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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji getting arrested. Tejaswini looks in the secret passage and finds the papers gone. She says Ishwar has taken it and goes to her room. She gets a file and asks Lakhan to get all the men to Sitapur police station, and also lit fire there. Ranjana looks on. Bhagya is treated in hospital. Everyone is with her. Bhagya gets tensed and Arjun scolds the doctor for not treating her well.

The doctor asks him not to worry for her and get his treatment done. Arjun says I m fine, make Bhagya fine. Abha laughs. Chakor says but Bhagya has focus. Arjun asks what and understands she is pulling his leg. He says its not like she is thinking. Abha says yes, you are hurt and thinking about Bhagya. Bhagya laughs. Arjun says you all link anything. Arjun says see her, she was not letting

doctor do the aid. Chakor says where did Vivaan go and asks Baa did she see him. Baa says he is sitting outside. Chakor goes to him.

Bhaiya ji’s people protest for him. Ishwar brings him to police station. Manohar gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji handcuffed. He shouts Ishwar……….. I will not leave you, how dare you handcuff my brother, this is biggest mistake of your life, this will result bad for you and your family. Ishwar asks both the brothers to be in same cell and taunts.

Ranjana calls Ishwar and says there are more proof here, send someone before Tejaswini burns it. Ishwar says I know who Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini work together. He asks Vishnu to meet Ranjana and they can get more proof. Manohar asks why haveli now Tejaswini puts ghee on the file and tries to burns it. Ranjana holds her hand and stops her. Tejaswini says leave my hand. Ranjana asks her does she want to go jail, its big crime to burn proof.

Tejaswini says you want to take my place, this is my haveli, you can go. Vishnu comes with police and takes the papers. They arrest Tejaswini for the crime to burn the evidence. Ranjana taunts her and takes the keys from her. Tejaswini says she will be back soon. Tejaswini gets arrested and fumes. Ranjana smiles and scolds the servants, as she is the owner of the haveli from today.

Chakor talks to Vivaan and tells how Arjun is reacting seeing Bhagya’s treatment. Vivaan says why does Ishwar arrest my dad, he is always blamed. Baa answers him that Manohar has shot the bullet to kill Chakor. Vivaan says it might be a mistake, I know my dad. Vivaan apologizes to Chakor. Abha says we know you love your dad, but you know difference between good and bad. Vivaan says he is not bad and gets annoyed. He leaves and Chakor runs after him. Baa tells Abha that Chakor will manage Vivaan, we will take Bhagya and kids home. Aditya looks on.

Arjun signs the discharge papers and tells them that they can go now. He stops as Bhagya holds the ghatbandhan cloth and smiles. Baa and Abha smile.

Arjun opens the knot and says how did this happen. He leaves. Baa tells Bhagya that I know you have tied the knot, Arjun will see her love soon. Bhagya hugs her and they smile. Baa says we shall leave now. Bhaiya ji and Manohar talk in the cell. Ishwar asks the inspector not to allow any protestor inside. Bhaiya ji says he will not leave her once he comes out of the lockup. Tejaswini is brought there and they get shocked seeing her.

Manohar shows his handcuff to Vivaan and says Chakor has done this. Ishwar scolds him for shooting at Chakor. Chakor says no, he did not shoot at me and asks Ishwar to free Manohar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  13. Bhaiya ji rages seeing Tejaswini arrested along. He plans to kill Chakor after knowing she has helped Ishwar. He asks his goons to kill Ishwar and Chakor in order to punish them for cheating him. While Abha and Aditya are proud of Ishwar, Vivaan gets some annoyance in his heart after knowing Manohar landed in jail again. Ranjana takes the control of the haveli in her hand and is happy to see Rajvanshi family behind the bars, as planned by her and her father Girdhari Lal. Ishwar asks all the kids to celebrate their freedom. The village celebrates to get free from bonded labor and Ishwar too rejoices.

    Chakor goes to the national sports institute after getting a chance to represent her school. Bhaiya ji makes a devious plan to kill Chakor and Ishwar in the bomb blast. Ishwar gets to know about this and saves Chakor, thus risking his life. Ishwar dies in the blast after saving Chakor. Chakor shatters for the first time in her life, when its shown that she never cries since her birth. Chakor weeps for Ishwar’s death and holds a grudge for Bhaiya ji. She recalls Ishwar’s words and goes to the institute to show her talent and get selected by the committee. Chakor runs harder to keep up Ishwar’s wish and gets chosen by the committee. Will Ishwar’s death bring a revolution in everyone’s heart? The next track will also showcase Arjun and Bhagya’s blossoming love. Keep reading.

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