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The Episode starts with Khasta thinking who will save Chakor now. Sultan neighs and Ronnie comes back. Khasta says Sultan has gone mad and goes thinking till when will Sultan save Chakor. Ranjana tells her dad Girdharilal that Manohar is such father who did not even meet Vivaan, being afraid of Bhaiya ji. He says I will talk to Manohar. She says I have come here to Lucknow with Vivaan to talk to you. He says I told you to come and stay here, you don’t listen to me, I think you liked power there. She says yes, I like power, but when its in my hand. He asks whats going on in your mind. She reminds that you used to get me new toy when one toy broke. He says understood, but don’t you find difference between husband and toy. She says no, there is no difference. He asks do you want to leave Manohar. She says

never. He asks do you want to get him killed. She says this toy is useless for us now. He gets shocked. She smiles.

Kasturi digs the soil. Bhuvan says stop digging, its waste land, there is no water. Kasturi asks him to see whats shining in the land. They get shocked. Lakhan comes there and gives roti to Kasturi, saying Kishori has sent this. He asks did they get water, and looks on. He asks what is that shining. Bhuvan says don’t know, we have to find out.

Manohar sees Ranjana and Vivaan’s pic, and cries. Bhaiya ji looks on and asks is he seeing his wife and son’s pic. Manohar wipes his tears. Bhaiya ji says no need to hide tears, your family is your weakness, which make you stand against me. Manohar says no, I don’t know whats happening here. Bhaiya ji says fine, you are my younger brother, I get angry seeing your loyalty on other side, be loyal to me, I will not be annoyed. Manohar promises him that I will die but not give him chance to complain.

Kasturi shows the soil and says its gold dust. Bhuvan asks what. Lakhan checks the land and says it means this has gold. He laughs and says we became rich. Kasturi says it means this is ours. Lakhan says us, this is our gold. Bhuvan says this land is of Bhaiya ji, this will bring problem, fill this soil back. Lakhan says we can buy water from Bhaiya ji by this gold, we will get a jewelry and get this gold purity checked, then we will tell everyone. She smiles and says it means it will be golden morning tomorrow.

Its morning, Chakor wakes up and sees everyone packing bags. She asks Khanna why are they packing bags. Khanna says we are shutting this circus. She gets shocked. He says after you disappeared, I did not have courage to keep that act, and public stopped coming after the murders happened here, once names gets spoiled, it does not get fine. That killer is roaming free, what will we do if he targets anyone, pack your bags too, we have to leave. She thinks to do something to save this circus.

Sultan runs and makes Khasta’s box fall. All his belongings fall. Chakor sees the joker clothes and thinks Sultan identified him, and I could not. She rushes to everyone and thanks all of them. Khanna asks what she wants, as she did a lot for them. She says I want to play this knife throwing game once. Megha says Khasta plays it well. Khasta says no, I have to pack my bag. Chakor says I know just Khasta can stand there. Khanna says yes, just he does risky acts, and asks Khasta to stand there and show jalwa for Chakor. They all ask Khasta to show his dare. Khasta agrees and says I will do this for Chakor if you all are saying. He stands there and says I m ready Khanna, but who will throw knives. Khanna says the one whom you trusts. Khasta says she does not have practice. Chakor says you trust me once. Khanna says yes. Chakor is close to Khasta so she will throw knives. Khasta gets worried. Chakor smiles.

Chakor is throwing knives. Khasta gets scared and admits that he is the killer joker. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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