Udaan 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi and Bhuvan coming to haveli to see off Vivaan. They ask Imli about Vivaan. Chakor tells them that she has to say something, they all wanted to know why she made Tina run away. Imli asks her not to say. Suraj says this is not right time to say all this. Chakor says its right time, you all think I made Imli sit in mandap to marry Suraj as she loves Suraj, but this is not the real reason, the truth is Imli is pregnant. Tejaswini, Ranjana, Kasturi and Bhuvan get shocked. Chakor says Suraj is the father of Imli’s child. Imli cries. Everyone look at Suraj. Bhuvan and Kasturi cry.

Bhuvan sits in shock. Kasturi asks Imli what is Chakor saying. Kasturi asks Imli is this true, are you pregnant, I can’t believe you did this sin. She slaps Imli and scolds her. Tejaswini tries

to defend Suraj. Chakor scolds Tejaswini and says this is not any lie. Ranjana gets glad and thinks how will Tejaswini save her son now. Bhuvan says I will kill Suraj. Suraj pushes him and says I will show you your place. Vivaan stops Suraj. He tells Bhuvan that this is not the time to fight. Tejaswini sends all servants.

Kasturi asks Chakor why did you not tell me, you cheated us, what will we do now Imli. Bhuvan says Vivaan is a good man, but being good man is bad these days, I have stayed as good man all my life, what did I get, we lost our respect because of Imli, you stay happy, I will leave. He asks Kasturi to come and take Imli along. Chakor cries. Kasturi takes Imli with her. Suraj looks at Imli.

Ranjana asks Vivaan to leave. Chakor tries to stop Vivaan. He says he loves her a lot, and if he knows whats happening here is not true, he would have not gone, he just cares for her. She asks him not to go. He asks for whom shall I stay back, do you remember those promises done infront of the moon, why shall I stay here, if you tell me once to stay for you, I will not leave. She says I can’t…. he says you can’t do this, there is nothing to say and hear now. Suraj says Chakor did much drama today, now everything ended, just my revenge is left out now. Chakor recalls her moments with Vivaan. He thinks of their engagement and returns ring to her.

Suraj looks on. Vivaan says just your memories are enough to hurt me, I don’t need all this. She asks him not to go. Vivaan leaves. More piya saware…..plays………… Suraj pities Chakor. Chakor cries and stumbles. Suraj holds her. She gets away. He asks what happened, you are stumbling, your love did not go away much far, I can’t see anyone falling, so I came to save you. She says no, you came to see whether Vivaan really went or not, I lost my love and you also lost your love. He says stop nonsense, I don’t love anyone, if you want to say about Imli, you have hurt her a lot, you ruined her respect, everyone left you, your parents, sister and Vivaan, now you have just me, behave well with me, else nothing good can happen.

Tejaswini asks Suraj why did he not get Imli’s child aborted. Suraj says I tried to tell her, but she did not agree. Chakor hears them and tells Tejaswini that she will convince Imli to abort her baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Ye chakor pagal ha jo sara imlii ki kartotay vivan pr daal rii ha??vo kya kry ab us ka qasoor ha ye?duffer

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