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The Episode starts with Vivaan removing ear plugs and asking Chakor did she say anything. She gets shocked. Vivaan gets Imli’s call and rushes home with Chakor. Imli talks to Kasturi and Bhuvan. She tells them her decision of leaving, and asks them to not to cry for her baby. Chakor and Vivaan come home and ask Imli is she fine. Imli says yes, good things should not be much delayed. She shows the ring. Vivaan and Chakor recall their engagement. Imli says yes, its same ring which you made Chakor wear, its time that you make Chakor wear this ring again. Chakor says no, this is wrong.

Imli says this is right and this should happen, you took decision for me and now I took this decision, I know you love each other since childhood and want to stay together, you both got away because of me and Suraj,

now you don’t need to stay separated, my baby is no more and now there is no helplessness. Vivaan asks what are you saying, I m still your husband, even if baby is no more. Imli says our relation is fake, we are just namesake husband and wife, like Suraj and Chakor, you had one true relation, with Chakor. She asks him to forget everything and start a new life. Chakor says this is not so easy as you think. Vivaan says so much changed, why are you asking me to run behind the car that left. Imli says car did not leave, its waiting. She shows her train ticket and says I m leaving for Lucknow tomorrow, I m going forever, I will get some work there. Vivaan asks how can you do this without asking me. Chakor asks how can you go so far alone. Imli says I know you both worry for me, Chakor came back being worried that Suraj left her and Vivaan will leave me, this time its my decision, I want to leave everyone and go. Chakor asks Imli to give ticket. Imli says let me go, else I will miss my child, I want to go away, but I want to see you both together, if you don’t unite, then I will never come back, Imli will die for both of you. She cries.

Imli asks Vivaan what is he thinking, take this ring and make Chakor wear this. He thinks whats happening with me, I should be happy that I m getting Chakor, but why do I feel like I m losing something. Imli asks him to agree for her sake, else her life will be spent in repentance. Chakor says let me talk to Vivaan once. Imli says you can talk to him all your life, tell me, you still love Vivaan right. Chakor sees Vivaan and nods. Imli asks Vivaan does he love Chakor. He smiles. Imli says when two people love each other, whats the problem to exchange rings, so its decided, today evening, I will see Vivaan making Chakor wear the ring. She cries and leaves.

Ranjana looks on and says Vivaan and Chakor’s engagement, whats this now, if Chakor marries Vivaan, she will stay here, what about Kamal ji’s plan. Chakor thinks what did this happen, I came to do this work and Imli did this. Vivaan thinks I should be happy to get Chakor back in my life, I always wanted this, why am I upset. He says Imli did not get fine by baby’s sorrow, we have to do this for her happiness, I mean we should do what she wants, we should start a new life. Chakor smiles. More piya saware……….plays………….

Ragini and Ranjana meet outside and discuss about Vivaan and Chakor’s mistake. Ranjana says Chakor can become problem for Bhaiya ji. Ragini says your status will get high if they get married, Chakor will not help Suraj then, get them married soon before Imli leaves, else Vivaan and Chakor may not marry. Ranjana says fine, I will get them engaged in grand way today if this is good for Kamal ji.

Suraj sees Imli and his pic and says its not easy to forget anyone and erase memories, even then I m going to end everything that can remind me of Imli. He sees the baby sonography report and tears it. He burns the pics. Imli comes and sees him. She says its good you are burnt all this, free Chakor from the relation. He says I have given her freedom before, she has come by her wish. She says I have taken a decision and I need your help. He asks how can I help, I m unable to help myself. She says you always wanted me to forgive you, you will be forgiven on one condition, that you help me without asking anything.

Imli asks Chakor to throw this mangalsutra and be free totally. Suraj removes Chakor’s mangalsutra and wipes her sindoor to free her completely.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Huh. Why is there so much of misunderstandings. Please clear all. Chakor is better with suraj than vivan.
    By the way anybody knows where is Aditya?

    1. yeah he’s in sasural simar ka?

  2. One loved truly. One loved in jest.

    One finally learned to love. The other gave up. #scribbled_stories.

    Same goes for Imli n Suraj. But Vivaan, love happens with da mst wrong in da worst tym. Love wasn’t falling for grace chakor but was falling for the scars of imli. Wish Suraj too falls for Chakor.

    N tejaswini is far bttr dan ranjana, at she loves her son.

  3. Ya i’m the first to comment…

  4. Liya

    So is it vikor or sukor…I want sukor?

  5. Anyways can anyone tell why sooraj stopped vikor’s engagement by imli’s saying….i mean imli herself only want vikor’s engagement….why she would do that??? very confusions….

  6. Nooooooo….i want suraj and chakor’s luv story plzzz

  7. Hmm….!!
    now i want Sukor…
    w8ing 4 next episode , to see how suraj stops chakor from gettin engaged to vivaan.

  8. Boring episode not a single sukor scene ptani kab sukor ki ache wale track shuru honge

  9. Liya sukor is 100% final couple as in today news paras said that vivaan loves imli and chakor ko suraj sambhalega so vimli and sukor are end game

    1. hate vivaan and imli ..
      .stupids …they forgot their childhood love easily…..its best chakor not to waste a time in love vivaan …he is selfish …..

      director – how can u even thing that first sooraj- imli and now he is her jeju and another side vivaan he has to thing imli like his sister BT he love his brother lover che …discusting….

  10. Guys finally this week spoilers suraj stops vikor engagement? but imli tell him that he will never tell vivaan about her feelings? and suraj who feels that vivaan is tensed with something ?he will tell vivaan that imli met with an accident and vivaan will he shattered to know this? and he will tell suraj that he loves imli ?and chakor on the other side will be happy bcoz she believes that vivaan and she will be reunite and will live happily together??

    1. Hey angel…I think imli is planning something ifshy or my second guess says that chakor asked suraj to do this drama b.coz she wanted vivan to know imli’s importance if he looses her…

      By the way can you share the spoiler’s link please ??

  11. Professor A K P C Swain

    Turn the story that imli ‘s son was kidnapped after birth by Suraj’s father to take revenge on Suraj.

    1. Imli fell in her stomach, that child is gone

  12. guys mene ek spoiler me pic dekha ki vivan imli ko ring pehnaraha hea..ur yebhi para ki vivan pehle confusion me rehta hea ki o chakor ko ring pehnaiga ya nehi tab he realise ki he love imli.. and imli ko ring pehnata hea..so finally vimli together…so sukor ki bhi love story suru honebala hea..and one more thing suraj nehi roka torega..pehle o ye kehta hea because he also want vimli together…but final bala step toh vivan babu kai hoga..

  13. Guys what IF imli holds chakor responsible for her miscarriage and is taking revenger by not letting her marry vivan using suraj and not even leting her stay married with suraj ( taking manglasutra off nd wiping sindhoor ) and becoming mahaan in vivaan’s ee ?? -_- too much confusion

  14. So Suraj is playing cupid for Vimli, that’s kinda sweet. Chakor will be broken up about losing Vivaan’s love then we have that snake Ranjana who is planning on killing Chakor and Suraj. Wonder if they will find out about Ranjana before or after Bhaiya returns. I think Chakor will end up killing BhaiyaJi in the end.

  15. Heyyyy….guyzzz…I wanna say something.Udaan is not a suitable name fr this serial.sooooo…..can I suggest a new name for this serialllll…..the name isssss….confudaaaannnnnnn…..how is ittt??? nice nooo…..am totally confused guyzz..vikor sukor sukor vikor sumli vimli vimli sumli?????ahhhhhhhhh………..am I going madddddd??????????

    1. Loved ur comment :-))

  16. Lekin guyz mujhe yeh samajh mein nahi aa rahe hai ki imli ne sooraj ko sagai thodne ke liye kyu kaha, jab ki imli toh khud vikor ko milana chahti hai???plz can anyone tell me???

    1. There is so much confusion right now but one of my thoughts say that Chakor herself asked suraj to help her escaping from engagemnt..She said yes for marriage just to make vivan realize imli’s importance in his life…..I think so :p

      But as i said there is too much confusion that I have 2’3 more thoughts about the story 😀 😀

  17. Tejaswiteju

    Yah its very confusing as well as intresting.the episodes are prolonging,there is no sukor sceens.when will sukor love story starts.we want sukor…

  18. Tejaswiteju

    Suraj make a promise that he make imli and vivan together,now imli is asking him to do a favour to reunite chakor and vivan.what he will do.is chakor is really agreeing or acting.but yy there is a removal of mangalsutra and sindoor there is a twist.what there are only planning to kill suraj.I think after vimli together they will help for sukor I think

  19. Vivan started loving imli there is no confusion about that.after they unite sukor will also unite but after some time

  20. Guys I think this engagement drama is not chakor’s plan I think surj had remember what he had promised to imli or he is aware of kn plan that is why he is not getting vikor engaged and when suraj will hold chakor’s hand and take her Vivaan will not say anything because he is fallen in love with imli after this chakor will propos Vivaan for marriage but he will refuse to accept her that means imli will unite and sukor will be there

  21. Guys who is trying to buy chakor

  22. Sia imli ne suraj ko sagai todne ke lia nai kha balki imli ne to suraj se promise legi ki suraj kbhi bhi vivaan ko imli,ki feelings ke bare main na btaye or islia suraj vivaan ko kuch nai btayega par suraj khud vivaan pass jayega wo natak krega or jhoot bolega ki imli ka accodent ho gya hai

  23. See the telly reviewers spoliar there is written chakor and suraj will be paring up I am sooooooooooo happy this is a very good news for sukor fan

  24. guys imli suraj se ye kehta hea ki o chakor ko ajadh karde taki o vikor mila chake..ur promise ye leta hea ki uske badhle o suraj ko maf kardegi..par jab imli vivan se chakor ko ring pehnane ki bath kehta hea tab suraj achanak ata hea ur imli ke lia kehta hea ki chakor abhi bhi uski bibi hea..par imli ki bath karneke badh o chakor ka sindur ur mangalsutru remove karta hea..abhi in 4 character me koi bhi negative nehi hea…par jese pehle kaha ki vivan chakor ko nehi imli ko ring pehnata hea..because he realise ki o chakor se pehle pyar kartatha ab imli se pyar karta hea and spoiler me toh ye bhi tha ki vivan imli se I love you bolta hea..

  25. riya chakor ko jho buy karna chata hea uska nam us adhmi ne shekh kahatha..someone dubai ka shekh..

  26. When suraj loves chakor when there fall in love we won’t sukor love track Plzzzzzzzz. …vimli love track was boring………sukor cute love I love it. I love you sukor….

  27. I won’t sukor vm songso Plzzzzzzzz. …sukor forever ?????????

  28. Guys you need to remember we can’t have an instant love track for Sukor, Suraj has done many wrong things for which he has to atone and Chakor’s heart is broken with Vivaan wanting to be with Imli. Imli and Vivaan don’t blame Chakor for the miscarriage. Even if they did Suraj would not allow that to happen as he is trying to be good so that Imli forgives him. It is Suraj who will make Vivaan realise that he loves Imli because Imli said she would not persue Vivaan so Suraj is going to get Vivaan to go to Imli instead to fulfil his promise of uniting them. Anyway I hope we get to see a lot of Tashan scenes between Sukor. Vimli are sweet and cute so Sukor need to be hot and spicy. Waiting for Rajana to be exposed as well as for Suraj to tell Chakor that Ranjana can’t be trusted as she herself killed her first husband (How does Suraj know in any case wasn’t he a small kid then).

  29. Thanx Angel….now i can be releave…..Riya i also wonder who is the sheikh or the person who wants to buy chakor????….i think may be he luvs chakor n after his arrival may be sooraj feels insecure with him for chakor…i don’t know its just my thought….anyways i’m just enjoying this luv tracks….

  30. Right sia whoever this sheikh is but in future he will be the one who gives us sukor romanctic scenes thats 4 sure

  31. There is no Sheikh, that was the lawyer that Ragini kidnapped. KN wanted to buy Chakor and make her his bhandua once more.

  32. How u know kalika?

  33. Because tgey shoed the lawyer with Ragini before he went to Suraj angel.

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