked seeing the goons. The servant is beaten up and faints. Suraj is taken in the car. Chakor asks Imli to have food, you did not eat anything doing arrangements, you should take care in this state. Kasturi and Bhuvan come. Kasturi asks why should Imli eat more. Vivaan says its Chakor’s marriage, Imli should have energy to dance in our marriage. Servant comes there and tells Imli that some people kidnapped Suraj. They all get shocked. The servant says some men took Suraj in their car. Imli recalls seeing that car and says I know them. Servant says I could not do anything, they have aimed gun at Suraj. Vivaan saks how can this happen. Servant says all of our house servants got disloyal, expect me and Imli. Chakor says Bhaiya ji pays those men, did he do this. Vivaan

says yes, you are right. Imli asks servant to get guns from haveli, I know where they took Suraj. Chakor stops Imli. Imli says I have to go. Chakor says its not good to go in this state. Kasturi asks what state. Chakor says Imli did not eat since morning, she can faint. Kasturi says yes, we have to stop her. Vivaan asks them to go to police station and file report, Chakor and I will go after Imli. Kasturi prays for Imli and Chakor.

Imli leaves with servant. Chakor and Vivaan come to haveli and ask Imli what is she going to do, how will you save Suraj. Imli says I don’t care for my life, but I won’t let Suraj get any harm. Vivaan says I will come along, Suraj is my enemy, but I m not his enemy. Chakor says yes. Imli says no, we will be more. Imli says if anything happens to you two. Servant asks Imli to let them come.

The goons beat Suraj. Suraj asks who sent you all, tell me, the man, I can’t believe my dad can do this. The man laughs saying you cheated your dad, but we are loyal to Bhaiya ji. Imli, Chakor Vivaan and that servant reach the place where Suraj is kept. They hear Suraj getting beaten up. Vivaan looks inside and sees Suraj beaten up by many men. Chakor tells Imli that there are many goons, we have to think of some way to save Suraj, we can’t go there. Imli runs inside. Vivaan stops Chakor and asks her not to be mad like Imli, let me think.

The man says we will burn Suraj’s face first. Suraj says I will take my statement back and save dad, don’t do this. They all laugh and ask him to get saved first, who will save you from here. Suraj shouts no. Imli shoots the goon down. She hides and shoots other goons too. Suraj sees her. The goon asks Imli to come out, else we will shoot Suraj. Imli comes out. Suraj sees her. The man says you have a great aim, and laughs. The man says Imli has shot many of our men, she has to pay for this now. The man holds her hair and asks who are with you. Imli says no one, I came along, there is no one with me, I don’t know anything. The man slaps her.

Suraj gets angry seeing this and shouts asking the man to leave Imli and beat him. The man says when Suraj is asking this, we have to beat him. Imli comes in between and says it won’t be good if you touch Suraj. The man says they look Laila and Majnu. Everyone laugh. The man holds Imli and aims at Suraj. The goon says police is coming. Imli says no one of you will get saved. Suraj asks Imli to be quiet. The man says we will kill Imli first. Suraj says no, beat me, kill me, not her. He shouts. Chakor comes and looks on. she aims and hits the gun using the gulel. She asks Imli to run. Imli goes to free Suraj. He asks is she mad, who asked you to come here. Imli says yes, I m mad. She frees Suraj. The goons catch Chakor.

Chakor and Imli bravely fight. Vivaan and Suraj also beat the goons. The man gets a gun and aims at Imli, while everyone is busy in fight. The goons catch everyone. They hold Imli. The man shoots at Imli. Chakor beats the goon and runs to save Imli. Suraj comes in between and gets shot. Suraj saves Imli. Chakor and Vivaan get shocked.

Imli and Suraj fall down. The goon aims to shoot at them again. Imli shouts no. police comes and shoots at the goon. They arrest all the goons. Inspector says its good Vivaan called us and we came on time. Suraj sees Imli hurt. He sees his sherwani there. He holds his shot stomach and gets the sherwani. Suraj covers Imli with his sherwani. Imli looks at him. Suraj asks are you fine, did you get hurt. Chakor and Vivaan look at each other shocked. Imli says you are wounded. Suraj says Papa did this with me. Chakor takes Imli. They all leave.

Vivaan asks Imli not to cry now, your Suraj got saved. Chakor wipes her tears. Imli says if you two were not with me, Suraj and I would have not got saved. He says if anything happened to you, what would we do. He asks Chakor to scold Imli well, Imli was giving life for Suraj. Chakor says even Suraj was giving life for Imli. Imli and Vivaan get shocked realizing this. Imli asks what are you saying, its not like this, Suraj does not love me. Chakor says I m saying what I have seen, if Suraj did not save Imli on time, you know where you would be, if Suraj did not care for Imli, why would he risk his life for Imli. Imli recalls Suraj saving her and getting shot.

Chakor tells Imli, Vivaan and Tina about Suraj’s marriage happening same day as mine and Chakor, but Suraj’s bride won’t be Tina, Imli will be Suraj’s bride, bride will be swapped before reaching mandap. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Awesome epi.. Imli and suraj jodi rocks and even chakor and vivan jodi rocks

  4. M not getting anything. How will chakor get married to Suraj? Has Suraj really changed or he’s doing drama

    1. I think drama hi kar raha hai itni jaldi kasy bdal gaya.. But i wish k chakor aur vivaan k shadi main koi masla na kary..

  5. dats wat even i dont understand!!! even after so much if chakor marries suraj it will be a shame.. real shame!! wake up writers

  6. Nice episode.

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