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The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Chakor to get milk for him. Chakor pacifies him and asks him not to take drugs. He says I m getting unwell, I feel miserable, I will get mad. She asks him to calm down, you changed, you remember my name. He says you are not my friend, you changed, you don’t know my pain. She holds his hand and says just 5 days, then your drug addiction will end, you are very brave, you do what you decide, I know you will pass. He says maybe, and looks at her.

Vivaan tells her that he won’t ask for milk. She says I will meet you after few days, I have seen you started painting, what were you doing. He says no, I was just filling colors. She says I will check it and finds the sketch. She sees his painting of Chakor running and winning the race. She smiles and says you remember

this. He wishes her all the best.

Imli cries and recalls Suraj’s words. Chagan comes to her and says Chakor left, she maybe at bus station, go fast. Imli leaves. Kasturi says I will get digestion medicine. Chakor says you gave all medicines, I m going for 2 days, let me go. She looks for Imli. Bhuvan says she won’t come. Chakor says I m not waiting for Imli. Kasturi says Bhuvan did not take Imli’s name. the bus comes. Chakor says I will leave. Bhuvan asks her to win. Chakor hugs Bhuvan and Kasturi. Kasturi wishes all the best. Chakor smiles. She boards the bus. She waves bye to them. Udaan hai…..plays……….. Imlu comes running and sees the bus leaving. Bhuvan and Kasturi see Imli running. Kasturi smiles. Chakor hears Imli and looks outside of window. She asks conductor to stop bus. Imli tells her to not lose, just win and come. Chakor nods and smiles. Imli cries and shouts whatever happens, don’t lose, just win. Chakor happily cries.

Bhaiya ji and Suraj are on the way to Delhi. Bhaiya ji asks driver to drive fast and sees Suraj worried. He asks Suraj what happened. Suraj says nothing. Bhaiya ji says don’t know if you remember, I had a dog Sheru, I loved him a lot, but he run away from haveli, then I got another dog Tiger, I mean to say if you are worried for Imli, you will get many girls like her. Suraj says you are mistaken, I m thinking about Chakor, I think Chakor will not sacrifice village for her sister, if she wins race, our planning will go waste. Bhaiya ji says she won’t win, don’t worry.

Chakor reaches the start point and looks on. She recalls her victory and Bhaiya ji’s condition. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays……. Aditya meets Chakor. She gets glad seeing him and hugs him. She asks how did you know I m here. He says I know you well, I m thinking what will happen of Bhaiya ji after you win this race, I m sure he will rule animals after you win, as all people will be free of bandhuagiri. Chakor says everyone is champion here, why do everyone feel I will win. He asks what happened to you, are you doubting on your talent, your aim is different, they run for themselves, you run for others. She recalls Bhuvan’s words. Aditya says you win as you run by heart. He wishes her all the best and asks him to win in the race. He leaves.

Bhuvan, Chagan, Kasturi and Imli sit to watch the race on tv and get glad seing Chakor. Chakor sees Bhaiya ji arrived at the marathon. She recalls his words and thinks of villagers.

Chakor runs faster and is winning race. Bhaiya ji worries. Suraj says bandhuas will dance on our head if she wins.

Update Credit to: Amena

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