Udaan 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying Vivaan is clever, he played game and won trust, what happened, I had to go jail. He recalls the old time. He asks Vivaan to prove that he deserves their faith. Vivaan says fine, tell me what to do. Bhaiya ji says I will tell tomorrow morning, go to your room and rest. Vivaan goes. Bhaiya ji says times are changing, I made my son bandhua by stamp and will make Vivaan my bandhua by taking sign. He laughs. Suraj says I m not feeling well Chakor, I feel cold, I want clothes. Chakor recalls Vivaan’s words. Suraj says Chakor.

She asks Suraj did you say something. He says I m feeling cold. She says I will get clothes. He says wait, tell me what’s the matter. She says nothing. He says look in my eyes and say its all fine. She says someone is troubling me, so

I came here, maybe you can show me some way. He asks what. She says I m worried for Vivaan, don’t know what happened to him, he is behaving strange, else he can’t …. he asks what. She thinks if I tell Suraj that Vivaan joined Ragini and Bhaiya ji, he will think Vivaan is also torturing him. She says Vivaan fought with Bhaiya ji, I m scared what will Bhaiya ji, you are feeling much cold, I will get clothes for you. She goes.

Vivaan burns his documents. Imli comes there and asks what are you burning, case papers or my future. He sees her bag and asks whats all this. She says I can decide that I can’t live with my husband, if you can decide to work with Bhaiya ji. He says I m doing this so that we stay happily. She reminds that these sinners have snatched our happiness, when our child knows this, what will he think. He says we don’t have money to raise child, stop it. She says if you think me and my child are burden, then stay alone, I will leave. He says sorry, I should not scold you, try to understand, I have no option.

She holds his hand and says forgive me, I told you a lot in anger, its tough time for you, how can I say I will leave, but I can’t see what’s happening, you have seen Suraj’s state. Vivaan recalls Imli and Suraj. He leaves her hand and says you care for Suraj more than me. She says Suraj’s state is like a dog, he is in stable, did you think what will they do of you. He says Bhaiya ji can’t do worse, I m tired of failure, I want to win, I want money and comfort, just Bhaiya ji can give this. She asks what happened, why this anger, its not because of case, tell me what are you hiding. He says nothing, its matter of one night, everything will be fine. Tomorrow Bhaiya ji will take my test and then we will have money and all luxuries. She thinks I wish you fail in Bhaiya ji’s test.

Bhaiya ji stops Chakor and sees Suraj’s clothes. She says Suraj is feeling cold, the vest can’t save him from cold. He takes the clothes. She says he will get ill. He says till he works, he won’t get food, water and clothes. She argues and asks till when will you entertain yourself, I will not let Suraj die. He says I will kill him in one shot, he is my bandhua, he will do what I say. Imli and Vivaan come there.

Chakor asks what does Suraj has to do. Bhaiya ji sees Vivaan and says I will tell tomorrow morning. He goes. Vivaan goes to room. Imli and Chakor worry. Chakor says Vivaan is going to become bandhua by joining Ragini, don’t know what will Bhaiya ji do with us, Suraj will fall ill by cold, I m worried for Suraj, don’t know what will the morning get for us. Chakor goes to Suraj and rubs his hands. She sees Suraj and thinks what to do, my body temperature can save his weak body from cold. She lies beside Suraj and hugs him.

Its morning, Suraj wakes up and sees Chakor. Chakor wakes up and sees him. She gets away and says you were feeling cold, Bhaiya ji did not let me get your clothes, you were unwell so…. Servant comes and says it seems your night went well. Suraj asks him to talk with manners. Servant asks him to come to ground. Chakor says Suraj is ill, he can’t come. He says Suraj wants warm clothes, he has to come to earn it. They take Suraj.

Everyone come there and think what’s happening. Ragini says you all had to leave work and come here, think Bhaiya ji takes care of you all, you will get entertained. Bhuvan says which poor man will be used today to entertain us. Tejaswini says he will punish Suraj surely. Bhaiya ji comes there. Suraj is brought by men. Tejaswini worries. Suraj asks Chakor what’s happening.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji wants you to earn clothes, he is going to play dirty game, be ready, don’t lose courage. Vivaan and Imli come. Vivaan asks what do I have to do to win your trust, what’s the test. Suraj asks Vivaan’s test, what’s the drama, make me do any work and give me clothes. Bhaiya ji says I will tell you, your work and Vivaan’s test will be together. Suraj and Chakor ask together. Bhaiya ji says there are two needs today, I will not decide, they will decide should Suraj get clothes or should Vivaan get money and job. Chakor asks what do you mean. Bhaiya ji says this ground, both the competitors will fight, if Suraj pushes Vivaan out, he will win, if Vivaan pushes Suraj out, then he will win, I promise to give Vivaan money and job if he wins.

Vivaan says I m ready to fight. Suraj and Vivaan wrestle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was the best till date… And I am eagerly waiting for upcoming episode in which chakor turns tall..

  2. Today’s episode was the best till date… And I am eagerly waiting for upcoming episode in which chakor turns talli..

    1. Hi Sona, what is this “Chakor turns tall”?

  3. The new spoilers r so good suraj will be released by next week hope they dont tie them again i hate vivaan i dont wanna see vivaan scenes they r so boring

  4. Ye vivan ka drama kab end hogi….not intrsted…next sukor.fire wala love,water wala love,nashe ki love…..i cant wait …..sukor luv uuuuu

  5. Janani9789

    totally i hate vivaan,he so selfish,….ok if he selfish it doesn’t matter….but who doesn’t trust his wife…and being bad thing…imli is love of his life…imli who can do…anything for vivaan….infertility is th problem…means he should tell imli…then there is no misunderstanding…..
    only sukor scenes are interesting from kn,vivaan,ragini drama and tortures….
    i like imli a lot like chakor….she is also bold and take her decision like chakor…..who can do anything for the person they love….like chakor…
    totally i like the sukor scenes chakor care for suraj….their awkwardness…totally loved it….
    waiting for upcoming sukor scenes…
    anyway suraj is lost by selfish vivaan…iam eagerly waiting for sukor scenes…

  6. Latest spolier is chakor drinks baang shikoo comes in and was blazing suraj chakor gets angry and beats shikoo up suraj and chakor have romantic moments chakor falls asleep on suraj

  7. Latest spolier is chakor drinks baang shikoo comes in and was blazing suraj chakor gets angry and beats shikoo up suraj and chakor have romantic moments chakor falls asleep on suraj

  8. latest spoiler there will be a kabbadi match amid suraj and 6 other players and in that suraj will win ..

  9. Sukor scenes r interesting except others .excited to see upcoming sukor scenes . I like imli these days .and glad to here tht suraj wins in kabadi. Wht hpn to others who regularly visit telly update pg in udaan?

  10. Kriti suraj match jeeth jatha hei..iss liye kapde milgai…

  11. I think vivan is acting that he turned to evils(KN and Ragini) and match will be won by vivan then only KN will trust vivan they will give job to him then after vivan gets to know their plans and would help to sukor.

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