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The Episode starts with Chakor running fast. She falls down as Kusum makes her fall. Chakor and Kusum start fighting. Chakor says she has to meet her mum. The jailer scolds them and sends them inside. He says how will I get famous now, they are useless. Nayantara says I think I know you and asks Baa who is she. Baa gets shocked and recalls the old time. FB shows Baa asking for Nayantara. Girja says she went to village and Bhaiya ji has gone there. Nayantara comes crying and tells Baa that Bhaiya ji wants to kill me. Bhaiya ji comes home and asks Baa to move, Nayantara is flying kites with the labors, look at her.

She sends Nayantara to her room and stops Bhaiya ji. He says you always save her, else I would have killed her. Baa scolds him. She says Nayantara did not do wrong to play with villager

kids, she has right to live her life as she likes. He says you never stayed as dad wanted, I will not let you ruin our respect. FB ends. Baa says we are not related, I came to know you helped the kids and brought them back, so I wanted to thank you. Amma says Girja got shocked seeing me, Savitri called me Nayantara, I have this box and feel I m related to this place.

She asks Baa to tell who is this Nayantara. Baa says no one is Nayantara here, you are doing a good work in Mumbai, go back. Amma leaves. Baa cries. Girja asks Baa why did she do this. Baa says she did this for Nayantara’s safety, why the daughters of this haveli have bad fate. Bhagya and Nayantara both. Bhagya looks on.

The jailer puts Chakor and Kusum in small lockup and says my dream broke because of you both. Chakor and Kusum argue. Chakor asks her to forget everything. Kusum says she will think to get friendly with her or not, this is just the beginning. Bhagya tells Vivaan that Amma is Dadi’s daughter. She says it means Amma’s story is like me, Dadi has made Bua go off because of Bhaiya, we will help Amma and tell her the truth, what Chakor did for me. Kasturi murmurs in sleep to get Chakor. Amma tells Dadi that she wants to know her past. Dadi asks her not to think much. Kasturi sleeps. Its morning, Kasturi wanders on Mumbai’s roads and looks for Chakor. She gets hit by a car and falls on the road. Chakor screams Maai and looks for Kusum.

The jailer tells Kusum about Gandhi Jayanti and reminds why she was brought here, as she has hit her Maam with hockey stick. He says Madam has died and now its murder charge on you. Kusum gets shocked.

Kusum is put back in lockup. Chakor asks her to help her in going out. Kusum says she has murder charge on her and gets angry. She says she will kill Chakor too and holds her neck. The warden brings them out and takes them. The jailer and everyone observe Gandhi Jayanti. Chakor prays to Bapu to show some way to go and save her mum. The jailer says he has organized a good program for the kids, he has called magician JJ today. Chakor smiles seeing JJ.

Chakor asks Sunny to bring the kids and Soham puts Chakor inside the box. Bhaiya ji comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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