Udaan 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli believes Suraj

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The Episode starts with Suraj shouting to alert Chakor. He says I want to kill Chakor and her family, who made my life hell, today I will burn this house. Suraj pours kerosene. Chakor sees this and worries. She thinks what to do. Kasturi and Bhuvan come and asks whats happening. Chakor asks them to go to Chagan’s house, this is Imli’s plan. Kasturi refuses to go. Chakor insists and sends her. Chakor goes to Imli and says I will not let you burn our house, aren’t you ashamed. Suraj scolds her. He says I have prove my loyalty, you should also get burnt, you have hurt me a lot.

Suraj says I will burn you, come I will drop you inside. Imli stops him. Suraj says fine, I can’t kill Chakor till elections, but I will kill her parents. Imli throws off the firetorch and says no need to prove your loyalty

now. Ranvijay says he is clever, he shouted to alert them. Suraj smiles. Ranvijay says see, he is winking to me. Imli says calm down, drink less wine, you are losing your mind, Suraj proved his loyalty. She says this news can reach media, you need rest, I want some peace. She goes. Ranvijay says don’t think I lost, I know you remember everything. Suraj says your wife said right, wine is harmful for health, go and rest. Ranvijay goes. Suraj and Chakor smile.

Suraj thinks how he tortured Chakor. He gets angry. Chakor stops him and asks him not to take any wrong decision. He says don’t stop me, they took over our haveli, I will kick them out. She says we will win elections and slap them. He says no, I have treated you so badly, how could I hurt you, I have burnt the beautiful moment, I tried to ruin your respect. She says it was not your mistake, you didn’t do it intentionally. Ranvijay gets angry and says Imli calls me mad, she didn’t believe me. Manju says I trust you. He says you are sensible, Suraj can’t get saved now.

Suraj says I hate myself, how could I do this. He hurts himself. Chakor stops him and says just love me if you want to repent. He says I have done much wrong, my hands should get punished. He sees the knife and hurts himself. Chakor worries and ties her dupatta to him. She says your love never let me down, promise me, you won’t take any revenge from Imli and Ranvijay, I will support you after election ends. Manju asks Ranvijay to keep an eye on Suraj and Chakor. Ranvijay says I left my spy after them. She asks who’s that man, tell me.

Suraj says fine, I will do as you say, but I will not leave Imli, we did a lot for Imli, our child would have been alive if she didn’t support Bhaiya ji. They cry. She says no use to talk about that, we should talk about coming future, we should make our new world of dreams, we will have much happiness. He says and many children. She says yes, this should end once, then my time will be just for family. He says this is my new birth, I want to apologize to villagers and your parents, I have hurt them a lot. She says no, Ranvijay left a spy after us, you have to do what you did till now, like I told you, your memory didn’t come back.

Suraj and Chakor romance, mahiya…..plays……They fall down. Suraj asks for a kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved the episode, the best part was Sukor talk, it was much needed. I enjoyed how Sukor taunted RV, Suraj said Imli is RV’s malkin. RV is funny, I enjoy his scenes.

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