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The Episode starts with Chakor ending the call hearing Bhaiya ji’s voice. The guy asks Chakor whats the matter, he will make it fine. She asks does he know Aazaadgunj. He asks where is it. She says near Lucknow, make me reach there. He says he will take her tomorrow in plane in 2 hours. She asks what, that flies in air. He says yes, really. She smiles and recalls Ishwar. FB shows Chakor stopping Ishwar from going in airplane, as he is not a bird. He says everyone does not have wings like Chakor. He says he will take her in plane. She smiles and asks him to go.

The guy says your halwa puri, I will remember it all my life. He sleeps. Chakor sees the moon and says I m coming to my mum in few hours, don’t worry mum. She smiles. Its morning, Chakor wakes up and sees the guy sleeping. She recalls his

words. She says Bhaiya wake up, its morning. He wakes up and asks who is she, what is she doing in her car. She says I m Chakor.

She says you have hit me by car and made me sit in car, and you have eaten halwa puri which I gave. He says I don’t remember anything, just go, ad checks his wallet to see did she steal money. She says you said you will take me to Lucknow. He says I don’t remember, leave. She requests him and he leaves. She gets sad. Babu tells Manohar that Bhaiya ji has sent second kid to them, and is glad. Manohar asks him to think of Bhaiya ji’s anger.

Arjun thanks Abha for bailing him, and is worried for Bhagya, that Bhaiya ji can make her sit as Devi again. She asks him not to go Aazaadgunj. He sees his phone and Mumbai number. He says who can call me from Mumbai, and calls back to PCO. He says Arjun from Lucknow. The man says this is PCO, as small girl came to call Arjun sir. Arjun is stunned and describes Chakor. The man says yes, that girl. Arjun smiles and thanks him. He tells Abha that Chakor is alive and they get happy. He says Chakor is in Mumbai..

The pandit is going puja for Chakor’s soul peace. Kasturi says Chakor is alive, she won’t do this puja and argues with Bhuvan. Bhuvan asks is she mad. The pandit says she will get sin. Saroj comes crying. Kishor says crocodile has eaten Billu and they all get shocked.

Chakor sees a travel agency and talks to the man. He asks her to buy ticket, 175rs for one way. He asks her to find some work here, Mumbai gives work to everyone. She says no, I have to go back to my family. He asks her to buy ticket when she gets money. Arjun comes to Mumbai, and looks for Chakor. Arjun shows Chakor’s pic to PCO man and man confirms its same girl. Arjun thanks him and asks him where she can be. The man says its Mumbai, he does not know her, is she your daughter. Arjun says more than a daughter.

Arjun informs Abha that its Chakor. She says Kasturi’s trust has won. He says he will find her. She says I m sure, I will inform the villagers. Chakor sees the woman selling junk at a price and smiles getting the idea.

Chakor picks plastic bottles and the woman scolds her, and snatches the bottles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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