Udaan 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor manages Saanvi while working

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The Episode starts with Karan telling engineer to start the road building work as Suraj is out now. Engineer asks what about Chakor. Karan says they are fighting, they have no time to discuss. Suraj and Chakor come with Saanvi. Karan gets shocked. He says I knew you will explain Suraj. He acts good. He says I just want Suraj to be away from this office, because of that incident. Suraj says he is right, I should not come here. He asks Chakor to take care. He goes.

Karan comes to temple and looks for Imli. She asks are you finding me. He compliments her. She asks him to mind his own business. He says you told me about Suraj and Chakor’s fight. She says they fight and get together. They have a talk. Chakor calls Suraj and asks did Saanvi do potty. Suraj asks her not to worry. She worries for Saanvi. Engineers

look on. She says sorry, my daughter is young. She says we have to find a nanny for her. Suraj says I will take care, you do your work. She ends call. Suraj says Chakor will call again, lets bet. He counts down. He gets Chakor’s call. He asks her not to call again. Its night, chakor sings a lullaby for Saanvi. Suraj comes.

She asks him to take rest. He says yes, we have to arrange Daima for Saanvi. She says I missed you at office, this work is imp, but made us away, are you listening. She finds him sleeping and removes his slippers. She hugs him and says I m getting sleep hearing your snoring. Its morning, Suraj asks Chakor where is she going. She says I m taking Saanvi to temple. He asks why are you taking Saanvi. She says so that I get some time with her. He says ask pandit ji about Daima. She agrees. She calls him pati parmeshwar PP. He smiles and calls her smart. She goes to temple and prays. Chakor slips down and loses the pram. The pram rolls down the stairs. She shouts Saanvi and runs. Someone holds the pram and saves Saanvi. Chakor checks Saanvi and thanks the lady.

She asks who are you. The lady lifts ghunghat and says I m Archana. Chakor says you saved my daughter and my life too. Archana says I m an ordinary woman, what favor will I do, its good Saanvi got saved. Chakor asks how did you know Saanvi’s name. Archana says you were shouting Saanvi. Chakor asks will you come to my haveli for a talk. Archana says I always keep ghunghat, I don’t raise ghunghat in front of strangers. Chakor says its fine, I have seen you. Archana says tell your family about me, I will come. Chakor thanks her. Chakor tells everything to Suraj. He says Archana will surely come, don’t worry. Imli comes, dressed as Archana.

Chakor asks Imli to take care of Saanvi. Imli smiles. Chakor asks Suraj not to leave Saanvi alone with Archana. Suraj asks her not to worry. Imli holds Saanvi’s hand. Suraj calls them out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suraj and Chakor scenes were very sweet. Chakor was adorable when she was fussing about Saanvi. It’s cute how Suraj fell asleep and Chakor said his snoring is her lullaby.
    I think Kashmir episodes will start on Thursday or Friday. Hope Sukorvi will be safe at the end of the trip.

  2. Cuuuuuuute epi ????

  3. Just wish n hope imli wouldn’t do anything wrong with sanvi???

    1. Haan me too. But this is serial…lets see what happens

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