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The Episode starts with Vivaan, Bhaiya ji and Suraj talking to some minister. Vivaan talks about films and impresses the minister. Bhaiya ji gets glad. Imli comes to meet Suraj and servant stops her. She says I need to talk to him and get leave today. He asks her to wait. Chakor says Adi told me what to do if I m lost in jungle. She follows his idea and runs. She hears a bus horn and follows it. She sees the pot and says it means people pass by. She then sees the river and gets glad. She thanks Adi and smile.

Chakor reaches the lake and runs towards the road. She stops seeing the milestone Aazaadgunj, which is 150kms away. She says camp registration just has 1.5 hours left. She runs. Vivaan and the minister say the film dialogues and laugh. Minister asks Bhaiya ji why does he look upset, is it because

you did not get list. He gives the list. Bhaiya ji checks lists and smiles. He reads his name as sports minister is there and thanks him. Minister says don’t thank me, Vivaan won my heart, I will leave. Bhaiya ji sends Suraj with them. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that Vivaan did magic on minister. She gets glad.

Imli tells Suraj that she has to talk, she has to leave. Suraj asks her to get lost. Minister looks on. Suraj asks Imli to leave. Minister leaves. Bhaiya ji smiles. Bhaiya ji asks Vivaan how did he know about minister’s likes. Vivaan says I knew he is fond of movies and tried it. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to follow Vivaan, he can use his tricks. Suraj gets angry.

Rathod asks the girls to run. He says practice is enough now, come to my office for registration, no one should be late, else you can’t participate in this race. He asks Tripti about Chakor. Tripti says don’t know where is she. Tina looks on. Rathod says foolish girl, if she does not come till 12, then… Chakor runs on the road and gets tired. She sees the time and says just 45mins left for camp registration. She tries to take lift. She says no one is stopping car, I think I have to go myself. She runs.

Imli comes to the camp and sees Chakor’s bead thread fallen there. She gets shocked and recalls Kasturi making Chakor wear it. She says camp is that way, why is these beads thread here. Chakor gets sad….. yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…….plays…….. She recalls everyone’s hopes from her and cries.

Everyone fill the forms. Tripti calls Chakor. A girl gets the phone and says it was under her pillow. Tina says she has run away being afraid of me. Chakor says its just 10mins left to 12 now. She cries and says forgive me Maai, I have made Aazaadgunj’s head down again, I broke hopes again. She holds her head and gets dizzy. Imli is on the way and looks for Chakor. The driver asks where to go, tell me. She asks him to just drive, else she will shoot him. He says there is jungle ahead, I won’t go there. She says fine, take me there. She gets a call and stops the auto. Chakor is nearby. Suraj asks Imli where are you. She says I told you I have to go for imp work, I came in jungle to get herbs. Suraj says I want my boots. She says its in your cupboard. He finds it and asks where is my gun. She says its in your drawer. He asks her to come fast and find all the things, you will come with me on hunting. She thinks what to do, shall I go back or find Chakor, she will lose if she does not fill form, I have to find Chakor, she has to win. She asks driver to take her ahead or back, whatever the route. Chakor says I have to run in race and win. Chakor sees the auto and calls for help. She sees Imli’s dupatta and shouts Imli….. Imli leaves from there.

Trishakti promo: Imli will go against Suraj and support Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. No the coach have kidnapped her

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