Udaan 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor telling a man about the kids and seeking help. He does not help her. Abha calls Arjun and asks about Chakor. He says he did not get him. She says she has her friend in police and asks him to seek his help. She gives his number and he says its good, I will contact him soon. Chakor talks to some kids, and the boy says a man is finding her. She asks who. He sees Arjun and asks her to see. Chakor sees Arjun and gets happy. Arjun takes a taxi. She shouts Arjun Sir. He turns to see and she is not there. He looks for her and says I felt she called me, where is she. The tapori gang catches her.

She asks them to help her, she wants to save some kids, they are her friends, the goons will kill them. They plan to handover Chakor to Munna. Babu tells Vaibhavi that Chakor slipped

from their hands again. She scolds him. She says we will catch that fish by the bait, that’s Rocky, he will get her back home. She smiles making the plan. The tapori gang hides Chakor in some house and they get tensed seeing some lady coming. They try hiding Chakor and their Amma ji comes. Amma ji scolds them for breaking the pot. They make excuses that they came to have food. Amma asks them to leave, else she will beat them.

They leave from there. The lady drinks water and says maybe they were really hungry, so they came to my house. Chakor hears them and says this lady is like my mum, anger and then calm down in some time. She thinks she can help me. Amma ji makes food for them. Chakor moves the bag and Amma thinks its rats. She goes to get oil and leaves. The tapori gang go to find Munna to do Chakor’s deal and does not find him. The goon says he will come in evening. They think to leave from there and leaves.

Vaibhavi waits for Rocky to come. She sees him coming and starts acting. She says Chakor has made Rocky happy, I m glad, but whats the use, this girl has gone, I wanted to meet her, but she left. Rocky gets stunned. She asks him to get Chakor. Nana asks Rocky to recall where can he get Chakor. Rocky sees the video and gets thinking. The tapori gang see the bag missing and think where did the bag go. Amma comes and scolds them. They see Chakor with Amma and get tensed. Amma holds Chakor’s hand.

Arjun talks to inspector and says he feels some gang has kidnapped Chakor. The inspector says it means that gang is connected to Aazaadgunj too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I mn hd h srsly

    kb tk chlaoge ye drama


    I mn chakor nd arjun are too close for a fly but they dnt each othr at all
    nd if thy see th othr 1 leavs or smthng or the other hppns

    end this horrible track nd take a leao nd show teenager chakor

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