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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Baa to go inside. He stops Nayantara/Amma and tells about Baa. He says since she has got ill, she has gone mentally weak, don’t care about her words, don’t know how my sister has spent life in small hut in Mumbai, you have come to your brother in this haveli, spend life well. Amma says you love and care for me, what else I want. He says I m always with you. She says she wants to ask something later. She asks him to go and sleep.

Amma goes to Baa and asks about Satya. Baa asks her to go. Amma asks Baa to answer her who is Satya and who killed him. Baa asks her to ask Bhaiya ji, he will tell the truth. Amma says yes, Bhaiya ji is my nice brother, when no one identified me, he has given me identity and support, he brought me here with respect, he does not

hide things from me. Baa asks her to go right now and ask, but you won’t go as you are afraid, you know if Bhaiya ji answers you, then your relation will break with this haveli and family. Amma says yes, I m afraid to ask Bhaiya ji, but why are you afraid.

Baa says if I tell you the truth, I know you won’t be alive. Amma is shocked. FB shows Baa asking Nayantara whose dreams is she seeing. Bhaiya ji asks Nayantara to stop dreaming, else he will kill her. He asks Baa to control Nayantara. FB ends.

Baa says I m afraid so I did not wish you to come back Aazaadgunj, if this story repeats, I know you won’t be alive. Amma says I don’t know Nayantara, but you can’t scare me, everyone respects me, I have much power. Baa smiles and recalls Nayantara running to her to get her help. Baa laughs and says I m recalling that Nayantara who was always afraid, I used to hug her and console her. Amma says I will find out myself, I will see who will stop me. She goes. Baa says I m very happy seeing you strong, I feel Lord has send you to complete the story. Amma prays to Lord.

Amma says she will know her past and vows. Chakor also vows and says we both will bring your truth out. Chakor says I will face anything and ask Bhaiya ji my past. Bhaiya ji asks the servants to put bulbs everywhere and brighten the place. He slaps the watchman for not being on duty and beats him. The man says he went to see Bhuvan beating his wife. Bhaiya ji beats him and goes. The man cries. Chakor looks on. She asks the man did Bhuvan really beat Kasturi. The man says you leave, Bhuvan was drunk and was beating his wife Kasturi, all villagers were there, I went there to see, Kasturi was wounded, if Chakor was there, this would have not happened today.

Amma stops Bhaiya ji and says you care for me a lot, I have a doubt, whats my place in haveli, you are my brother, Baa is my mum. He says how to assure you this. She asks him to tell her about her past, how did she go Mumbai, who is that Satya, who killed him, how was Satya related to her? He asks what is she asking, he will answer her, but this is not the time, I m in tension already, go and sleep, I have to go, I have bodyache and feeling sleepy. He goes. She says you also did not answer me, fine I will find out.

Chakor thinks if Bhaiya ji can get scared seeing her face, then she can save her mum too. She says she can meet Kasturi and she has to become Chakor again. She takes Chakor’s avatar again and says mum I m coming. She goes to meet Kasturi in village at night. Kasturi cries and talks to moon. Chakor says Maai and smiles. Kasturi gets shocked seeing her….

Bhaiya ji sees the ladder and says someone is doing this to trouble me. He climbs and sees Chakor. She gets tensed seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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