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The Episode starts with Bhavani asking Arjun to come daily for the aarti, and goes. Arjun says our motive is fulfilled, we got permission to do aarti again tomorrow. Bhavani goes to meet some man and he asks her to give half share of Chadava. She asks what. He says I will tell everyone that she is doing with Devu maa and fooling everyone. She gives the money. Ishwar tells Vishnu that it was good chance that Bhaiya ji hires him, how did he come wearing gold chain. He says my wife gave it to me, I m sorry. Ishwar sees Abha’s pic and says sorry, I overreacted, its fine, I will get another way to expose that devil.

He says Abha forgot its our marriage anniversary tomorrow. Abha sees his pic and cries. Kangan comes to her and sees the small cake. Kangan says their fight is of ethics. Its morning, Bhavani

asks Bhagya to just keep smiling. Bhagya smiles seeing Chakor.

Bhavani asks why is she smiling seeing her, stop it. Chakor hugs Bhagya and they smile. Bhavani scolds Chakor and asks her to run, she will call Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini come there. Bhaiya ji says you are really great Devi Maa, she can come in any avatar and give her message. He says she is annoyed with him, as he has stopped her friend from meeting her. He apologizes to her and says you came on Chakor to warn us, now I will get her daily here to make you meet her. Chakor asks Bhagya to nod to him, its her last day today. Bhagya smiles.

Bhaiya ji says Devi Maa looks happy. He asks Bhavani to prepare for aarti. Chakor smiles. Ishwar says if he wins today, Bhaiya ji’s game will end for once and all, no one should see you. Abha comes to him with the bouquet. Ishwar says Chakor and her team can spoil our plan, she will try to free Bhagya, its important for Bhagya to be Devi, we will get proof against Bhaiya ji, Chakor’s mission should not be successful. Abha hears the last statement and is shocked. He sends the men. Abha cries seeing Ishwar, misunderstanding him.

Abha throws the bouquet and says I felt I will get my old Ishwar on our anniversary, but I regret that my hope ended. She says sorry for wasting your time and leaves. He gets sad and takes the bouquet. He smiles and says happy anniversary Abha, I wish I could tell you what I m doing. Bhaiya ji tells everyone that Devi Maa is great, her devotees’ belief is increasing. Abha says even I trust Devi Maa, whatever happened with Chakor, I m sure Bhagya is Devi Maa avatar, I m sorry that I doubted on her. Ishwar does the bidding and acts like a mute laborer. They all look at him.

Chakor and Vivaan say they will do anything for Devi maa, and all of them agree to make the wall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Y so late update

  2. Y does bhagya (Devi maa) talk like that?? Y is her speech not fluent???

  3. Cuz bhagya ko kisine bolna nhi sikhaya…..like evry baby is taught how to talk….no1 taught hr

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