Udaan 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli talking to Sheru that village kids are greedy for education and misunderstood Chakor just seeing her having a chocolate. Kasturi says what is she saying, people get greedy for money, not education, it joins people. Imli asks why are everyone against Chakor, its because of education. Kasturi says no, its done by Tejaswini, she is breaking everyone by using her money, did she understand. Imli says yes, but Chagan and other kids did not understand. Kasturi reminds Dadi’s words that truth always wins. Chakor recalls Dadi’s words. She dreams of talking to Dadi and asks why does she always fail when she walks on right path.

Dadi says truth is aim and way will be tough, keep walking, you will win in the end. She wakes up and says Dadi…. She opens her eyes and asks where

is Dadi, how did I come here, why do I not remember anything. She sees her hand and thinks of Roshni making her eat the chocolate. She says the chocolate was bad, her head is also aching. She goes to wash her hands. The kids come and Chakor meets them. Imli sees her face with bad marks. Chakor says she was coming to village to teach them. Chagan gets angry.

Chakor sees the chocolate on her face and cleans it. Imli says Lakhan got us here and we all have seen you yesterday. Chakor says I understood why I don’t remember, I was sleeping. Chagan does not believe her and argues with Imli and Chakor. He calls her liar and clever. The kids laugh. Tejaswini smiles. Chakor wears on education and says she is saying truth. Imli says Chakor is not lying. Imli asks Girja to call Ragini. Tejaswini says she is coming to meet you all. Imli asks Ragini to tell them the truth that Chakor was sleeping.

She says you helped Chakor many times, you always say true, tell them. Chakor says yes, I don’t remember anything, tell Ragini. Ragini sees Tejaswini and recalls her words. Ragini speaks against Chakor and calls her a liar. Chakor and Imli are shocked. Ragini runs and Chakor stops her asking her why is she lying. Imli confronts Ragini for lying. Ragini sees Tejaswini. Chakor and Imli ask her to say. Ragini runs inside home. Chakor asks Imli to let her go. Chagan says Ragini can’t lie, Chakor is liar.

Imli says don’t call my sister liar. Chagan says she said she will teach us and enjoyed in chocolate party, if she is not doing her work, then leave the school. The kids say Chagan will go school instead her. Girja asks them to leave. Tejaswini says let them solve the matter. Chagan asks Chakor when will she leave school, he will go school. Chakor looks at her wrist and recalls how Suraj and his friends have troubled her. She says I will not leave school. Imli smiles.

Suraj and his friends have a laugh and he asks Tejaswini to see how village kids are seeing Chakor with anger. She says the game you played is good fun, its Ram Navami today, it will be fun to see. Chagan asks Chakor does she think they are fools. Chakor says I will first teach them a lesson, else they will trouble you too to make you leave school. Imli says yes. Chagan scolds them. Suraj comes and asks Chakor to let them go, they are jealous of her. Roshni says yes, I got a frock for you to wear in Ram Navami, come and see. Chakor asks really, then tell the truth whats in it, itching powder or bugs.

Kasturi, Bhuvan and everyone come. Chakor says she has mixed sleeping tablet in chocolate, there is something in frock too. Roshni refuses everything. Suraj says Chakor is our friend, forget it, if she is saying we are not her friends, its fine. They all say sorry to her. Kasturi says its some trap and prays for Chakor. Chagan says Chakor is not our friend. Chakor says they are lying. Imli says Chakor is not a liar, and tells the kids that their parents have taught them to lie. Roshni says I will not leave her. Suraj asks what did she say. Imli says what you heard.

Chakor tells Dadi everything and says she did not lie, how to explain them. Dadi opens her eyes. Chakor says it means you got conscious and Tejaswini is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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