Udaan 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini asking Ranjana to dance with her. She signs Girja. Ranjana says not even mother would do all this for her daughter, what you are doing for me, but you forgot, I will come in same house, I am coming to your room. The light goes. Tejaswini asks what happened to light, and asks Ranjana to check switch till she attends guests. She recalls giving money to some electrician and making switches faulty. Ranjana goes to check switch. Laali comes and says Vivaan called. Ranjana says Vivaan, I will see. Tejaswini asks Ranjana where is she going in darkness. The other lady switches on, and gets shock. Ranjana looks on. Tejaswini asks are you fine, it would be big abshagun if you touched the switch. Bhaiya ji asks what happened. Girja tells about electric shock. Bhaiya ji says take her

to hospital. Tejaswini says Ranjana was going to on switch, and hugs him crying. He calms down Tejaswini and says Ranjana is fine. Tejaswini smiles. Ranjana thinks to be alert, as Tejaswini is playing death game.

Tejaswini calls someone and asks him to handover Varmala to her, this time no mistake should happen. She thinks real attack will happen now. Ranjana smiles and thinks I know you are preparing for second attack, once I make Kamal Narayan wear varmala, then no attack will work. Bhaiya ji likes the mehendi color on her hands. She says its by Tejaswini. He says I did not know she will accept this. She asks him to send Tejaswini away for few days, as she would be hurt seeing this. He agrees and says I don’t have any problem. She smiles.

Its night, Chakor comes out as joker. Khanna says its about our respect, if this show goes well, we will get many more shows. She says I will do my best. She thinks where is her family and Vivaan. Ranjana gets ready as bride, and warns Girja to support the one who will rule here. She says all switches should work well, no one should get shock. Girja says yes. Tejaswini comes and says I will make bride ready by my hands. Ranjana and Tejaswini sweetly taunt each other. Ranjana drops a candle and Tejaswini’s saree get burnt. Tejaswini puts water and blows off fire. Ranjana taunts her. Tejaswini comes to her room and says her heart fire will be cooled when Ranjana dies. Ranjana thinks today circus will be entertaining and goes. She locks Tejaswini’s room. She says sorry, you are abshagun in my life.

Ranjana and Bhaiya ji are welcomed by Girdharilal. Bhaiya ji says some people are coming by ministry, they should not know about gold mining. Girdhari lal asks him to enjoy the function. Bhaiya ji says where did Tejaswini go. Ranjana says I told you she can’t see all this, and smiles.

Khanna greets and welcomes the guests to show the circus show. He says we are performing in marriage for the first time, and tells about bullet rani act. Everyone clap. They all ask for Chakor. Chakor goes to meet Vivaan. Khanna says the special act bullet rani will be presented in some time. Ronnie and Khanna go to see Chakor. They look for Chakor. Ronnie asks Khanna not to worry, I will find her. Bhaiya ji asks how much time more. Khanna announces the bullet rani act. Om gets inside the cannon and smiles. Chakor says I want to see my family once. Ronnie comes to her, and asks what are you doing in this haveli, whom are you finding. She says I came to see such a big house. He says your act is starting, rush fast. She goes. He says she is hiding from Kamal Narayan, there is something. Ronnie brings Chakor. Everyone smile seeing her. Chakor goes, and Bhaiya ji does not see her.

A man gives varmala to Chakor and runs. She asks but Kaka…. Tejaswini asks which varmala has bomb. The man says one with red roses. Chakor gets varmala.

Update Credit to: Amena

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