Udaan 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay plans his engagement

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The Episode starts with Suraj coming to stop Ranvijay. Chakor sees Suraj and hits Ranvijay with the phone. The gun falls. Suraj hides. Ranvijay says you got much courage to hit me. She says I break hand of one who hurts me. He says you are alive because of this baby. He goes. Suraj says whatever I recorded today, anyone will send him to mental asylum, no use to show this to police. Ranvijay’s mum says commissioner can help us. Suraj says Ranvijay will come tomorrow, we have to expose him in front of everyone. Chakor says we will do it my way. He agrees and says I trust your smartness.

A man shows the clothes to Chakor. Ranvijay says I just know red, color of blood, just show all the colors to my would be wife, give her any lahenga she likes. The man calls her lucky to get a groom like Ranvijay.

Ranvijay asks her to smile. He shouts and makes them smile. Imli calls him and asks about Suraj. He says I didn’t know anything of him. She says its your engagement tomorrow, it means he is planning something. Ranvijay says I will find him, if he comes, I will kill him, just be alert and inform you if you know anything. She gives best wishes and ends call.

Bhaiya ji says Ranjana has to die. Imli asks will you kill your wife. He asks what wife, she killed my brother to get powers, she got to know what we did with Vivaan. She asks how did he write letter in coma. He recalls. He says maybe he came to senses and wrote letter, she has to die. She says no, I will explain her, I m sure she will understand.

Its morning, Chakor gets mehendi applied. She asks Preeti to give letter for Suraj, she will meet him. Preeti says I will give it, else everyone will know. Ranvijay asks Chakor and Kavya what are they planning. Chakor says we will talk if we are together, go and do your work, else my mehendi color will get bad. Lady asks him to get some mehendi. He says its our engagement today, I m called a top cop, I hope you behave good. She says I m Suraj’s wife, I will not become anyone’s wife, neither by love nor by torture. He gets Suraj’s name written and says its written on my heart too. He says I hope he comes in our engagement, that will be last day of his life. He smiles. He asks them to play latest songs for Chakor. Chakor worries.

Ranjana talks to her dad. She says I want to give Imli and Bhaiya ji to laws. Imli says I can help you. Ranjana gets worried. Ranjana scolds her. Imli smiles. She says I know you know what I did with Vivaan, stop acting now. Ranjana calls her shameless to hurt Vivaan. She says I have also done sins, but not such, I will get you punished. Imli says the woman who can kill her husband for powers, the woman who doesn’t see her son taking drugs, this talk doesn’t suit you, I know you would have killed your son if he came between you and your powers.

She makes Ranjana wear the crown and says you can do anything for this status, I can get you the throne which is ruled by Tejaswini, forget what I did, I will forget what you did, tell me what shall I do now. Ranjana smiles. She says it was nice try, maybe I have agreed if time was something else, I like power, but it can’t have a price of my son’s life. Imli asks her not to get angry, Vivaan is useless, he is alive, I will never let him die, I love him. Ranjana laughs and scolds her. She says once you both go jail, I will get power in my hands, get out. Imli smiles. Ranjana shuts the door. Imli says now I have to let bhaiya ji decide and kill you.

Chakor gets ready and says we have to do this, trust me, our plan will work, we will get free from that devil, I want to see Suraj once. Preeti says its risky. Chakor goes. Ranvijay welcomes guests. He gives Suraj’s pic to guard and says sign me when this man comes, don’t do anything. Guard drops Suraj’s pic. Commissioner comes. Ranvijay welcomes him. His mum thanks commissioner for coming. Commissioner asks him to get his would be wife. Ranvijay says she will just come. Chakor looks for Suraj. Preeti says Ranvijay is calling you, Suraj will come, don’t worry. Chakor says ask Suraj to meet me before engagement. Chakor comes downstairs.

Ranvijay compliments her. Commissioner says so she caged you in love. Ranvijay says yes. Ranvijay’s mum says he is commissioner Chauhan. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words. She thanks him for coming. Chauhan says I had to come. He praises Chakor’s values. Ranvijay asks Chakor why is she happy seeing commissioner, does she have plan to do something, nothing wrong should happen. Suraj makes an entry with dhol people. Suraj in sardar’s diguise sees Chakor.

Chakor tells Imli that Suraj has come to take her. Imli informs Ranvijay that Chakor called her, Suraj is in his house. Suraj and Chakor dance. Ranvijay questions Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If chakor gets shoot according to spoilers the show is becoming really boring and I’ll never tolerate it again.Tc too much???

  2. I just hope hope hope Sukor plan works and I’m feeling bad for Ranjana alot. Chakor’s courage infront of RV was ? . Suraj is sardar disguise. ?

  3. Sukorian

    y is chakor so stupid n tells imli that she suraj is at rv place

  4. so…. suraj cant get out to give the evidence. but he can get out, change his get up and come back with dhol and everything. fine. now the commissioner is here, why not show him the evidence first and then do the dancing and singing…. dragging and dragging and imli smirking. and also, this is not the same kamalnarayan who was there when chakor was a child. there is no way that an old player like him would simply sit and have no idea where his son is or what imli’s plans are. they are purposefully making characters foolish to suit their needs.

  5. Liked the episode although it had too many Imli scenes. Loved how Suraj held Chakor’s hand when he said he trusted her. Loved how Chakor defiantly wrote Suraj ‘s name in front of Ranvijay. Sukor looked amazing at the end.

    Disappointed that KN shared the info about the letter with Imli, I enjoyed Ranjana-Imli face off but both are horrible human beings.

    I intend to enjoy Sukor scenes the next two episodes before the drama starts next week.

  6. Sukorian

    even if chakor got shoot I think Suraj will go mad n kicks rv ass he always goes wild when Chakor is hurt n sorry paras / vivaan is the one who will die but don’t know when…

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