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The Episode starts with Imli feeling hungry. Kasturi sends her out. Imli gets the letter and takes it. Ragini goes near the auto and Suraj lights fire there. He gets shocked seeing Ragini and asks her to move. Abha takes Ragini back and hugs her. They put off the fire by water. Ishwar brings Suraj and Prince, saying they have done this. Chakor and Ishwar ask Suraj to return the letter. Suraj tells them everything. Kishori says she has seen Imli taking the paper. Ishwar runs to Imli and sees her burning the paper. He takes her and smiles. He says the letter is saved. Arjun thanks Lord.

Ishwar says he has saved it and gets happy. Chakor tells Imli that this is admission letter and Imli says sorry. Kasturi asks her to study. Imli agrees. Chakor says she forgives her. They all go back to party. Babu says

Bhaiya ji is worried by this little girl, and sees Chakor’s pic. He crossmarks her pic and laughs. Everyone ask them to punish Suraj. Suraj says fine, send me to jail like my parents. Chakor says no, no one will punish them and send him to jail, she forgives him. Vivaan asks why is she doing this.

Chakor says he did this feeling bad for his parents, but I m not angry. Suraj asks what will she forgive him, she is bandhua. Ishwar asks Suraj to change for the good, else he will not forgive him. Suraj leaves. Imli says she is hungry and they all do the party. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays………….

Everyone get happy and Bhuvan hugs his daughters. The villagers get a wave of happiness. They all sit and eat food by their earnings and get happy. Bhagya smiles seeing Arjun. He shows her the color on her face and cleans it. Chakor rests in Kasturi’s lap and asks why is she crying. Kasturi says she is not crying, and asks her to sleep.

Chakor says she was thinking about past. Kasturi says she has to go far, she has to wake up early, why to think about past, she has to start new life. Chakor asks is it necessary. Kasturi cries and asks what she means to say. Chakor says whats the need for me to go ahead and far from you, I can study and stay here. Kasturi asks her to achieve her dreams and explains her. She cries and Chakor sings the lullaby. Kasturi gets sad to know Chakor will go off soon.

Ishwar says lets leave for Lucknow and takes the kids. Babu asks his goon to keep an eye on them. The goon hits the car by Ishwar’s sudden break and leaves.

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  1. Plz bring a pretty youth as chakor in teen

      1. are they taking a leap

  2. good episode, is ishwar gonna die

  3. Yes, Ishear will die. He finds out about a bomb that has been put in the race for Chakor. He goes to save her and is caught up in the explosion. Whilst dying he says to Chakor you must win this race and she does. It’s the first time the viewers will see Chakor break down and cry.

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