Udaan 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli goes mad

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I didn’t know anything, why would I tell Vivaan. Imli says don’t lie, I have seen you in CCTV footage. Chakor says I went to hospital to get aid, since I was shot at the camp. Imli says you are liar and selfish, you show you are good, but you are bad, you wanted me to fail in the relation. Chakor says I have always thought for you, even then you didn’t get happy. Imli says I know you are responsible for this.

Chakor asks how can you think so, you should asked me once, you had this poison in your heart, your one misunderstanding snatched your peace and my sister, you ruined many lives, why did you do this. Suraj says you have made all your loved ones away, you did many sins, even Ganga maiyya can’t wash your sins. Imli recalls her crimes and gets shocked.

She says this jug has a snake. Suraj and Chakor ask where is the snake. Imli asks them to see. She acts mad and pours the water on herself. She says snake, come out and show who is more poisonous. Suraj and Vivaan take Imli back to the room and lock her. Kasturi and Bhuvan come home. They meet Imli and come out of the room. Chakor asks what happened. Bhuvan asks what happened to Imli, why is she reacting such. Bhuvan and Kasturi argue. Chakor says she needs care. She asks Suraj did he think of something, there is a big problem.

Suraj says Imli is the trouble. Vivaan says we want to sort it. Suraj says we want to send her to the mental asylum, Imli wanted to send you there but see her fate, she will go there and know the result of bad work. Chakor says no, you can’t take her anywhere, doctor can come here and treat her. Suraj says you are just concerned for her, so that you do your duty, she has become a devil, you know what she did with you, you have a life and daughter, you have responsibilities. She says Imli won’t go from this house. He says this is my house. She says Imli is my sister, she can change if we give her a chance, she can become like before. He says fine, you change Imli or get mad, I don’t care. She asks him to listen. Suraj goes. Bhuvan says Chakor has also gone mad, Kasturi come with me. They leave. Chakor worries.

Chakor asks Vivaan to help her. Vivaan says Imli don’t deserve to stay here, if you want, I will see if any doctor comes here, I don’t know you are right or not. She worries thinking of Suraj’s words. She goes to Imli and sees her sleeping. She cares for Imli and recalls the crimes done by Imli. She gets away from Imli and stops. She goes to Imli again and takes her in lap. She recalls their childhood. She says I haven’t changed and cries. She says I have stood against Suraj, I will keep you close to me and end all your hatred, you used to love me a lot in childhood, how did you change then. She hugs Imli and cries. Suraj is on the way. She gets angry recalling Chakor’s words. Chakor says I will give you another chance to become old Imli.

Suraj comes somewhere. The goons ask him not to move. Chakor says I feel Suraj is in problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please don’t turn Imli positive or make her a hero, she’s worse than KN and deserves punishment, suffering in your life isn’t an excuse for harming innocent people. How will changing Imli erase her crimes, she’ll still need to be punished.
    Liked Suraj’s dialogues today. Sukor’s fights are too heated nowadays, they used to be much calmer, please tone down the intensity of their fights, they should stop yelling at each other for every little thing.

    1. I hope we get a good Sukor scene before the new track, a heart-to-heart discussion about Vivaan and Imli to clear the air.

  2. Lokesh

    Epic dialogue was of Bhuvan that was both imli and chakor got mad.????

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