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The Episode starts with Chakor smiling seeing Chunni with family. Bhaiya ji talks to lawyer and says he will come with the girl. Servant says Chakor is not in haveli. He scolds the servant. Tejaswini says you go to court, I will send that girl. He leaves. Kasturi says she will make Imli/tamarind chutney. Chunni jokes on Imli and asks her to run. Imli asks Kasturi to save her. They all laugh. Chakor smiles. Kasturi feeds Chunni. She then asks Choka why is he not eating, and feeds him. Chakor says no, its Chakor’s birthday, so you make her eat first, I m happy seeing you all happy.

Chakor wishes she could tell Kasturi, that its good day today, her three daughters are eating food together. Bhaiya ji’s men come in village to find Chakor and ask people. Kasturi gives a new bead thread to Chunni.

Chakor thinks she still had that beads. The men come there to take Chunni.

They ask Chunni to come, Bhaiya ji is calling. Chunni says I will go Maai. Kasturi gets sad. The men bring Chunni home. Tejaswini scolds her and reminds she is not related to anyone. Chunni says Kasturi is my Maa. Tejaswini asks why is she loving Kasturi. Chunni says I can meet my mum anytime, you can’t stop me. Tejaswini takes stick to beat her. Chakor comes in between and gets hit by stick to save Chunni. Chunni looks at Chakor. Amma comes and takes Chakor. She asks Tejaswini how dare she beat her Choka.

Kasturi wants to sing lullaby and Imli stops her. Kasturi talks to Imli and says she liked a lot that you, Chakor and Choka had food. Imli says fine, I will bring them daily to have food. Kasturi says let me sing once, I m missing Chakor. Imli says fine. Chakor kisses the bead necklace. Chunni comes there and asks how did you get this. Chakor says Kasturi sent it for you, I will make you wear this. Chunni is worried of the guards and says she wants to meet Kasturi now. Chakor asks her to come with her, she will take her to Kasturi. Chunni smiles.

Chakor takes Chunni with her by jumping over the wall. Chunni says she does not have practice to jump down. Chakor asks her to jump fast, else I will sleep in Kasturi’s lap. Chunni says no, I will jump. They hold hands and jump. Chunni says she had fun and they leave. Kasturi sings Chale Chakori………….. Chakor and Chunni come there. Kasturi sees them and stops. Chakor asks her to sing, they came to hear her lullaby. Kasturi asks them to lie down here and sings lullaby happily.

Chakor, Chunni and Imli get glad. Kasturi takes care of Chunni. They all sleep. Its morning, Chakor wakes up and covers Chunni with blanket. She smiles. Amma talks to Soham and is happy. Chakor comes there and Amma asks Soham to tell Chakor. Chakor talks to Soham and asks how is he. Soham says we three are fine, I have good news, I informed police about Chakor, that she is alive and is in Aazaadgunj, they will put Chunni in jail. Chakor is shocked. He asks her to say something. Chakor thinks she has to tell them everything. Chunni can’t go jail because of her.

Police comes to arrest Chakor. Chunni comes to haveli. Tejaswini says thats Chakor. They look at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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