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The Episode starts with Babu catching Chakor and dragging her. Chakor calls out Rocky for help. Rocky and everyone hear her and come to save Chakor. Rocky beats Babu. Babu runs away with Munna. Rocky hugs Chakor and takes her home. Imli cries and hugs Chakor. Imli says she was giving injection and her blood was taken. Chakor sees the mark and recalls how her blood was taken. Vaibhavi looks on. Chakor asks whats happening and asks the doctor. She asks Rocky. Vaibhavi thinks Babu could not catch Chakor.

Vaibhavi says they did this to get to know Imli’s illness. Chakor says she recalled how the kids were troubled. Rocky asks Chakor not to worry. Chakor asks Imli not to be scared. Nanu asks them to leave now. Vaibhavi asks how can they go so soon, we will do Ganpati puja and visarjan. Rocky says

yes, I will change ticket dates. Chakor says fine. Imli gets tensed.

Abha informs all the villagers that the kids are coming back. They all get glad and thank Lord. Kasturi asks Abha about Chakor and Imli. Abha says Chakor was coming back and saw Imli taken away by goons, so Chakor has gone back to get Imli. Saroj says Chakor freed all kids, I m here she will get Imli with her soon. Chakor asks Imli not to cry and asks her to come for aarti. Imli says Rocky is good, but not his mum. Chakor says I know, Swara told me. FB shows Swara telling Chakor to take care of her and Imli, as she doubts Vaibhavi. Imli says Thapki has told me this.

FB shows Thapki telling Imli that Vaibhavi maybe with goons, Rocky is good friend of Chakor, but be careful of Vaibhavi. Imli says she is not goof, see my hand. Chakor sees finger marks on Imli’s hand. Imli says Vaibhavi has held my hand tight. Chakor asks Imli not to tell this to Rocky, we will go in aarti, if we are wrong, he will feel bad. They see Rocky and get tensed. Imli asks did he hear them. He asks what. Chakor says we were talking to surprise you. Rocky says its good, come. Chakor and Imli go and do the aarti with everyone. Vaibhavi smiles and thinks their last time has come.

Babu comes there and gives Imli’s blood report to Vaibhavi. She checks it and gets angry. Chakor gives aarti to everyone. Vaibhavi says its not Bombay blood, she is useless, she have wasted time on her, we should kidnap Chakor. Babu asks about Rocky. Rocky takes aarti plate and goes to Vaibhavi. Vaibhavi says anything can happen in crowd, its Ganpati Visarjan tomorrow. She hears someone coming. Rocky comes there and asks her what is she doing here.

She makes excuse. He hugs her and gives her aarti. He says he has seen his mum for the first time, and does not want to lose her. She hugs him and cries. Chakor, Rocky and everyone are going for the Ganesh Visarjan. Rocky says he has stomach ache, he will rest at home. Chakor worries. Rocky says my mum is coming with you, people are afraid with her, and jokes. He asks her not to worry, and gives the friendship band to her.

Rocky asks her to always have it to her hand, she will feel he is always near her. Vaibhavi says don’t get late now. Rocky asks Chakor to go. Rocky sees the tracking device and thinks he will know about Chakor’s location now. FB shows Rocky has heard everything when Imli and Chakor were telling against Vaibhavi. He thinks he has heard Vaibhavi talking to Babu, and being shocked.

Rocky says Aai, we did not bond ever, I did not imagine your real face will be such evil, I have tied tracker to Chakor’s hand, this will bring Vaibhavi’s true face infront of the world. He sees Vaibhavi dancing with the crowd and gets angry.

Vaibhavi says Chakor will come to get this chunri. Chakor gets in the crowd, where Babu walks to her. Babu kidnaps Chakor and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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