Udaan 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor hearing Pita from Bhagya. She dances and says you are not mute. Tejaswini recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and calls him. He asks why is she being a spy, when he went out for nights for party meetings, now whats the problem. He scolds her and leaves. Chakor asks Bhagya to talk again and take her name Chakor. Bhagya says Pita again. Chakor asks what is she saying. She sees fruits and says I understood you are hungry and want Papita. She says but its not here, and bhagya still says Pita.

Chakor says fine, when I come next time, I will get Papita. Bhagya fails to explain her and worries. Chakor says I feel Bhaiya ji is very angry and won’t let come, don’t worry, my name is Chakor, I will find some solution. Bhaiya ji comes and says no way. The villagers ask Bhuvan to come

out and scolds him. They show what happened, and show Billu unconscious. His mother cries. Kasturi says I will get kada, and Kishori scolds her asking her not to show drama. She says no one will go to Ved till panchayat takes decision.

Kasturi asks what, let me give him some medicine, what did Chakor do. Kishori says Chakor gave poison chocolate, let panchayat decide and takes Billu. Prince scolds Roshni for being friendly with Chakor and says I will tell dad, he will scold you. Suraj smiles and says don’t cry Roshni. She says don’t worry. Prince will not tell anyone, but you have to do one work, stay away from Chakor. She says fine.

Bhaiya ji scolds Chakor and asks her not to meet Bhagya again, else he will break her legs. She asks why is he not telling Tejaswini. He says I will beat you now, shut up, if you say Tejaswini or anyone, then … tell me what you want to keep your mouth shut, fine I know what you want, I will talk to principal and do your admission. She says I don’t want to go by recommendation, I will win race and then school will give me admission. He says fine, you can take part in race. She smiles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays…………..

She says she will go and tell Arjun. He says wait, you will run in race, but there is a condition. She asks what. He says you will not meet Devi Maa again. She is shocked. He says else I will blacken your family’s face and make them roam in village. She worries and thinks of Bhagya. She thinks she promised Bhagya, how will he promise Bhaiya ji now. He asks her to answer fast. She recalls Imli and how they promise by keeping fingers crossed. She says fine, I promise, I will not meet Devi Maa again and keeps fingers crossed at her back.

He gets relieved and goes. Imli tells the panchayat that Chakor did not give chocolates, Roshni made Billu have it. They ask why. Imli says Roshni was showing us that Chakor is innocent and is not haveli kids’ friends, so that village kids don’t break friendship. Kishori asks why did Roshni give chocolate to Billu. Imli says that day Chakor was also unconscious, Roshni promised Chakor that she will help and tell everyone that Chakor is not liar and cheater.

Kishori calls her liar and asks who will believe her. Kasturi defends Chakor and Imli. Tejaswini meets Arjun and says I respect you as you are govt servant, else I would have thrown you outside, tell me why did you come here. She says Bhaiya ji is not here, else he won’t care for any govt servant. Arjun says I will tell the reason, but not to you, I will tell just Kamal Narayan ji, you can rest till he comes and also let the men rest. Bhaiya ji comes home.

She is shocked seeing Chakor with him, getting down the car. She asks Chakor how did she go out. He says I will explain later. She says fine, make Arjun leave. She asks him to be quiet for two mins. He holds Chakor’s hand and takes her to Arjun. He gives Chakor to Arjun. Chakor smiles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………….plays……….

Arjun asks Chakor who is she. Chakor says Bhaiya ji allowed me because of her. Arjun asks whats her relation with Bhaiya ji. Bhagya says Pita. He is shocked and says Pita?

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