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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to trust him, he is one of the villagers, he can’t cheat them. She goes. Suraj scolds Vivaan for backstabbing him. He says thank God I m not old Suraj, else I would have decided for you today. Vivaan says I did not cheat you, I did just business, you have cheated me. Suraj says I will ruin your business, according to your contract, every house has to give one gun in one month, think what will you tell to your clients. Vivaan says fine, you mean you want another deal, tell me what you want. Suraj asks do you want to listen.

The villagers see kids and regret to listen to Suraj. They say we can’t ruin kids’ future. Suraj comes there and says I won’t let this happen. The lady scolds him for ruining kids’ life. Suraj asks them to listen to them once.

Bhuvan says leave from here, you have put us in fire and now came to put water. Suraj asks them to listen to him once. They all ask him to leave. Chakor asks them to hear Suraj once. She asks Suraj what does he have to say. Suraj says I accept I did mistake, I did not think about kids matter, Vivaan and Ragini are framing me, he wants us to get divided, I spoke to them, its tough to break contract, but I spoke about kids future, they said they will make school for kids, if they get guns, they will manage expenses, you will get money and kids will get education. Villagers get glad.

Chakor says I think you did not change by one mistake, you trapped them by money greed and now got proposal of educations, kids have to make guns, they promised of school, don’t know when will they go school, they will get habitual of making guns, we have to make guns till we have another option. Villagers ask Suraj to leave. Suraj says I m thinking of your needs. The man says you stay in haveli. Suraj gets angry and says I have changed. Kishor says he is still a goon. They all leave.

Suraj holds Chakor’s hand and says so much hatred, how did this happen, don’t look at me this way, I will shatter. Chakor says I really hate you. He says you are lying, you still love me, as much as I love you. I can’t live without you. She smiles and says love, this word does not suit you, it looks a filthy word from you, you cheated me and villagers, you knew Vivaan and Ragini’s plann, you trapped villagers, if I don’t hate you, what shall I do, I hate you by heart. She goes. Suraj gets sad.

Chakor thinks of Suraj’s words. Kasturi says sometimes I feel you and Suraj don’t like each other, and sometimes I feel you both love each other a lot, I m your mum and a woman also, I can see in man’s eyes and say he loves or not, I feel Suraj loves you. Chakor says this does not matter now. Kasturi says its my duty to tell you what’s right and wrong, marriage is not a joke to do and break easily, you have self esteem, I know, think well and decide, Suraj’s love is you. Chakor says lie does not become true by repeating it, Suraj cheated me. Kasturi says try to understand Suraj really loves you, I m not saying you forgive him, just think once, your decision to leave Suraj is final? Chakor says I decided this for everyone’s betterment.

Suraj recalls Chakor’s words and thinks of what all happened. He gets headache and lies on bed. He asks Chakor to give him any medicine or balm. Chakor comes to haveli and recalls Kasturi’s words. She thinks maybe Suraj has some mantra by which everything becomes like before. Imli gives balm to Suraj. She says I will apply. He asks what are you doing, I will apply, just stay away. Chakor walks to the room. Mahiya….plays….

Imli says I know you are worried, let me apply it as a friend, else we have bandhua and owner relation. He says I don’t want it. The balm gets in his eyes. She asks him to show. Their heads strike. They laugh. Chakor smilingly comes to room and sees them. Imli holds his face and blows air in eye. Suraj laughs and says its tickling. Chakor thinks Suraj told everything without saying. She cries and goes recalling Suraj’s words. She leaves.

Chakor comes home. Kasturi asks did you talk to Suraj. Chakor tells them she is getting separated from Suraj, she is giving divorce to Suraj. Kasturi asks did you talk to him. Chakor says no, talk was not needed, I know divorce is big thing, but I have no other way now. She cries.

Chakor says I have taken the decision, I want divorce from you, we have given application before also. Suraj leaves her and asks do you want my answer. She says yes. He gets a burning wood piece. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suraj’s new deal was unrealistic, how can he expect Vivaan to keep his words and the kids will have to keep making guns. I feel sad for him, it’s expected that villagers don’t believe him but Chakor too doesn’t believe him because of Imli.

    Suraj’s situation is very similar to Chakor right after the marriage swap when nobody believed her even her parents. Then Suraj made the villagers turn against her and this time Vivaan did this to him. I know Chakor’s reasons to remain silent then make sense unlike Suraj’s but the tracks are parrallel.

    The theme for next week will be the divorce. I hope afterwards they start moving the story more quickly.

  2. Hi Demisukor, II wasn’t sure you read my reply, so I’m posting an extended version.

    I don’t think it’s just the actor, it’s the CVs view point. I believe they consider Suraj as good. You can see that in all of Suraj’s monologues.

    In my opinion, this track mirrors what chakor went through right after the marriage. They are making suraj stand in chakor’s shoes by experiencing her past pain. They just forgot the pain they’re causing chakor now.They’re disconnected from the fans.

    VJ is a professional, he won’t go against CVs narrative to justify his character, he’s just stating CVs’s views. Consider Chakor and Suraj as mythical figures where their personal feelings are not as important as their mission to become better people and help others, it’s not a realistic view but I believe this is what they think.

    People are not meant to believe Suraj loves Imli or that he takes Chakor for granted, they’re meant to think that Suraj will accept the hatred of Chakor, the villagers and everyone else to correct his past mistake. That’s why you have the villagers against him even though he’s innocent and more importantly, didn’t force them to sign. Chakor told them about the clause but they were too greedy.

  3. Hated the second part, Chakor could’ve insisted on having divorce without the need for more heartbreak. At least this time Suraj wasn’t at fault, he clearly wanted to stay away from Imli.

    Have a nice weekend guys.

  4. Surj clearly tried to avoid Imi today but y did Chkr have to come at that exact time. Surj was so emotional today I just loved it.????
    Loved it when he said dat hr knows dat she loves him.

    Have a brilliant weekend everyone.
    And Viji, did u get ur answer of which film d song Mahiya is from. And Lucy, I’m so sorry if I offended u yesterday, but its actually kinda both of their fault. I wasn’t hinting at Chkr. Its just that, dis is what happens in every show and its so frustrating.?
    Y cann they never think of anything different?

  5. i really dont watch it. Hate it. They have dragged the track n now separating sukir by creating so many misunderstandings it does not make fun anymore. I miss the nhok jhok. The cute eyelook moments on this track is just hate, betray n misunderstandings.

  6. Wen suraj said if the old suraj was hear he would kill vivaan please i want the old suraj back who was good but also angry i want his character to be like the phase wen kamal came bk october-feburary i really liked suraj then i feel sorry for suraj as u sed nemo about what cvs r trying to do ur correct this is why i feel sorry for him as he loves chakor alot and i also feel for chakor too imli needs to stay away she just causing more heartache for chakor

  7. Nemo, I think your right..but the way things are going. ..not bright at all….
    Episode was average. …hated kasturi today..her crap monologues about reconciliation. ..a failed mother..no doubt..

    1. CVs are ruining the show, I can understand why kasturi said that, she’s older and uneducated, she can be one of those old fashioned mothers who believes that a wife never leaves her husband. I don’t know why chakor agreed, she’s hurt and now she also believed he betrayed the villagers why did she go? and why didn’t she wait till the morning? No one would blame chakor if she asked for divorce if this scene didn’t happen.

      They’re dragging it too much, next week will be all about the divorce and then I don’t know what they’ll do. Knowing their stupidity, we’ll probably get vimli divorce followed by imraj wedding preparation. i hope I’m wrong, may be the falling trps will bring some sense to them.

  8. I jus love suraj n imlis chemistry ?

  9. Guys i sqeezed in a finally ff plz check it out and share ur thoughts and feelings

  10. Please stop this imlis drama…this is too much..nit at all interested in watching this..no one will watch such episodes if it continues. So pls dnt drag it became meaningless..they r not showing the interesting tracks..just sukor separation.. n dragging..stop this end this track..reveal truth..eagerly waiting..

  11. Yaa, please cvs don’t dragg this track so much. End this sukor separation track as soon as posible.now its become tomuch divorce and all.i am fed up with this imli baby and sukor separation. Its a kind request please stop this separation. Even i also want sukor noke-jhonk and cute love moments. Comments are decresing because of this separation track.

  12. Shreya.

    Hii everyone….Yaa ok ok episode…i felt very bad when Suraj told chakor dis much haterness…I will shatter…nd chakor replied na I hate u???…both r in pain…even tdy I loved kasturi kaki also…best mom…nd in dis episode they shows he Suraj avoids imli…. may b imli thinks Suraj did lot for her tats y she tried to help suraj dis is nt wrong nd imli’s intention is gud…bt cvs shows na imli told Suraj tat I will apply balm which gives me uncomfortable feel…cvs shud stop these types of scenes…bcz of these scenes people abusing imli’s character more….nd after seeing Suraj ND imli’s closeness check came out of d room nd wipes her tears na…automatically my eyes r teared up infact tears r rolls down in my cheeks…hw much I cntrld myself bt I failed…finally chakor decides that she want divorce…feeling bad…

    Precap…also painful scene.. dnt know hw to watch….if Suraj burns his hand r harms himself instead of burning divorce papers thn it will be ok for me…I know it’s too much…I dnt want to c sukor’s separation…tats y only am saying lyk dis…dnt mine yaar….

    Guys anyone knows any new information abt udaan thn kindly share with us….

    Happy weekend aanya,tippu,tapa,mama,nemo,dil d,Divya,Zoya,Aria,sukorian,nidhi,aqua,lucy,sunny,sukor,demisukor,Sia,Philo,Aditi,viji,Priya,lv sukor,janani,angel….nd all my loving friends(sry if I forgot to mention anyone name)…

  13. Shreya.

    Only 12cmnts…can’t believe dis…guys whenever u got d tym plzz cmnt here yaar….

    1. Hi shreya di. N hapy weekend all my dr friends.
      Why suraj accept that he is father of imli’ baby ,i can’t understand.
      Plz suraj ,say truth to chakor. I can’t see her in so much pain.
      Where r u zoya ,aanya di,philo n others?

  14. Oh my god only 12 comments.where are regular commentrs. Have you any new spoiler guys?

  15. Don’t worri shreya and nidhi comments are less because of this track but where is aanya my lovely dmbo,sukorian,sruthi,tapa and zoya.

    1. Hi sadhna…i am here dr…u r ryt….bcoz of this track…cmnts r getting less…day by day…for this reason…I also not cmnted from 2/3 days…

  16. I think there is less comments becoz of the track its so fustrating i never miss an epsiode of this serial but nows its been a week that im just reading the updates i hate this track alot i loved this serial it was different and unique but the writers are wrecking it up jus cuz of trps they are dragging this track this week went slow the writers are not speeding anything up they are showing the same scenes again and again vivaan angry and taking the anger out on villagers chakor heartbroken suraj lieing for imli and imli crying guys i hate this buchwa and vimli they r so boring if writers were gonna bring this track why did they do this in the middle of sukor love story!!! Vimli had a happy love story but sukor is full of heartbreak and sorrow i hope they speed things up cuz for now im watching my old fav episodes these ones are too depressing feels like this is totally different serial

  17. Sukorian, almost all fans hate this track, even the ones who are watching the show. I skipped the second part because I couldn’t see chakor’s hurt. A little MU is ok but this is too much and next week will still be the same. They’re dragging this beyond reason.

    Tippu, I felt the same too. I wanted him to punish them or do something to fight back.

    Shreya, the second part was painful to watch. They need to stop imraj scenes. There are no new news, the last olv I saw was when the three of them were at the doctor’s and chakor left hurt because suraj was showing concern for imli and taking care of her.

    I too miss their nok-jhoks and heart to heart talks.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone!

  18. Happy weekend guys.. Finally sukors divorce.. Chakor misunderstood imraj..poor suraj today he tries to avoid imli but everything goes in vain. Today I liked kasturi she atleast tries to avoid divorce…..
    Did anyone knew about new spoilers??

  19. No one commenting today..very nice let cvs realize that how much viewers hate this SuKor separation n divorce track..n they may bring some nice sukor track in next episodes..in next week show will definitly loose the remaining viewers n fans also if such stupidness continues..

  20. Now,the actors are trying to promote the show by posting pictures daily cuz of the falling trp’s and less viewers…
    What the viewerst can’t tolerate is the unnecessary imraj scenes. .but the cvs keep inventing new ones. .this will ultimately ruin the show

  21. Shreya.

    Yaa tippu,nemo,sadhna,nidhi,Zoya u all r ryt guys bcz of dis track only in dis page less cmnts…feeling bad.. I know dis track is mental torture for all d viewers…v won’t expect any nyc scenes in dis week…I hope atleast they will bring some interesting scenes in upcoming weeks…nd I think dis week trp is 1.8only…

    Hii mama dr…Yaa nemo even I saw that video…ND sruthi u know abt tat divorce information na…after that no new informations r videos dr….hey what happened to aanya y she didn’t cmntng here….Nidhi wat hpnd to our aanya if she is ok…

    Happy Sunday everyone….

  22. I know u guys are disappointed about this track and me also…hope CVS will bring any other new twist which make us happy…I don’t know why but I have a feeling like that. I hope we will see more sukor scenes.. Its a request to CVS you guys already hurt our feelings by way of sukors separation and don’t make us feel betrayed by making any other twists which completely end sukors relationship, faith…etc.because now we have a little hope that they will reconcile their problems and suraj proves he is innocent and expose the truth… Eventhogh they are separated,chakor has a small feeling for suraj even she tries to hide those feeling in front of him
    Plzz CVS plss change this track

  23. Yh guys i agree with u cvs showing imraj scenes to much i like the way suraj tries to avoid her this is why this track is so stupid the problem was between vimli but it gas escalated to sukor which does not make sense if cvs made a better problem for sukor i would understand the seperation and would enjoy watching it but this is stupid cvs are showing suraj has changed etc as you said nemo but the way they are doing shows suraj will happily sacrifice chakor away for the respect of imli even though he loves chakor alot no1 does this wen kamal came bk suraj became bundua vimli didnt give a crap about any1 all they carried about where themselves and trying for a child this is the only reason why i didnt want sukor to interfere in there problems but i understand sukor wanna help imli but she didnt if listen to no1 all she was doing was going after vivaan chakor said calm down she gave her a house and then she ran away chakor said we will find the truth out but for that u need to stay away from the baasti nooo she didnt want to listen comes bk and puts her dad at gun point seeing all this crap suraj said he is the father and for vimli stupid mistakes and insecurities sukor have to suffer??

    1. If imli had stayed in the hotel none of this would happen. Why did she insist on applying the balm when suraj clearly didn’t want her to?
      We always got vimli romance, but with sukor there is always trouble.

  24. Hey guys I agree with what you said. The track is bad and makes no sense and is made worse by the dragging. It has been almost a month since the problem started and we are still in the suffering stage and next week will be mainly about the divorce and we’ll still get more tears and unhappiness. They didn’t need to make it that long. They should’ve by now moved to finding clues about who faked Vivaan’s reports, but instead they drag the show.

    They always rush sukor happy moments but they give too much time to misunderstandings and suffering. All the while the evil side is successful in all their plans.

    Not may are sympathizing with Suraj or Imli. No one knows how they’ll redeem Vivaan (I don’t think that if he just stops the gun factory when he finds out he is the father is enough, where is his punishment?). And selfless Chakor is suffering the most. The actors are doing a brilliant job but nobody is noticing because of the horrible plot.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow, not for the episode but for the olv. I want to know what’s their plans for the following week.

    1. Nemo i agree 100 percent with u and its like most serials wen one problem ends they have one episdoe of love and happiness and then the next day a new problem starts cvs showed have showed sukor love expression with a better storyline i wanted to see more love scenes before they confessed cvs rushed that for this stupid plot that no1 is buying

      1. *cvs should have showed

      2. Yes, they had a good track that they ignored for a badly thought track. You perfectly summed it, a track that no one is buying.

  25. Yaa you are right sruthi,aditi and nemo.i hate this track and i’m also disappointed with this track.please cvs end this track soon. I can’t tolarate this track anymore.____ actualy i don’t know if she is fine or not because i’m out of town but i think i should cheak because usualy she doesn’t leave commenting here in every situation. Even she love this boring track also. Sorry i didn’t noticed her comment thats by i didn’t feel something. I don’t like her comments because she is very irritating and always irritates me talking about udaan . Can you wait for my next comment.i will inform you if she is fine or not. God knows now what happening with her hope if she is fine. Don’t worri shreya.

  26. Hey shreya your friend is again in hospital and facing T.B.I. She is not able to comment because she is unconscious. Hope you can understand its brain vein swelling. Don’t know now,if she is fine or not.

    1. That’s terrible. I hope she gets well soon. My prayers are with her. Nidhi please update us on her condition soon.

  27. Yeah sure nidhi i will also wait for ur next cmnt….hope aanya is fine…

  28. Oh ofcourse nemo,zoya but guys i’m in delhi even i got this information from my mom. I’ll definatly try to inform you.i’m also shocked when my mom told me.l’m also worried . Hope she will recover soon.

  29. Guys there was a written spoiler that chakor will take advantage of suraj getting jealous and will try to make him admit that he loves her only and that he is not imli child father so for that she will go close to vivaan but i dont think that will happen i think the new inspector will come and suraj will get really jealous and angry

    1. Thanks for sharing, I too don’t think it’s true. I just want them to lighten the mood soon. I don’t know why they haven’t released any new olvs, the suspense is killing me. I think there will be a twist by the end of this week or start of next one.

  30. Oh my god! Pls nidhi if you get any information about aanya pls share here… I’m really worried for her..hope she will be fine..oh god pls make her fine..

  31. Can anyone tell me what happen to aany?

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