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The Episode starts with Chakor shouting Imli and pulling her away. She says Imli, everyone make mistakes, I know you did not do this intentionally, maybe someone made you unconscious. Imli says shut up, this baby is love sign of me and Vivaan, don’t call this illegitimate, this is the truth, I won’t let anything happen to this child, I lost my child once, who said I m going to commit suicide, I saw the car and was moving, but you saved me, you are Jagat mata, I will kill that person who did this with me.

Chakor asks who. Imli says no one, leave me alone. She goes. Chakor says Imli is hiding something, how will I help her. Chakor comes home and waits for Imli. Vivaan comes and claps. He praises Chakor for lying to her parents and making Suraj’s name clear. She says Suraj is not responsible, that’s

the truth. He says Suraj is responsible for this. She shouts no, he did not do anything. He says fine, do you know anyone who can do this, think, Aazaadgunj is a small place, there is no one who can dare to badly eye this family’s bahu, except your husband. Suraj shouts Vivaan, no use to fill poison in Chakor’s mind, she knows me well, I had a relation with Imli, when Chakor was not in my life, since she came in my life, I did not think of any girl, my heart is clean. Vivaan says I know, just my heart got the filth. He goes.

Chakor asks Suraj why does Vivaan doubt on you, I feel bad when he blames you, what did he see between you and Imli. Suraj says don’t know, he is getting wrong meaning. She asks was there any right meaning. He holds her face and says trust me, Imli and I were preparing to welcome you on our wedding anniversary, there is nothing, think can I badly eye someone’s wife, when I m waiting for my wife. He asks where is Imli. She says she was saying… He asks what, she is not mentally stable, she has gun also. She recalls Imli’s words and says now I understand her, I will go after her, I will call you if needed. He thinks to find Imli as well. They leave.

Imli says report is wrong, nothing such happened with Vivaan. Doctor says how can report be wrong. She says no, its wrong. He says I know you are pregnant, maybe you did some mistake. She recalls everyone’s taunts and aims gun at him. Chakor comes to hospital and thinks Imli is here. Imli asks doctor to say Vivaan’s reports are fine. Doctor shouts for help. He says Vivaan can’t become father. She shoots his hand and says say the truth. He says I will say truth, Vivaan is fine, he is not impotent, you have his baby. She cries. Hospital staff comes there. Doctor asks them to call police and catch her. Imli says leave me, I have to tell truth to Vivaan. Chakor comes there and does not see Imli. She sees doctor wounded. She asks did Imli come here. He asks are you Chakor. She says yes. He says your sister is mad, she has shot me, she would be in police station now. She gets shocked.

Imli says I did not do wrong thing, catch the doctor. Inspector says we can’t leave you. Chakor says Imli fell in other problem, how to save her. Imli says that doctor cheated me. Inspector asks why did she take laws in hand. She says I agree I did wrong, call doctor here. Suraj asks what did Imli do. Chakor says she shot doctor, police arrested her, she is pregnant, I m scared. He says everything will be fine. They leave.

Inspector asks why will he make fake reports, what’s his profit. She says I don’t know, but when I pointed gun at him, he said the truth. Inspector asks constable to get doctor. Suraj and Chakor stop the car seeing villagers. Kishor says Imli is pregnant, she has illegitimate child, she went to jail, this is affecting village’s girls. Suraj asks what shall we do, shall we leave her in jungle. Chagan takes Imli’s side. The villagers say we won’t support Imli, she lied about her sin. Chakor asks will you not let her stay in village. The lady says yes, take her to any other village. They all go. Chakor says villagers have become their enemy. Imli asks inspector to get doctor and scold him, he will say truth. Chakor and Suraj come there.

Imli says you want to know truth, doctor told me truth that Vivaan is fine, inspector called doctor, he will say truth, call Vivaan here, he will hear this himself. Chakor and Suraj go and have a talk. She says I m feeling bad. He says we did not get time to think about our future, we are husband and wife, and did not hug like lovers till now, we will do this first. Chakor says fine, and then. He says our marriage planning. She asks what did you think. He says we will make big pandal and marry in May. She says its too hot in May, villagers will get troubled, we will marry in rainy season, weather will be fine. He says I can’t wait so much, we will marry on any date given by pandit. She says I know you will bribe pandit. He says I won’t do wrong. She says I have no problem to marry in May. They join hands and smile.

Bhaiya ji slaps inspector. Ranjana says Bhaiya ji is not in haveli. Chakor says he is in jail. Ragini tells Vivaan that they have to give injection to Bhaiya ji, if he gets fine, he won’t leave us alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Divyashankar

    It’s nice and beautiful hope to get sukor romantic hug soon

  2. Wow the sukor scene was the best and im really happy that suraj speaks about his future with chakor and vivaan well i have no words

    1. I just watched the episode imli was so rude to chakor and so was vivaan i felt sorry for her vimli dont treat chakor with respect and i dont like that vivaan also is very rude to suraj the best bit was sukor discussing marrige plans i hope they get married with all the rituals again that will be an exciting track but one think i wanna say is that i hope they dont get vimli remarried with sukor i will be very upset if they remarry vimli i want the marrige track to be all about sukor


    Bichare suraj or chakor, apne pyar ko naiya ko to paar lga nhi paa rehe hai or problems se faste jaa rehe hai… vivan is really dumb and kaan ka kaccha…

  4. the episode was nice today better than last week…. I liked the way Suraj told very clearly that eversince Chakor came into his life not only he did not see any other girl but not even think of any one else. Liked the way he was bang on with his old style of firmness to Vivan and was so cute when chakor was looking at him……

    he explained about the he and Imli doing the anniversary preparation but…… he did not mention about the stay in the car…… did he conveniently hide it or…… but one thing for sure it is very very clear he is just Chakors and only Chakors and nothing else…

    i really liked Imli today taking her old avataar to bring the dr to terms….. hope this is cleared…. and let SUKOR be in peace.

    it was so nice to see them laughing and talking and Suraj missing his lovey dovey hug with Chakor…. awwwh that was so cute and sweet…… and the usual knok jok of Chakor saying he would bribe the pandit……… haahaha…… it is very very strong and evident that SUKOR has taken their bonding to an excellent level and nothing unless they plan would break this bonding… waiting to see some SUKOR romance just seeing them together itself is nice…….

    Some prmos showed Suraj acecepting imli’s child as his…… but this is all as per SUKOR plan to safeguard Imli and bring the truth to the budddhu Vivaan and also find out about the RAVAN !!!

    KN wish he regains his consciousness soon and get back to his form..

    hope to see a beautiful wedding of SUKOR ofcourse there will be twists and turns but sure CVs would make it as lovely as the confession scene….. they dd soo much for the VIMLI wedding hence hope they dont disappoint SUKOR fans..

  5. Thanks for the speedy update! nice episode, sukor talk at the end was so sweet. I liked that Suraj said that Chakor is the only woman in his life and his eyes were so expressive. I’m happy that Chagan defended Imli, she’s his friend after all.

  6. Kkkkkkk

    Nice episode.
    I think Mr.KN hasn’t any mental problem.they are planning something against chakor.
    But nothing can drag her down.
    [Where have all the chakor fans gone+(angel & othes)

  7. Aqua

    Finally we got some sukor scenes! SURAJ BABU, even we sukorians are waiting for your romantic hug and what not ????????????????????

    1. Shreya.

      Aqua, even am also waiting for our sukor’s romantic hug…???????????

    2. Kkkkkkk

      Hi aqua. Can u remember me.☺

  8. Wowoow ……..sukor scenes were just awesome……..after long time sukor happily taking about their future life ……. Its best scenes of yesterday…..suraj s rocking dailogues to vivaan ….iam very happy for dis episode ….love u sukor……in previous week iam tired of watching vimli is tension most of time…..I wish end this track soon…..

  9. Shreya.

    Hii everyone….I agree with all of ur cmnts abt dis episode…nd guys when imli called chakor as jagat mata honestly I don’t like dis.. I felt in tat place dis is not suitable…whenever Suraj used to call chakor as jagat maa I loved it…otherwise I don’t lyk tat…imli called chakor as mahan na tats k for me…nd hw Suraj told vivaan clearly tat I love chakor only since she came in to my lyf???? loved it…thn yaa in dis episode imli back to his old avataar nyc…nd I loved our sukor talks.. hw suraj tells his feelings to chakor tat hug…thn they decide to marry in May na…totally loved their parts from d core of my heart….

    Tippu bt I think both sukor nd vimli marriage will happen in a same day after solving all d problems.. don’t knw y am thinking lyk dis…bt hope dis tym marriage is only for our sukor….

    One more thing guys….after suraj told tat am d father of imli’s child…chakor ask suraj to marry imli….don’t know guys whether d information is true r not…I read dis information from FB page.. hope dis information is not true…

  10. Shreya.

    Precap also interesting…eagerly waiting to c kn ji’s funny act ??

  11. Shreya.


    Hope u all love dis….Suraj supports chakor (before bandhua track)

  12. Sukorian

    I didn’t watch bcz I was late at home but I will surely will bcz of ur comments Sukor scene is great.

    @sumsukor i totally agree with you its so distracted with the stoty of vimli that sukor is left behind n know if Suraj will accept the child of imli even it is a plan of sukor it will take so much time with the hun factory n Ravaan story.

  13. Shreya.

    Aanya dr, I saw ur cmnt in previous page which makes me really upset??…wat happened aanya baby is there is any prblm…u never hurt anyone dr…v all love u….u know tat very well…I can’t understand suddenly wat hpnd to u dr…y u took dis decision…wat hpnd dr….if I hurt u by my words am really sry aanya…Plzz cmnt here dr.. don’t know y u r talking lyk dis.. bt plzz try to cmnt here dr…am waiting for ur cmnt…

  14. Hey aanya, please don’t stop commenting, you always have positive views that makes us feel happy.

  15. epi is ok ok.
    Hi dears.
    Aanya di why do u stop cmnting?what hapened to u my di? Plz plz plz don’t do it. Shreya di thik kah rahi hai. We all love u n also love to read ur cmnt.I keep cmnting here for u ,tapa . Agar ap cmnt nahi karengi to me v cmnt nahi karungi

  16. Thanks shreya for the link, great memories.

  17. Sruthisreeya

    Oh God what’s going on in udaan.. How chakor can ask suraj to marry imli??? is it their plan or not…?? the cvs will always make us tensed.. Hope sab kuch teek ho Jaye.. But honestly I don’t want to see sukors separation
    And about last days episode I liked the last part that suraj opens his mind ??and talk about their hug and marriage ?I really like it
    Hey Anaya what happened to you why are you not commenting here? How is your hand now?

  18. Sruthi, I don’t think he’ll marry imli, sukor may separate for a while and reunite before suraj marries imli. it can be sukor’s plan or may be ragini will blackmail suraj. i too don’t want separation so soon, they didn’t give us any sukor romance after confession.

    1. Sukorian

      hmm if this “marriage” will take place i will stopp watching Udaan…???? this is stupid Sukor always sacrifices their happiness for others..

    2. No i dont want a track where every1 tells suraj to marry imli now i get the feeling that sukor and vimli will get remarried again together??

  19. Awesome episode. Suraj ke shade kelia betabi …just love it……..,.. Thanks all friends for remembering me.I was busy with my exam but I always read your comments. Tippu ur ff is brilliant ; keep it up.In our country we are prepareing for Ramadan.
    In 2nd last page u all discussed about yourself. In this page I want to tell about myself to my all loving friends. I like to eat hilsha fish with rice and also dal.I love my mother and Almighty. I want to be a doctor. bye. love u all.

    1. Shreya.

      Ohh…work hard to achieve ur goal ..nd our future doctor Mr.Aria best of luck for ur exams….love u too my younger brother…

  20. Shreya.

    Sruthi, sukorian nd all d guys nothing will happen lyk dis…so don’t worry yaar…first of all guys Hw can Suraj nd imli marry…it’s not possible…if suppose Suraj nd imli’s marriage takes place thn d total story will b collapse…so they won’t do lyk these type of stupidity…

    Guys…if dis is d plan of our sukor…I mean suraj accepts imli’s child etc etc…thn I hope chakor won’t ask suraj to marry imli…if chakor asked lyk dis then definitely it is d part of their plan to make vivaan realize his love for imli…nd if suppose dis was only our budhu suraj’s plan.. thn don’t know wat will happen…both sukor nd vimli will suffer…so hope it’s our sukor plan…if dis is our sukor plan thn am damn sure v got more sukor scenes lyk sukor’s secret meetings, romantic moments etc etc???..

  21. Shreya.

    Aanya, I don’t want to hear no more reasons from ur side…u must cmnt here ok…it’s ur sisters wish…so u hv no other chances ..nd haan one more thing if ur hands r still paining thn no need to cmnt here tdy itself… bt u took dis decision for some other reason thn definitely I won’t compromise with tat reasons…so cmnt here everyday lyk before k…be a gud girl…

  22. Shreya.

    Aanya, tapa, dil d, Philo, janani, sia, angel, laarib, shasha nd all d guys those who r nt cmntng till nw plzz try to comment here yaar..

  23. Hi everyone, guys does these spoilers info u discussed above r true? Does it mean it will drag more? I’m loosing interest n it dnt knw why. This didn’t hpn to me in bandua track even.
    Coming to epi, I love the sukor convo n Whr suraj explains vivan tht he loves only chakor.

  24. Aanya dr why don’t u comment? Wht happened to u suddenly? Plz try to comment if u can

  25. Shreya di please please please bhoul jao mujhe pleeeeease jst enjoy udaan ok nd u too all mama,tapa,dil d,nemo,shruthi,zoya nd other.please gys enjoy udaan jst udaan.

  26. Hi aria, welcome back, hope you’ll be back commenting soon and best wishes for your exam.

    This week’s episodes are promising, yesterday’s episode was nice and i have high hopes for the rest of the episodes.

    I’m curious why suraj will claim the baby as his, there are many possibilities. I’ll wait and see,

    I hope we get sukor marriage without vimli but as long as we get their marriage in may or june it won’t be a big deal if both couples were married at the same time.

  27. Dil d, there is a video showing suraj holding imli’s hand and saying the baby is his and then chakor leaving haveli, but it may be a dream or a misleading promo we don’t know yet.

    I liked bandhua track more now there is few sukor scenes but hopefully after they clear the baby issue we’ll get more of sukor and kn.

    1. Sukorian

      thats wht I said KN return n Bandhua track were great bcz of the together work of sukor I loved all scenes n I remember the interview of Sukor were Vimli helped in the end n Suraj said chota sa to pariwaar hai humara uski khushi ke liye hum luch bhi kar sakte hain. N Imli aap dono ke liye hum kisi ka khuun bhi kar sakte hain. I want the power couples back to destroy the evil ragini

  28. Aanya welcome back, udaan is the only hindi show i watch.

  29. Sruthisreeya

    Shreya I hope that it’s sukor s plan. But till now we don’t get any clues regarding it. If its not sukors plan, and only suraj then definitely it will bring tears in our eyes.. I mean chakor will think that suraj betrayed her and she will trust Vivaan.. But I think it will not happen like this.

  30. Hy keema(kkkk) how can we forgot u.welcm back dear.

  31. Sruthisreeya

    Actually we want to see sukors solving every problem together and their cute nokjhokes between it.. Right he na guys

  32. Sukorian

    Again back to the plot my thinking after reading n seeing some spoilers
    1. Imli is true with baby Suraj n Chakor will find ou
    2. To save her life from villagers Suraj accept the baby to keep her in haveli (Sukor plan)
    3. Chakor have to leave otherwise they would know its a trap.
    4. They have to save the villagers bcz of the gun factory (Sukor working together)
    5. Vivaan will get shoot by Ragini (Sukor need to save him too) spoiler is out on Youtube
    6. They have to distract ravaan. imli is save but know the villagers r in danger coz of the new contract. Gun factory.
    7. After true of Imlis baby father Vivaan he will change n asked for forgiveness lets see how long this will go..

    wht u think?

    1. I agree with your scenario except #5. I watched the video where ragini shot at vivaan , she was just angry and was shooting at the wall and he came in and avoided the bullet. She didn’t mean to shoot him, she was angry because she thought he was giving the villagers good contracts but he told her that it was a new trap. But you can never trust ragini, she wants power and money all to herself.

      1. Sukorian

        oh gud to know

  33. Yes, sruthi we want to see sukor together standing against ravaan and KN.
    sukorian I liked vimli when they were helping sukor like when they helped suraj escape or when vivaan saved suraj from jailer yadav. I hope we see the four of them working together soon.
    shreya, i want to see more of kn he’s fun to watch, I like how he’s now supporting imli. i think kn will help fail ravaan.
    I think the wedding will be delayed until the rainy season as Chakor wished :).

  34. Sukorian

    I saw rhe epi finally sukor awesome ????. Thats all everything else ??

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