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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Ragini to keep papers safe. He asks her to call lawyer Sinha, we will end Chakor’s matter today itself. He goes. She calls Sinha. Kasturi asks Imli what are you saying, Chakor will stay in haveli. Bhuvan says Chakor is staying there to save Suraj, what if Bhaiya ji did something to her. Kasturi says yes, we have to go and stop Chakor. Imli says you both know Chakor is stubborn, she will save Suraj’s life, I m also ready to save Suraj, Suraj has to be alive to send Bhaiya ji to jail, Chakor will find evidence, pray Chakor wins. Bhuvan asks them to do anything and goes annoyed. Kasturi asks Imli is everything fine between her and Vivaan. Imli nods. She asks what did doctor say at the time of my abortion, can I conceive again. Kasturi asks why are you asking.

Imli says I want to have a child. Kasturi says don’t worry, its in Lord’s hands, when Lord wants, you will get a child. Bhuvan asks kasturi to come for work. Kasturi says I forgot, I will come. She asks Imli to take care and she will pray for good news. Imli smiles.

Vivaan comes downstairs and asks Bhaiya ji why did you call everyone. Ragini asks him to wait, let Suraj and Chakor come. Suraj and Chakor come. Bhaiya ji laughs. Suraj taunts him. He says all my enemies are here, there will be no fear of attack from back. Chakor thinks whats going on in Suraj’s mind.

Bhaiya ji says we called you all for Suraj and Chakor’s divorce. Ragini shows divorce papers and says they both signed on it, submit this in court. Sinha says it will take time. Ragini says we are paying you money to end case soon, Suraj and Chakor are helpless to stay together. Chakor asks how did you get the papers. Ragini says thats not imp, imp is Papa wants to kick you out, so that we can deal with Suraj. Chakor asks for papers. Ragini gives papers to Sinha. Chakor stops Suraj and says you think you will get something by separating me and Chakor, game will turn, you and your dad’s dead bodies will be in ground. Ragini slaps Suraj. Suraj raises hand and stops. He says your luck is good that you are a girl, else you would have known result of slapping me, you will regret for this slap. She asks him to threaten someone else. Bhaiya ji says leave it, snake scares in end but can’t bite. Ragini asks Chakor to serve her alive husband.

Sinha says these papers will not work, we want original papers. Ragini says its original papers, check. Sinha says no, its photocopy. Ragini checks papers. Sinha says call me when you get original papers. Suraj tells Chakor that your foolishness sometimes get useful, Ragini will find hard to find original papers. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini what is this. Imli comes and says I have original papers, I have stolen it from Ragini’s drawer, what’s there to feel bad, afterall Ragini has also stolen it. She burns the papers.

Tejaswini, Suraj, Chakor and Vivaan smile. Ragini gets angry. Suraj claps and says your good planning burnt, thank you Imli for burning their hopes, I got time now and I will think something good. He goes. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini what is this, I forgot your old mistake, this is second… Chakor says then third mistake is big to slap Suraj, I tried to stop Suraj a lot, I don’t think I can stop him, be careful, a man whose self esteem got hurt is dangerous, if that man is Suraj, then he is more dangerous, he can do anything, beware. Bhaiya ji asks whom are you scaring, that too by Suraj. Ragini says come Papa, no use to hear her nonsense.

Imli asks Chakor can Suraj do anything wrong. Chakor says yes, when he gets insulted, he can’t bear, he will not leave Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Imli asks can he kill them. Chakor says I will be with Suraj to stop him, his silence shows big storm is going to come, you both also keep an eye on him.

Its night, Suraj is sleeping. He recalls Ragini slapping him. He murmurs I will not leave you Ragini, how did you slap me, I will kill you and your dad. Chakor wakes up and hears him. She goes to him. He gets up and holds her neck, saying I will not leave you Ragini. She holds a book and beats him. His sleep breaks. He says Chakor, you here….. why you did not come between me and Ragini, I would have killed her, I will not leave them. He gets disturbed in sleep. Chakor wishes Suraj gets peace, and thinks to guard him all night so that he does not go to Bhaiya ji and Ragini at night.

Its morning, Ragini asks Chagan about work. Chagan says its fine. Kasturi taunts Ragini for planning to kill Suraj. Ragini asks Chagan to make Kasturi work one hour longer. She thinks to do something big and make Chakor leave from haveli. Chakor asks Imli did anyone see Suraj. Imli says calm down. Chakor says Suraj was not in room, don’t know where did he go. Suraj goes to the field and beats up men. Chagan says haveli people do new drama every day. Ragini warns Suraj of the result. Suraj beats her men. Suraj says no one will talk in between. Ragini aims gun at Suraj and says I will shoot you. Suraj takes gun from her hand and aims at her. She asks him to leave her.

Suraj says you and your father tried to kill me many times, now its my turn, come. She asks him to leave her. He asks her to sit in the jeep. She says if Papa knows this, he will kill you. He drives off. Bhaiya ji says the haveli men do not stay tied to wife’s pallu, I will go and see work in village, Ragini would be waiting. Chakor asks is Ragini outside. Bhaiya ji says she went to see workers, are they working or not. Chakor says I told you not to go out when Suraj is outside. Bhaiya ji says Suraj can’t do anything.

Vivaan asks Imli where were you, I was waiting. She says Chakor is worried for Suraj, I was with her. He says I know, I met Suraj, I tried to explain him, he agreed to not attack Bhaiya ji and Ragini, don’t worry. She asks where were you since morning. He says I went somewhere, is it necessary to go. She gets annoyed. He says you are doubting me, I went to arrange your Diwali gift, wait I will show. He switches on fan and flower petals fall on her. She smiles. She says she just wants his support. He gets a call and thanks someone. Imli sees him upset. He says I went for interview yesterday, I could not get the job, don’t know when will my bad time end. She hugs him and says very soon, have courage.

Suraj gets Ragini to same godown. She says you are not doing right, you will regret, if papa knows this, he will not leave you, what do you want. Suraj aims gun and says I want to get rid of bad memories which you gave me by insulting me, call your Papa here, don’t say I called you here, there is less distance between you and your death, tell him that you caught Suraj and come to see his death, call him.

Ragini calls Bhaiya ji and says I caught Suraj in godown, come fast. Bhaiya ji gets glad and says kill Suraj and come home. Ragini says no, I want you to see him dying, I want to see happiness in your eyes, come fast. He says fine, right, I will come. Bijli hears him. He leaves. Suraj takes phone and says old man is near to death and talking to bury someone else. Ragini says you cheated me to blame him and get free, you tried to get him killed in jail, are you not ashamed. Suraj says I want to know how he got free, how you reached him, the story will come out. She says I got to know from news and traced him, I got to know you tried to kill him and decided to punish you death. Suraj says we will know who will die. He laughs. Chagan tells Chakor that Suraj has taken Ragini in jeep. Chakor says I was afraid. Kasturi asks Chakor not to go. Chakor says if Suraj kills Ragini and Bhaiya ji, he will also get trapped, he does not understand, how to find out where he took Ragini, if he killed Ragini then.

Bhaiya ji comes to godown and asks Ragini where is Suraj, is he alive or did he die. Ragini stands tensed. Bhaiya ji asks why are you standing upset, did you do any mistake again. Suraj aims mistake at Bhaiya ji and says you did many mistakes. Bhaiya ji gets shocked.

Suraj makes Ragini stand on Bhaiya ji’s shoulders. Bhaiya ji says don’t kill me. Suraj says stop acting, think of your Lord. Bhaiya ji shouts no Suraj. Suraj shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode….

  2. Nice episode….sukor scenes are super..

  3. Nice episode….sukor scenes are super..precap is good…but chakor will.save kn and ragini…

  4. Nice episode, sukor is just super cool. Precap was good waiting for today’s episode.

  5. Surajlicious episode? his dialogues are soo funny love him waiting for today epi

  6. Tejaswiteju

    For the first time imli did good thing to sukor,by firing the divorse papers

  7. Yes you’re right .for the first time.i like imli character.bcs she done very good thing to burned sukor divorce paper.waiting for today episode eagerly

  8. Keerthu


  9. nice epi…n promo…m worried….kn n ragini ko bchane me …..chkor ko kahi goli n lg Jaye….thnx for written update!!!

  10. Wow nice episode….I wish sooraj had slapped ragini then it would be nice to watch but nevertheless I luved his dialogue in precap that “joh doordarsha tumne hamari mummy ki ki hai uske liye main tujhe maar ke phir zinda karke maarun’ it was fab….I hope by saving Ragini n Kn, chakor don’t get injured….

  11. I wish she gets injured and Suraj will care for her

  12. history repeats but chakor will come in between

  13. When imli burns the papers hooooooooooooo……..I feel sooo…. good. Imli u did a great thinggg…. u show that u r chakors sis….keep it uppppppp……. and sukor ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaa……all ur scenes wr toooo good….

  14. oh…..how cute vivan isse achchha gift I don’t think koi ho skta….imli kitta khush ho jayegi….muhhh love you vimli

  15. When will chakor and Vivian come together as they are before

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