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The Episode starts with Tejaswini getting Bhaiya ji has come to meet her and take her home. Suraj comes to meet her in lockup. She says she is fine and asks about Bhaiya ji. Ranjana comes there with the lawyer and says if you are waiting for Bhaiya ji, you have to wait all your life, he will not come and free you, he is heartless, I could not see your children’s pain, so I got arrangements for your bail. Tejaswini says maybe Bhaiya ji did not get lawyer, the case is strong against me. The lawyer says no, its weak case, we took two days for bail, we regret that you were in jail without any reason. She asks what….

Suraj says yes, Papa does not care for anyone, he is selfish, he is at home and celebrating Janmashtami. She gets angry. Munna asks the men to find Chakor. He tells them to repair the

roof, else Vaibhavi will not leave them. He says about dahi handi function and Rocky coming. The pandit does puja and Bhaiya ji asks him to do aarti. The pandit says this time Tejaswini is not here. Tejaswini comes there in her old form. Bhaiya ji asks him to do aarti without Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji holds the diyas. Tejaswini comes and holds his hand. He gets shocked seeing Tejaswini. Everyone smile seeing Tejaswini. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji why did his face turn pale, she did not die till now, he felt her ghost will come back in haveli. He asks what is she saying and compliments her comeback. She says if you tried, I would have come soon. He says I tried a lot, the case was very strong. She says she had much time to think who did this with her. She starts the aarti. Chakor also does the aarti with Amma ji.

Baa tells Bhaiya ji what happened after Krishna’s birth. Tejaswini says death of Kans and looks at Bhaiya ji. Chakor and her gang dances in the janmashtami function on go go Govinda …………Chakor gets on the pyramid and does not see the roof. Munna asks the goons to find Chakor, as Rocky will come with Vaibhavi now. Vaibhavi is on the way and calls her dad to ask about Rocky. She says he did not come. He says Rocky is moody. She says he could have come for Chakor, her plan will fail.

Rocky comes in janmashtami function. Chakor sees him and calls out Rocky. She goes near him, and Sunny stops him. She asks Chakor not to say Rocky that she is Chakor, the goons will be around. She says fine. Sunny asks Rocky to come and dance. Rocky dances with Chakor. Munna sees Rocky. Vaibhavi comes there and shakes hands with Chakor. Soham and everyone worry seeing the sign on her wrist. Chakor realizes it and hides.

Munna tells Babu about Rocky. Babu tells Vaibhavi to see Rocky dancing. She says it means Chakor will be here, be alert. Rocky is asked to come and the man announces about breaking the dahi handi. Sunny asks Chakor to climb and see the roof where her friends are hidden.

Chagan is brought to the kids and he meets Billu and Bhola. He asks whats this place. Billu says this is Mumbai, there is no way to run from here. Bhola says Chakor cheated us and run away. Billu says we helped her to run, but he is sure Chakor will come back. Chakor climbs the pyramid. She falls down and tries again. She recalls Amma ji and Ishwar’s words. She thinks she will free her friends.

Chakor sees the roof and Imli’s doll. She says it means they got Imli here. Her hair let loose and everyone see Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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