Udaan 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri and Pakhi get saved

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The Episode starts with Seth ji asking Pakhi and Gauri to come close. Pakhi asks him not to come close. He says I will toss a coin and decide whom to touch first. Gauri surrenders herself and asks him to let Pakhi leave. He refuses and talks dirty. He moves Gauri away. Pakhi pushes him. Chakor keeps a diya in her hand and prays for Gauri and Pakhi’s safety. She asks Lord to show his miracle today. Pakhi says its time to do what Chakor taught us. Pakhi and Gauri recall Chakor and beat up Seth ji. He falls down. They check him. Pakhi signs he is dead. Gauri checks his pulse. She says he would have gone to hell, we will call Chakor. Pakhi asks do you have phone. Gauri says yes, I had hidden it. Chakor gets the call.

Gauri says we have killed the old man. Chakor gets shocked and cries. She asks what are

you saying. Gauri says he is lying dead here. Chakor says no, tell me are you two fine. Gauri says yes, if Imli know this, she will kill us. Chakor says Suraj has left for haveli, I m coming there too. She calls Suraj. She says Gauri called, she said they killed Seth ji in defence, don’t do anything till I come there. Ranvijay hears some music. Imli says its wrong that we aren’t romancing. He compliments her beauty and says you have me with you, when I think you have sent me to mental asylum, I get upset. She asks him to forgive her. He says you are not so innocent as you look, you look like Menka but you are Swarnlakha, its good you have sent me away, the night is beautiful today. Suraj comes and says sorry, I have a doubt that something is wrong upstairs, I was guarding there to inform yourself, the lights are not off, did the girls do anything wrong. Imli says maybe, we should go and see.

Imli goes and knocks the door. She asks Seth ji to open the door. She asks Suraj to break the door. Suraj breaks the door. They see Seth ji dead. Gauri and Pakhi cry. Suraj signs them. Imli checks Seth ji and says he is dead. She asks what did you do, are you mad. Suraj asks what will we do now. Ranvijay says we will kill them. Imli says no, we have elections ahead. Ranvijay says I will shoot them once elections get over. She says this news will reach media, we have to get rid of them. Goons bury Seth ji. Suraj acts and scolds Gauri and Pakhi.

Ranvijay threatens Gauri and Pakhi. He asks Suraj to kill them. Imli asks Suraj to kill them and then bury them in jungle. Suraj signs them to run. Imli asks goons to catch them. Goons catch Pakhi and Gauri. Imli asks Suraj to shoot. Suraj worries. He points gun at them and thinks where are you Chakor, come and stop this disaster. Imli shouts shoot them Suraj. Police comes there. Imli asks Suraj to hide the gun.

Chakor asks Imli not to act smart, her game is over. Inspector asks whose dead body is this, who killed him. Ranvijay says actually… Imli says I will say, this man came here for marriage, I got Gauri married to him, this cheap man got more desires and badly eyed Pakhi, I felt very bad and opposed him, he tried to molest these girls, they had no way to save their respect, they have beaten him, he started running and fell down, he died. Inspector asks if there is any witness. Ranvijay says I have seen everything, Suraj is also a witness. He asks Suraj did he see it. Suraj says yes, they are saying truth. Inspector says we will decide it, you need to come with us to station to record statement. Imli, Suraj and Ranvijay leave. Chakor hugs Pakhi.

Imli says I don’t know how did Chakor know this that she got police, are you informing her. Gauri looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It was good how Pakhi and Gauri beat up the guy but I wish he was alive to get back his money from Imli, she and RV are disgusting.

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