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The Episode starts with Manohar telling Bhaiya ji how Baa and Chakor made all villagers join them. Bhaiya ji says was Lakhan’s wife also in this. Manohar says yes, every woman of the village supported them. Bhaiya ji asks what did the husbands do? Did they not support ther wives? He looks at Lakhan and gets angry. Manohar says they were standing far but when Baa told them to be ashamed and wear bangles, if they can’t support them. Manohar warned Bhuvan not to join them.

Bhuvan says what else will you do now, you burnt the village half and tried burning my daughter, my wife is supporting Chakor and Baa is asking me to wear bangles, till when will is it quiet, I m not shameless. Manohar says after Bhuvan said this, all the men joined Chakor. Bhuvan says he failed and Chakor won. He joins hands

with her. All the village men join hands with them.

Bhaiya ji gets angry and asks Tejaswini what about her plan, it all failed. Manohar says Chakor got saved as Vivaan jumped in the fire and I lost sense to think. Ranjana asks is he fine. He says its your mistake, you have sent Vivaan there by unlocking the door. She says if anything happens to her son, she will ruin the haveli.

Bhaiya ji sees Ragini and says he will manage everything. He asks Tejaswini to control Ragini, as Manohar’s hand got tied by Vivaan and we can also face the same. Ragini gets sad and leaves. The villagers sit together. Kishori says she is seeing the unity in village for the first time. Baa says it became possible by Chakor. Kasturi brings the lep and asks where to apply it.

Chakor and Vivaaan hide their wounds and ask her to apply to them. Chakor and Vivaan says not me first. Kasturi asks them to apply lep to each other. Vivaan and Chakor apply the lep/ointment to each other, and everyone smile seeing them. Ranjana comes there and hugs Vivaan.

She asks is he fine. Vivaan says yes. She says this lep, did you get burns. Chakor says don’t worry, my mum made this lep, he will be fine. She asks why are they all here. Vivaan says they are doing Satyagrah with us, now Bhaiya ji has to agree and give us education. Chakor says then we will get freedom from bonded life. Ranjana apologizes to everyone and says I realize I did a mistake to take all school supplies back. Baa says its not time to use politics here. Vivaan says no, she has changed and became my old mummy now.

Ranjana says take care and goes home. She calls her dad and says I have left Vivaan there, and apologized to them, I think we should take our next step. He laughs and says fine, I will call you later. He calls Sharma and asks him to inform all media about 7 year old girl in hunger strike against Bhaiya ji. All the reporters get the message. They all go to Aazaadgunj. Baa tells about Bapu and his simple living. She says he used to have fruits and like mangoes the most. The kids start feeling hungry. Baa asks what happened to them. Imli says you tell the story, but don’t take the name of fruits/mango.

Chakor says they all are hungry and did not have food, so their mouth watered by mango’s name. Baa smiles and asks why did they not eat. Kasturi says the kids did not want to have food as Chakor is hungry. Baa says they all are hungry, why not Chakor. Chakor says she got habitual to be hungry being in haveli. The media comes there and asks about Chakor.

Baa says this is Chakor, ask her any question, she will answer. Bhaiya ji gets a call and a party member asks him to check news. Bhaiya ji is shocked seeing Chakor questioned about her hunger strike.

Bhaiya ji apologizes to Baa and says he is stuck between family traditions and politics, she can give him a chance to change for once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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