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The Episode starts with all the villagers dancing. Bhuvan asks Kasturi will she not dance for Chakor’s success. Kasturi says I will surely dance and Imli will dance too. They make Imli dance. Imli thinks Chakor’s success is Suraj’s failure. Suraj and Bhaiya ji are on the way. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that you took wrong decision, you should have not kept that sports camp, and hired that stupid coach. Bhaiya ji asks what do you mean, its my mistake, my mistake is to have a son like you, I asked you million times to keep an eye on that coach, but you did not listen. He asks driver to stop car. Suraj sees Imli dancing with the villagers and gets shocked. Bhaiya ji smiles and asks Suraj to see his loyal Imli celebrating and dancing, and you were saying I chose the wrong man.

Suraj takes a gun. Bhaiya

ji says if anything happens to Imli, Chakor will beat you with her shoes. He asks driver to drive. Chakor and Vivaan are on the way. Vivaan shows the papers to Chakor. She says I m very happy seeing this. He says I took appointment with CBI director. He tells her that he wants to hear something from her. She asks what. He says leave it, you won’t say, my focus is on road. She asks him to stop the car. He stops the car. She gets down the car and goes. He asks whats this madness, we have to go in meeting, we are getting late. She says I wish to ruin your life. He asks what. She says yes and smiles.

Chakor asks Vivaan to listen carefully and look in her eyes. She says I love you…… Vivaan smiles and asks her to say once again. She says I love you. They smile. O re piya saware……plays……………. He says I heard these three words after so much hardwork and cups her face. He asks her to say it again. She says Vivaan, these birds, sky, cool breeze and everyone heard what I said, how to tell you now. He gets on the railing of the bridge and shouts Chakor loves Vivaan, she loves me. She smiles. They hug.

Tejaswini goes to Suraj. She tells him that Vivaan maybe acting, income tax officers came and I felt it was some drama, I m not feeling good. He says don’t overthink, else you will fall ill, go and rest, let me do my work. Imli sees the servants laughing and scolds them, asking them to start working now.

Suraj comes and says great acting, you are doing drama here, you all bandhua are dual faced. She asks what did I do, why are you blaming me. He says don’t act innocent, you were dancing and celebrating for Chakor’s success. She says I just danced for my parents’ sake, I can’t give you sorrow, I have always supported you. He asks what do you think I will believe you, no. She says I think Chakor is doing something big, she did not return till now, she was making calls to Delhi before she left from here. He gets thinking.

Vivaan, Chakor and Aditya meet the CBI officer. The officer checks papers and says I m really proud of Chakor, you all did the right thing, country will have bright future if all teens are like you. Aditya asks is these papers enough for Bhaiya ji’s arrest. The officer says yes, he can’t get saved from us this time. Chakor smiles.

Suraj asks Bhaiya ji to think how did Vivaan think, how did he hate Chakor and join you, when he used to blame you for Manohar’s truth, you have trusted Vivaan and gave locker code, which you did not give me till now, check locker once. Bhaiya ji smiles and says you are jealous of Vivaan. Vivaan comes and greets them. Suraj says I have told what I wanted to, now Papa you can do what you want. Bhaiya ji says now Vivaan has come, everything will be clear. Vivaan asks whats happening. Bhaiya ji says Suraj has doubt that you are playing with my trust, you kept those papers in locker which saved us and made income tax officers leave, I have to show those papers to Suraj. Vivaan gets tensed.

Vivaan says you trust me. Bhaiya ji says yes, but we have to clear Suraj’s doubt, come and open the locker. They go to Bhaiya ji’s room. Bhaiya ji asks him to open the locker. Vivaan gets worried. Bhaiya ji asks what happened, open the locker. Suraj says hurry up. Vivaan opens the locker. Suraj says move now, Papa will check the papers. Bhaiya ji asks Vivaan why is he scared. He checks locker and gets shocked seeing the papers missing. He looks at Vivaan and asks where are the papers. Ranjana, Suraj and Tejaswini get shocked. Bhaiya ji slaps Vivaan hard on his face. Vivaan’s face bleeds. Bhaiya ji shouts and asks where are the papers. Suraj aims gun at Vivaan. Ranjana stops Suraj. Bhaiya ji holds Vivaan’s neck and says traitor, you are playing game with me, Suraj, pull the trigger. Ranjana says listen to Vivaan once. Suraj asks any last wish. Bhaiya ji says just shoot him right away. Bhaiya ji fumes. Vivaan closes eyes and smiles recalling Chakor’s love confession. Police comes and asks them to stop. They all get shocked seeing police with CBI officer. Inspector takes the gun from Suraj and says we came to arrest Bhaiya ji and Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks what nonsense, who are you. The officer says we are from CBI, here is your arrest warrant. They all get shocked.

Bhaiya ji asks him to be in his limits, I m Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. Chakor comes with Aditya. She says we very well know how you are. She smiles. She says that’s why they have come from Delhi to meet you. Chakor and Vivaan smile. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays………….

Bhaiya ji asks how will we go, where is the car. Inspector says you will walk and go. The villagers see Bhaiya ji and Suraj arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Want a few chavan scenes..maybe s*x scenes or just romance

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