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The Episode starts with Chakor thanking Kasturi and Bhuvan for saving Suraj’s jacket and giving orange juice to him, I know you did not want me to go to Suraj. Bhuvan says we worry for your safety. Kasturi says how can we leave you alone in this. Tejaswini thanks them. Bhuvan says Kasturi fooled Ragini. Kasturi says Suraj looked weak, you also look so weak, since when did you not eat. Chakor crosses fingers and lies that she had food in morning. Bhuvan asks are you fine. Chakor says yes, I worry whether I win in fight or not. Bhuvan asks her not to worry, you will win this big fight. Chakor says yes, this fight is much big, Bhaiya ji wants to break Suraj’s self respect, I m scared if that happens, Suraj can’t live, how to help him.

Bhuvan says its big win that Suraj is alive because of you.

Kasturi asks her not to lose. Chakor asks Kasturi to keep Suraj’s jacket fine. Chakor sees servant coming. Kasturi understands and says give this to me, I bought this jacket, I will burn this. Tejaswini says you can’t do this. Kasturi and Bhuvan act, and ask Chakor to go. They fight for jacket. Servant asks what’s happening. Kasturi says I was explaining Chakor that I bought this jacket, Chakor is saying she wants this jacket, ask her to go. Servant asks Chakor to go, its their items. Chakor says fine, take it. Kasturi signs Chakor and goes.

Chakor says I will go and give good news to Suraj that his jacket is fine, so that he has his courage. Suraj thanks Chakor for saving his jacket, Kasturi gave me juice. Chakor says your smile surprised me, I m glad. She thinks if Suraj has courage, Bhaiya ji can’t win. He coughs. She says you got weak, I m bring smile on your face, but you have to eat food to get energy, listen. He says no, I will not apologize to Bhaiya ji. She asks till when will you be this way. He says 5-10 days or till I can live, I had juice, its enough for some days. She cries.

She goes to room and sees the calender. Vivaan and Imli meet lawyer. Lawyer refuses to take his case. Ragini looks on and smiles. Some days pass. Chakor asks Suraj to listen to her. Suraj refuses. She cries and recalls Bhaiya ji torturing Suraj. She thinks I won’t let Suraj die this way. She thinks of Suraj’s anger when he saved her. She thinks this is the only way now.

Vivaan hugs Imli and says I thought to do something good to get happiness. She asks did you go to doctor. He says yes, I got all tests done for your happiness, I m sure reports will be good. She says I m sure, I have something to make you happy, this is my jewelry, which you gave me, I want you to sell this and give money to Pooja. He gets shocked. He gives it back to her and asks do you want to make fun of me, keep it with you. She says you are misunderstanding me. He says I could give you anything, you want to sell this and prove I can’t earn. She says no, I m your wife and showing way to come out of this problem, we can buy jewelry when we get money. He says never, I will prefer to die in jail, but not life this way by selling your jewelry. Ragini says you should not agree. They see Ragini at door. He asks what are you doing here, Ragini says I came to save your respect, I got gifts, maybe you need it. He asks what. Servant shows them money.

Chakor goes to Suraj. Suraj gets up. He gets shocked seeing her hurt. He asks how did this happen. She asks did they beat you. He asks who has beaten you, Bhaiya ji? I will not leave him. He tries to get up and couldn’t. She says you can’t do anything, you are not able to sit, I will fight with Bhaiya ji. He says no I will break Bhaiya ji’s hands, I still have power. She asks how, you have no food in your stomach, now you get habitual to see me this way, Bhaiya ji will beat me every day. He says I will not leave anyone.

He gets stomach ache. She holds him. She says you got weak, how will you fight, I know you will not do what Bhaiya ji says, I will fight with Bhaiya ji alone, I know you will not eat food. He says they have hurt you a lot. She stops him from seeing her wound. She asks him what will he do tomorrow, when his hands have no power to clean her wound, maybe they kill me. He says no. She asks how will you fight with them, you need food, till when will you use will power, you need physical strength. He says you are right, I will have food. She smiles. He says I will have food any way I get it, to regain strength, for you, so that Bhaiya ji never touches you again.

Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to keep head on his feet. Suraj does so. Chakor cries. Suraj is given empty plate. Bhaiya ji laughs. Chakor and Suraj get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Janani9789

    oh when this toture of bandhua track will end???
    only happiness in today episode!!! suraj is smiled after a long time!!!because of chakor….
    seeing chakor helpless makes this hate this track more…..
    always kn and ragini make cheating of suraj,chakor…and now vimli…
    when will they loose and suraj will see….
    chakor should do some plan quickly…
    i won’t going to see tomorrow episode!!!suraj will fall in kn feet and he will cheat suraj!!! i going to skip this week episodes!!! i didn’t heavy heart to see this bandhua torture….

  2. Uff kb khtm hu ga yeh Torture cell track… Sukar hai k sooraj ki cheeze bechne wale, sequence ko lmba ni khinchaa… Wrna jb ce ye bandhuwa track start hova hai tb ce 1, 1 Sequence ko teen char din khench k orr Torture de re hao… Wwse ajj udaan fb pages pr sooraj k ajkl rough shave nd hair style k sath chakor k sth drive krte hove kuch pics ayi hai… I hope jld kuch acha dekhne ko mile

  3. Really d torture should end now getting bored

  4. Seriously, the torture dramas are becoming unwatchable.. i dont think i can watch this for more time.. read in today’s spoiler alert that while working on the wells, seeing suraj finishing the task, Kn will torture Suraj using the villagers and goons.. when will Suraj atleast get some food? When will chakor s helplessness will end?

  5. I read the latest spolier kn gets shocked that suraj was nearly finished painting then kn sends his goons and they throw mud on the wells damaging what suraj painted then a little boy comes andhis mother shouts and taunts suraj saying you made him bundwa suraj says sorry and explains that it was all kn becuz he didn’t know what is right or wrong but the women walks of then kn instigates the villagers against suraj telling them that suraj always tortured them and that suraj is the devil chakor says to the villagers that they shouldn’t support kn but they do and the throw suraj in a well suraj feels shattered and humilated chagan bhuvan and chakor take suraj out the well this torture track is really mean cant chakor tell the police if the village police is bribed cant she tell the big offciers such as the head chiefs and when chakor exposed that suraj done the bridal swap by recording his voice why couldnt chakor do that when kn was telling infornt of the whole family that he put drugs in chakor then she would not have to retire and have the media with her then kn wouldnt be able to do all this and what i dont understand is that the havali is in suraj name so cant chakor and suraj throw kn and his family out and another spolier is that suraj faints becuz he has no water and food

  6. https://youtu.be/hG32Ps4NLYM

    Guys i found the link and suraj tried to fight back but he is to weak

    1. Im tippu i posted the link as my name as it wasnt letting me paste in the comment box

  7. Nice bt painful episode.Precap is very sad.I Know yeh track jldi pura nhi hoga iss liye sb upset hain.
    Please read it like a poem.
    Mai hun page udan ka
    Rehta bda udas sa
    Sb bcho k test hai
    Krte nhi rest hai
    Abob 90 score bnana hai
    Dunia mai cha Jana hai
    Angel,sia,janu,bde kmal
    Tapa,zoya,nitz bemisal
    Ammu,kirti,khusi aaai
    Dher sari kusian laai
    Kesa yeh track dia
    Sbko kyun hai sad kia
    Jldi nya track lao
    Sbke mn fir bhlao
    its not good bt i hope make u smile.

    1. Dear ananya nice yaar, thank u for metioned my name in poem, love you..

    2. Janani9789

      yeh aanya its really nice!!! poem!!

  8. Hi friends, OMG what is happening in udann, KN is doing so much humiliating and cheating to poor suraj n Chakor, when sukor pain track will end, i disappointed alot after seen precap, it is hurting all.

  9. Wlcm ammu m hapy u like it.kl k page pr sirf 16 comet the i feel very sad.gys baki logon ko udan ki trp ki ksm gys pls ek coment to krdia kro.trp cm to show bnd kya aap sb yhi chahte ho.gys pls try to enjoy tis track.pata jb sb glti krain to sja milti hai pr tb jb hm glti bhul jate hain ya sudr jate hai esa hi surj k sath ho rha hai.pr jb sja puri ho jati hai to sari famil bhut sara pyar enam mai deti hai.don’t wry gys hmare suraj k sath bhi esa hi hoga chkor unke maa papa vimli ye to suraj se pyar krne lge hai dhere dhere sara village bhi unse sympty krne lgega.is smai to sb log yahi soch rhe hai k acha ho rha hai kun k suraj ne bhi unke sath kbi esa hi kiya tha bt i know jb unki sta puri ho jayegi to iss se bhi jyada pyar milega unhe.i wish ki jldi unki sja puri ho.gys pta hai hm ko drd kushi se jyada lgta hai kyun k hm use jena nhi chte jbki milte hmai dono equl hai agr hs k shain to ye bhi kusion ki trha tode dino ka lgega.pls gys esa hi udan k sath kro ye track bhi jldi khtm ho jayega.n tapa once again thnx 4 yesterday thnku dear mujhe bhi nhi yaad tha.

  10. Meejay’s off screen fun car ride

    1. Meejays car ride was awesome.thnx varshu fr the link

  11. ParulRajput

    Villagers will try to spoil well as they want to see suraj in pain,and when suraj fight back they will throw suraj in well i m done with udaan hadh hai yeh villagers ki ab koi madad na kre par chakor tab bhi kregi i hate it

  12. I think I did good to skip this episode precap is horrible usse v jyada horrible news mere pass hai

    kn jab dekha suraj well repairing n painting ka kaam khatm hone wala hai to ussne apni gundo se kunne per mud faik ke suraj ka kaam bigad diya n villagers ko v suraj ke khilaf vadkaya subse horrible news ye hai ki villagers ne suraj ko kunne mai faik diya

    these villagers r impossible suraj agar achha insan nahi hai to ye kn kya doodh ka dhula hua hai suraj to achhe kaam v kiya hai per kn konsi achha kaam kiya tha ki vo logo kn ki batt man liya in dono ki Baate chhodo kamse kam CHAKOR un sub ki MASIHA uski baat to sunte jiss girl ne humesase unki help ker rahi hai uski pati ko kis tarha ye log treatment ker rahe hai
    after seeing this olv I think ye vasti wale human nahi ZOMBIE hai

  13. NYC poem di
    guys I want to ask a question about saraswati pooja ( vasant panchami ) n ganesh pooja

    kya aap ke waha in do dino main padhai band hota hai . yesa kaha jata hai ki agar aap in dino main path padhenge to bhagwan aapko bura manege

  14. Anywy I started to skip episodes so I’m happy tht I didn’t watch it cz I hate to see suraj begging tht also fr kn? and helpless chakor.theres a limit fr everything . Jst hope this track end soon

  15. Guys Suraj fell in well na to save him chakor also jump in well.

  16. Udaan’s trp is 2.66 (increased!!!).it is in 6th position

  17. Udaan team plzz I request u to end this track as soon as possible. Are ab January bhi khatam ho gaya aur kitne din chalega ye sab. Jaldi s sukor ko achawala sequence dikao plzzzzzzzzz ??

  18. Its good news 4 me thnx vrshu.tapa hmare yaha ise vsntpanchmi ya falgun panchmi bolte hai.yaha esa kuch nhi hota pr ko bhi kagj ya pen ka kam krne se phle srswti ma ki pooja hoti hai ptngbaji hoti hai pele rice bnte hai bs.yar jesa app mkrsnkranti pe krte ho besa hi same.

  19. When did all this tortures will end?? When this banduwa track will end? Udaan team pls stop this tortures. if it goes like this it definitely decrease the trps . sab log serial dekhna skip karega..
    And yes nowdays the comments are also decreasing.
    Did anyone heard new spoilers?

  20. Plzz end up d trak…

  21. Guyz koi udaan team se baat karo

  22. i can see many people requesting to end this track but somehow i feel that this track brings out the essence of udaan and alongside there is a beautiful bonding growing between suraj and chakor which is a pleasure to watch. am liking this track. the torture is unbearable but at the same time probably needed to show how the bonded labour system works,my request is no matter how difficult it is see this track u will love the beautiful way in which sukor is shaping up

  23. How did chakor get hurt??

  24. hey guys udaan is on 4th position at trp list-1.naagin 2 : 2.kapil sharma show : 3.shakti : 4.udaan: 5.kumkum bhagya

  25. Nice poem,
    Thanks aanya for mentioning my name.

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