Udaan 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli wants to help Chakor

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The Episode starts with Raghav telling Imli that he will give her anything, even the 50 lakhs which Chakor is going to give him. He asks her to tell him about Anjor. She says fine, I will tell you, take me to haveli. He asks how can I take you there, Chakor asked you not to come home. She says then you may leave. Chakor asks inspector to find Anjor, trace the blackmailer. She hears the car horn and runs out, shouting Anjor. They all get shocked seeing Imli coming with Raghav. Chakor says how dare you come here, get out of here. Raghav stops Chakor and Tejaswini. He asks them to calm down and think of saving Imli. Imli asks them to decide fast what to do. Raghav asks her to come in. Imli smiles and enters the haveli. She cries being emotional. She sees the temple and shouts Har har Mahadev. Chakor and everyone

look on. Imli says I don’t know anything about Anjor. Raghav gets shocked and asks why are you lying, you know about Anjor, don’t fool me, you took information from Rohit to tell that culprit, who kidnapped Anjor.

She calls the staff and says I have sent them here to stop the mishap, I was doubtful that something will happen here, I didn’t kidnap Anjor, I don’t know who kidnapped her, I just want betterment of this family. He asks really, you have sent these people here to protect this family. Imli says Didi, I regret on my deeds, I have realized that I have done wrong with you and everyone. She recalls the past and says I have understood that person just wins love, that’s his only earning, I have broken down in prison, but I knew that life will get me back to you, then I will apologize to you. She says I have snatched your husband, your happiness and your daughter for seven years, you always loved me, I have always given you hatred, nothing else, I just want to repent by heart, how shall I make you sure that this time its not my mistake, I didn’t kidnap Anjor. Chakor cries. Imli says I swear on Anjor.

Chakor shouts shut up, don’t dare to take her name. She goes to slap Imli. Imli holds her hand and stops her. She says if I was wrong this time, I would have not stopped your hand, I have done many crimes in front of everyone, how shall I make you believe this, I m saying the truth. Inspector says I have found everywhere, I didn’t get Anjor, everyone is saying that Anjor didn’t get kidnapped, no one has come in or left from the haveli, where did Anjor go then. Imli says whatever happened with Rajjo that night, I think someone from the family has done this. Raghav says Chakor, you have told me the same thing in the hospital. Imli says I have come here to say the same, just think, if the culprit is here, then he isn’t away from us, he is in front of us, he is playing a game with us, we just have to know him. Akash says you mean just we were here, no one from family can do this crime. Imli asks why, are you all Devtas, I was also part of this family and did many crimes.

She asks Chakor to think what’s the thing which she has seen and didn’t notice much. She says its a little thing for you, who is cheating you, there is no time, its about Anjor’s life. Tejaswini says I won’t listen anything against my family, get out. Raghav says no inspector, Imli has come to help. Chakor says I can’t tolerate Imli, she knows I will forgive her like a fool, she will act as well wisher and come back, I can’t do this, ask her to leave. Raghav says you are saying fine, but think practical, we have to save Anjor, we have less time, Imli has experience, maybe she is right, I agree with Imli, its always family who backstabs, I have attacked that kidnapper, his body will have wounds, I will check if you permit, tell me. Chakor agrees. He sees Rohit, Amit and Akash.

Chakor sees Akash and doubts on him. She tears his kurta and sees the wound on his body. She shouts that he is the culprit. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why can’t they show something else other than Anjor being kidnapped.Imli turning positive is just acting of her so as to enter haveli.I think there is so much pressure on the writer as he writing for two other shows as well.it’s better if they change the writer.I hope they bring a powerful villain as the culprit.
    Two minutes silence to the makers who thought Imli’s re-entry will increase Trp…..

  2. I wonder how Akash will escape the accusation.
    I’m curious to know why Imli wanted to return to haveli, if helping Chakor was her real motive, there was no need to come with Raghav.
    Raghav telling Chakor that Imli has experience reminds me of the time Chakor seeked Imli’s advice when Anjor got kidnapped and that was a huge disaster.
    I think there was no need to dedicate a whole episode to this but I didn’t feel episode dragged.
    I’m still angry they cut Sukor flashback but have time to show close shot for every member of haveli residents.

  3. Imli meant her question to be a trick question and Raghav fell directly in her trap. His answer means he’s started to have feelings for Chakor.

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