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The Episode starts with Bhuvan saying I know you are hungry, many things are not seen clearly by close sight, you have food by my hands. He feeds Chakor. She hugs him. She thinks Bhaiya ji has done this, there is one way, that we forget our differences, else he will win and we will lose. Bhaiya ji meets Ghanshyam and gets many gifts for him. Ghanshyam says you look happy, it seems you made all things fine in your house. Bhaiya ji says yes. Ghanshyam says we have no time, you want minister seat, you should have a good image, people see if candidate has his family with him. Bhaiya ji says I made my family image good, this time I will not fight election.

Ghanshyam asks who will become minister then. Bhaiya ji says my son Suraj, I m doing this to get my son back, I m sure he will fulfill my dreams, this

time I will keep gun on his shoulder and shoot. Chakor thinks what’s Bhaiya ji’s plan. Ghanshyam says Suraj is a kid, he has no experience. Bhaiya ji says my image is bad, there are many cases against him, media makes matter worse, its better I stay away, Suraj’s image is very clean. Ghanshyam asks how can this happen. Bhaiya ji says he is hero for villagers, he will win elections. The man agrees and says Suraj is popular, his wife Chakor is famous marathon runner, we can use her fame. Bhaiya ji says my son is talented, Suraj will fulfill our dreams. He smiles.

Chakor meets Tejaswini and says I want to give you something, Mahakali’s bindi. Tejaswini smiles. Chakor says this is a start for you in this haveli, I will pray you get strength and become a voice against tortures, none is ready to listen to women, I m sure you will change it. Tejaswini says yes, Mahakali is other name of women power. She applies bindi to Chakor and praises her. Chakor asks her to watch Mahakali show on Colors. She applies bindi to her.

Suraj gets ready. He gets a gift. He says its not my birthday today, who has sent this. He reads Chakor’s letter. Vivaan reads Imli’s letter. Suraj says I will come and fix marriage date this time, why did she call me to godown, is that any place to meet, Chakor thinks different. Imli asks Chakor are you sure they will come. Chakor says yes, they think we called them, so they will come running. Imli says I have no hope. Chakor says I made this plan to rectify yesterday’s mistake, once Suraj and Vivaan get together, we will fight against Bhaiya ji.

Tejaswini asks Girja to get leaves for puja. She asks her to cut vegs, she will cook food for Kamal ji. Girja gets glad. Ranjana comes and asks Girja to clean lawn first. She scolds Tejaswini and tries to snatch her necklace. Bhaiya ji comes and slaps Ranjana. He says this necklace is of Tejaswini, which I gave you, what is your status. He asks her to get out. Ranjana says I won’t go, I will stay in any corner of the haveli. Tejaswini stops him. Bhaiya ji says this woman won’t stay here. Tejaswini says she will stay here. He asks are you doing this, she was happy when I kicked you out. Tejaswini says I know, but if I do the same, what will be difference, bad should not be answered by bad, I learnt this staying in village. He says she can harm you anytime, tell me what to do. She says Ranjana is your wife, you have to do husband’s duty, she should get respect.

He says what great thoughts, I feel like saluting you, the woman you insulted you, you are giving her respect, you are great. He asks Ranjana not to forget this. He thinks thanks Tejaswini, you did not save Ranjana, you saved me, if I made Ranjana out, media would have spoiled my image, I have to be careful to make Suraj fight elections.

Suraj and Vivaan come to godown and see each other. Suraj says Chakor called me here. Vivaan says Imli called me here. Chakor and Imli say our Karan run will come and lock the door. Chakor says they think their respect will get less if they patchup publicly, wish their fights end.

Imli says they are not talking. Chakor opens the door. They see Suraj aiming gun at Vivaan. Chakor stops Suraj. Suraj says either one of us will survive today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode, enjoyed the first half more than the second as I felt it dragged. So KN wants Suraj to contest the elections! It’s a different idea! I think this means he will not oppose Sukor remarriage because Chakor’s reputation will help him. KN is very cunning, he was happy Teju saved Ranjana.
    Both Ranjana and Imli got new mangal sutras!
    I didn’t like Suraj’s jacket today.

  2. The epi was ok. Teju and Chakr part was sweet. SaaS bahu relation. ?
    I don’t think Surj will agree to participate in the elections that easily. I think the precap is fake. Maybe Suvaan r acting to scare Chamli. Maybe suvaan r together now and the plan has worked.

    1. Yes, the precap is fake, Chamli’s plan will work and Suvaan will clear matters between them. I forgot about Chakor-Teju bonding, it was nice. I wanted to see more of them together in the previous track

      1. Yes its true seen in olv suvaan are acting and suraj proposes to chakor infront of the family i feel in madip kamal will kidnap suraj and replace him with ajay and will do his plan and use suraj and suraj will do everything he says cuz he will get blackmailed cuz wen the guy sed chakor the runner is his wife kamal got angry and sed his son is capable to run forhimself this is why they showing close sukor

      2. Wow! that’s great news Didu. Now the 4 of them can stand against KN and his evil motives.

      3. KN will not try to separate Sukor until the elections end, he is worried about his image. I don’t think Chakor will marry Ajay, after the TRP drop last week they will not introduce a love triangle.

  3. Nemo i agree i wanna see a stronger bond between tejswani and chakor and imli also has new dresses and make up during the bundua track that was the light makeup chakor had and it really suited her chakor suits light make up… and something big will happen in the marriage thats why cvs showing sukor and vimli in happy mode cuz something big willl happen kamal plan is super big and life changing… and he is acting with tejswani etc and chakor senses kamal is after something big has anyone seen tippu im worried

    1. I’m worried about Tippu too, she hasn’t commented since Saturday and didn’t update her FF. I hope she isn’t upset from what happened. I miss her views and predictions.

  4. Im not trying to be mean but imli is getting better makeup and clothes than chakor and i dont like it i dont like chakor clothes or her makeup and imli has nice clothes and better makeup and hair than chakor and what was the point of bringing inspector ajay his role didnt do much and i have a feeling cvs are getting ready for
    another leap after kamal plot with imli child playing the lead as cvs are giving clues out… but seriously chakor looked better with her dresses and simple makeup and her hair styles only twice chakor wore saree on and she looked so pretty once wen suraj was drunk and tried forcing her and wen imli left vivaan for chakor to get engaged to him chakor looks beautiful in saree to cvs after sukor remarriage i wanna see chakor in some sarees and speical occusations

    1. I think chakor really beautiful in share, I also want to see her sometimes use it. But, I think, she can’t use it everyday because her character is not suitable for using sharee. She is an active girl who always runs, so it will be difficult for chakor to use sharee.
      About wardrobe, the best chakor clothes is when she went to Lucknow with suraj. I love every dress that she uses with dupatta. I don’t like her red, blue, and yellow dresses that has one button for the outer (I don’t know the name). About Suraj I don’t like him in bigger jacket or use longer inner than his jacket. I want him back use t-shirt and jacket, or only use his shirt without jacket.
      About hair style, I love chakor’s hair when suraj proposed her, but In future episode I hope with no curly. Chakor is the best in straigh hair. And hope Suraj will cut his hair short like in early episodes.

    2. Chakor looks nice with simple make up, but they need to give her better clothes and vary the styles more. Yes, and wear sarees in functions.

  5. I also want to see chakor in saree..at least in special occasions
    And coming back to the episode i liked it and both brothers united. But this Kamal narayn he is very clever he will definitely do something big..but I hope it will not affect their marriage…I want sukorsmarriage not their separation .. I hope CVS will not make it into a disaster

  6. Shreya.

    Hiii guys….its a ok ok episode for me….I loved tejaswini ji nd chakor’s conversation….nyc bonding ????….hope kn ji will not create any misunderstandings between tejaswini ji nd Chakor…

    And I loved bhuvan kaka nd chakor’s conversation nd i loved how he feed chakor ???? such a beautiful bonding ???? love it from d core…

    And tejaswini ji nd ranjana ji’s conversation uff still ranjana ji is not changed….both kn ji nd ranjana ji is same….can’t tolerate…

    I loved chamli’s planning….poor suvaan ??…nd I loved their reactions while reading d letter…

    Kn ji is planning something big c today in new olv kn ji gifted a watch to Suraj ???? hope Suraj will not fall in kn ji’s actings nd words…

  7. Shreya.

    Guys in dis episode ranjana ji argue with tejaswini ji na tat tym kn ji came nd slaps ranjana ji….dis all happened in near dinning table ryt…bt when kn ji drag ranjana ji tat tym they showed d steps ryt.. if d dinning table is in upstair??? No na guys…actly am confused…CVS should concentrate on these ??

    And please anyone tell me na when suvaan r in tat godown tat tym they read two lines which is written in d ceiling nd floor na.. wat was tat…actly I don’t know Hindi…I thought in dis WU they’ll mention bt no na so plzz tell me guys wat was written nd d meaning ?????

    1. Di it basically says “WE will come from the sky” and “We will crush the ground” then Chamli say “Our Karan Arjun will unite”
      (Karan Arjun are brothers of a Hinduism mythical story) I think those r the dialogues of Karan Arjun.

      1. Shreya.

        Ohh thank u sooo much chutki ????

  8. Shreya.

    Very very less comment wat happened to all….guys plz cmbt here….

    *******OFF TOPIC********

    Hi Nemo hw r u Dr?? Hw was ur work going on……

    Sukorian hw r u dr??? Y u r not commenting dis page till now…how was ur work….nd I read ff’s nd it’s simply superb dr…loved it…sorry for not commenting in ur ff page…I will cmnt regularly next part itself…

    Hi tippu…hw r u dr??…I read Nemo’s cmnt nd I understand something happened tats y u were not cmntng nd posting ur ff ryt….I wanna say only one thing honestly I don’t know wat happened in my absence nd even I don’t want to know…y am saying dis na I don’t want to drag anything nd I don’t want hurt u by asking dis…c Dr plz cmnt dis page… V all r missing ur cmnts…nd ur ff’s…u know wat I read ur ff parts it’s awesome dr….sry for not commenting in tat page bt I will regularly cmnt in ur ff….plz tippu try to forgot everything nd come back to us soon…plz ur silence is d biggest punishment for us.. hope u will understand nd cmnt dis page ñd post ur ff.. waiting for u my dr….

    Aanya wat happened y r u not commenting today…hw r u my cutie pie…nd hw was nidhi….

    Aria my little bro….hw r u man…hw was ur studies…if they announced ur medical counseling date….

    Chutki plz give me ur ff link plz….actly am searching ur ff bt I didn’t find it…so if u can thn plz share d link plzz…

    Sweetie now u r also writing a ff ryt…u know wat I read it nd it’s awesome bt I didn’t cmnt….sorry my dr…actly I thinks to cmnt in ur ff next part itself I hope u won’t mine…how r u how was ur studies…

    And sruthi hw r u…hw was ur studies….

    Dil d,tapa,mama,sia,aqua,angel,janani guys nd all my loving friends please comment dis page na…

    1. Hi shreya, Work is good, how are you?
      Sukorian is on vacation so can’t comment, aanya didn’t comment today but commented yesterday.
      Tippu stopped commenting and Lily doesn’t comment often.
      There are few comments here ?

  9. Hiiiiiii my dear friends sisters. How are you?? I am fine.

    I can’t believe aanya di, u r not commenting in this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think u r busy, that’s why u didn’t get time. Am I right di ????????????

    U know guys, I love chakor. She is so cute na.

    1. Hi mama. I’m fine. I hope aanya comments soon.
      Chakor is cute and she’ll get to wear a saree next week.

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