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The Episode starts with Ragini calling Bhaiya ji. She tells him that everyone here got busy in managing their relations and now he can come back. He says great and laughs. Vivaan and Chakor recall each other and cry. Chadariya jheeni re jheeni……………plays………… Ragini says this world is really round, they made me cry and I m making them cry now, its imp day for me tomorrow, haveli people get ready to see my talent.

Its morning, Chakor exercises and recalls what happened yesterday. She thinks Suraj is busy to get Imli, Vivaan and Imli are upset and I m busy to prove my innocent, what game is Ragini playing, its big game and I have to find out what Ragini wants. She goes to Ragini’s room and does not see her clothes and belongings in the room. She says where did Ragini go. Tejaswini

comes and says Ragini went to Mumbai, from where she has come.

Bhaiya ji talks to Ragini and says you should have not left haveli and come here, your enemies will be playing game against you, Chakor doubts on you. She says I bought one of Suraj’s man and he will give me info, I had to come to free you. He says fine, if you think you are doing right, I trust you, but remember we have fewer days. She says I remember, all this will end.

Tejaswini says Ragini said she is going to save her friend from problem, its good, when she comes back, I won’t let her enter here, I will get this room’s Shuddikaran done and celebrate. She goes. Chakor says Ragini disappeared, is this her plan, is she preparing for any big plan. Ragini says I did all planning, I hired some men and took a house, they will manage, your return journey will start tomorrow. He laughs.

Suraj recalls Imli and sees her pics. He thinks of Imli and Chakor’s words. Tejaswini comes to Suraj. She says I did not expect you will make your place like this for a girl, you have to win, get up and face this, I want to be proud of you. She goes. He says I will not lose and get Imli back, but she has to be alone with me, how will that happen. Chakor comes to him and says Ragini went to Mumbai. He asks why are you worried. She says Ragini is planning something. He says I have imp work, you go to Sitapur for this event. She asks will you not come with me. he says no, some work is imp than money and lies about giving far to laborers. She says I m glad you thought for laborers. He thinks one person has gone, but haveli is full of people.

Imli thinks of Chakor and Suraj and cries. Vivaan consoles her and says I know you are upset because of Chakor, I will always be with you and happy, no one can separate us. He gets food. She says I m not hungry. He feeds her and says I will make cradle again. She says I will help you in making cradle. He calls her kid to smile hearing about cradle. She thinks Vivaan is Devta, I wish I could say I love you a lot, if you could understand without saying, it would be good.

He gets call and nurse asks her to come and pick Imli’s reports. He says fine and tells this to Imli. He wishes everything is fine. nurse calls Suraj and says I told Vivaan to come. He thanks her and says you will get your money. He says now Vivaan will be out of haveli.

Imli gets surprised seeing the decorations. Suraj proposes Imli and asks her to come back in his life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vikor or sukor…sister should b like chakor

  2. Yes.but what’s going on in this serial,alot of confusion.why is suraj behind imli?

  3. writer only confused who is opposite whom in this serial total chaos…-:))

  4. I think after imli rejection and confession suraj will move on ?and i also come to know that vivaan and chakor will see all this drama and vivaan will fight with suraj ?and chakor feels bad? and than she will console suraj ? and than sukor love will start but dnt know what will bhaiya ji going to do?

  5. surajjj……u r a life spoiler.1st u spoiled vikors life and now u try to spoile vimlis life…..r u maddddd….

  6. Please writers reunite chakor and vivaan please please please

  7. No yaar this can’t be happen….why sooraj is going behind imli…plz writers just clear the confusion of pairs…is it vikor or sukor….we want suķor luv story n plz make them together….as per as about vivan, its actually really confusing that is he still luv chakor or not…1st he was behaving like he forgot her n move on with imli n now he is crying for her by tearing her letters….anyways missing sukor’s nokjhok scenes…luv u sukor…

  8. Is sab me toh bach chakor hi pish rahi hea..I feel bad for her..and hope jaldh chakor muskurai kyuki choti chakor kabhi bhi nehi roti thi..

  9. I think they will all die and Spandan will come back as Imli’s child. I prefer little Chakor to this blo*dy Vivaan obsessed idiot. Chakor was supposed to be great not get married and settle down.

  10. Angel I hope you are right !!! Please tell directors to go with that script !!

  11. i want vikor..its good that suraj gets with imli..and vivaan and chokar could be together..
    i think vivaan still loves chokar and only cares about imli ….

  12. Hey guyz , I am new here.
    As most majority people wants sukor together i also want . They looks cute together . I hope the makers will have some sense that they make sukor as pair and that stupid vimli. Excited for further episodes.
    Luv u sukor.

  13. Vivaan u don’t deserve chakor. Whenevr der was some situation u always misunderstood her and didn’t trust her. It was chakor who always proved her innocence. Thats not love. U hav to believe tat person when nobdy else does. Suraj and chakor hate each other. Bt when they start feeling for each other it wil b completely real affection,love,care.. I liked today’s episode..chakor keep going..:-)

  14. I hate imli vivan and Suraj. All of them r responsible for spoiling Chakor’s life. Vivaan is the biggest idiot.

  15. Chakor has done so much for imli since childhood and imli is so selfish

  16. Selfish imli…when she thinks someone is favourable to her then she loves them…otherwise she hates them…


  17. By hook or crook i.e. one way or the other, the writer or producer is unnecessarily making it a unending serial. One nuisance is over, other comes up. One man dies and again declared alive. What does we want to prove and what impression viewers are getting, no body is concerned. Money is not every thing. There should be principles that should be shown in the interest of morally boosting up this generation.

    Please think and consider my suggestions.


  18. Oh god this b*t*h ragini. I hope Chakor teaches her a lesson fast

  19. Stupid vivan +
    Selfish imli +
    Sacrificing chakor+
    Confused suraj
    = bakwas show

  20. only one sukor scene today

  21. zahina muhammad

    Chakor and vivaan luks good each other..plzzz…reunite them..plzz…and plzz…ragini ki sach aur chakor ki begunaahi..jald hi bahar aajaye…chakor k dard humse dekhi ni jaarha hyn…plzzz…jld hi vivaan chakor ke missundrstndings khtm ho jaye….finger crossed…

  22. I’m waiting 4 imli to confess that she luvs vivan infront of sooraj….gr8 to see the luv wala side from sooraj….i wish he would hav done this 4 chakor n also waiting KN entry into haveli….

  23. We need Spandan back and for these other 4 idiots to go away

    1. Total agree with u small chakor were the best n like 4 idiots. . who love who who still love who omg soo confused why big chakor being sided… Who the lead….heard imli best friend with director…

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