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The Episode starts with Vivaan talking to Chakor’s friends. Chunni sees Bhaiya ji busy on phone and steals his phone from his pocket. Tamasha says Chunni is not from good family, we will search her belongings. Bhaiya ji looks for his phone and shouts for Girja. Chunni talks to her friends, and he asks her to get money soon. Tamasha comes and checks her bag. Chunni shouts thief and stops him. Chakor, Bhaiya ji and everyone come there. Chunni says he was checking my bag. Tamasha says I was just seeing.

Bhaiya ji says my mobile is missing. Amma says my Tamasha is not thief. Bhaiya ji says I did not say it. Chakor sees mobile in Chunni’s pocket and shows Bhaiya ji. Chunni gets worried. She lies that phone was ringing and she picked it, its not called theft. Bhaiya ji says I forgot Chakor took my

permission to take phone to call someone, did she finish talk. Amma asks whom will Chakor call, her family is in village, no one has phone there. Bhaiya ji gets speechless and leaves.

Bhuvan thanks Daak baba. Lakhan asks him to have shame, how did he get drunk and came in puja. Chakor comes there and Dadi says its good he came, he is also part of their family. Lakhan says Bhuvan, stand in puja. They all pray. Kasturi sees air blowing and daak baba chunri falling over Choka. She recalls chunri falling on Chakor before. Chakor smiles and thinks everyone will know she is Chakor. She asks how did it fall on me. Kasturi says this is not cloth, its blessing. Chakor says it should have fell on Imli, she is sad. Kasturi asks her to tie this on wrist, then all her problems will go. Kasturi opens the cloth tied to Chakor’s hand. Chakor thinks it has bandhua stamp and hides. She asks Kasturi to tie the chunri and recalls old moment. Kasturi ties it.

Imli says Choka, did Chakor not tell you about daak baba. Chakor says your sister left few things for you to tell me. Cahkor leaves and they all smile. Kasturi tells Dadi that if she had a son, he would be like Choka. Chakor comes to haveli. Tamasha shows the bill he got from Chunni’s bag, it means she is from Delhi and took loan from kirana shop. Chakor says it means we have to expose her in her way. She talks as Chunni, and they all praise her. Chakor calls on that number.

Dadi asks Imli to go and have kheer made by Kasturi. Imli cries. Dadi asks why is she crying, Kasturi got fine and Chakor came back. Imli says that is not my Didi. Chakor does not know anything, Choka knows everything and gave me raw mangoes. Dadi asks Imli to check Chakor by the mole behind her right ear. Imli says understood and goes. Chakor calls at that shop as Chunni. She asks him to send the ration, she will give money. He calls her Chunni, and says he has got money. Chakor says she has got to know about Chunni. They praise her. Chakor says its by daak baba’s blessings, see all problems got solved as Maai said. They all smile.

Imli gives kheer to Chunni and hugs her. She checks the mole and looks at her, saying I knew this you are not my sister. Bhaiya ji asks whats happening. Imli says she is not your bandhua, she is not my sister.

Update Credit to: Amena

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