Udaan 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Suraj with the girls. Alisha asks him to drink. Suraj refuses. Alisha asks him what happened, did he forget how amazing he was. She makes him drink. The guy asks Chakor to leave Suraj and come for dance. Chakor dances with the guy. Suraj sees her and dances with Alisha. Kaisi pehli….plays…..Chakor collides with the goon. She says sorry and goes.

Ragini says oh so she is partying, great, be careful, she is with inspector, what, inspector is not there, who is with her, send me pic, don’t do anything till I say, none should doubt that I m behind Chakor’s death. Goon takes Suraj’s pic and sends to Ragini. Chakor sees him clicking pics and asks him why is he clicking their pic. She scolds Suraj for dancing with someone else. Suraj asks what happened,

do you problem with my dance, you maybe feeling bad that I m not dancing with you. She says no, do anything, leave me. He asks are you jealous. She argues with Alisha. Alisha says I m Suraj’s wife. Chakor gets shocked. Suraj signs no. Chakor asks what did you say, Suraj’s wife.

Alisha says yes, you heard it right, we got married here. She asks Suraj to say. Chakor goes. Suraj goes after her. Ragini gets angry. She gets pic and says what’s Suraj doing with Chakor, I can’t harm her, I had to get her killed today, she went with Ajay, how did she get Suraj.

Ajay comes to haveli. Ragini asks how did you come here. He says I wanted to know if you saw Chakor anywhere. She says I don’t know, do you think I m her servant. He asks her to control her anger and goes. She says I have to see him first. She calls goon and asks him not to get scared of Suraj, do your work, Ajay is here. She says Chakor, Ajay and Vivaan will get off my way now and smiles.

Suraj tells Chakor that Alisha is not his wife. She scolds him. He says is this jealousy or anger, Chakor will come to me by this jealousy. Suraj goes on stage. The girl Mona flirts with him. Suraj hugs her. Chakor looks on. He says my wife left me, I m a bachelor again. He dances with the girls on Dil ne dooba dooba……. Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi ……..

Suraj sees Chakor getting jealous. He dances with the girls. Mona shows the tattoo on her back. Chakor pushes her and scolds her. Mona says why shall I get shy to Suraj, after all he is my husband. Chakor gets shocked and scolds Suraj, asking how many more wives he has. Suraj’s friend welcomes marathon runner Chakor on stage, she is Suraj’s ex wife, why did Suraj leave Chakor, I feel Suraj did big mistake. Suraj makes Chakor wear the garland. Everyone clap. Suraj says everyone feels I left Chakor, truth is I can never leave Chakor, she is my wife, my life, Chakor, my wild cat. Mahiya……plays….. Chakor removes garland and says thanks, I don’t need this, maybe many girls wanted to become Suraj’s wife, anyone can take my place now.

Chakor says I feel angry on myself to love a man like you. Ragini asks the man to do what she told him. The man signs goon to kill Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    Well Nice epi.
    Suraj has 4 wives n 1 ex wife ^^
    Chakor is so jealous n Suraj kind of stupid he should have asked Chakor for dance but instead he made her hurt n jealous. He did gud by giving her the garland but she is angry but was also touched. Both r stupid… Ragini is a big Butch she needs punishment next I hear is imli n ajay will work together to find Chakor her phone is death. Suraj will drink the water with poison n will be hospitalised by Chakor…
    He danced good he is a damn gud actor but dancing is not his best but still he did gud.

    Anaya we pray ?

  2. Please cvs stop ragini track i hate her she is boring villian i want kn bk he was better than her suraj has so many wives? lol no wonder chakor was getting angry and jealous looks like sukor will be staying in Lucknow for a long time cuz suraj will need treatment and then we will see chakor love for suraj and ajay and imli wanna stop ravaan guys now vivaan is with ragini to kill chakor seriously i want imli to leave this cheap vivaan and move on from this guy idm if imli went with ajay instead cuz vivaan is worse than ragini chakor did so mcuh for this vivaan and now he too wanna kill her

    1. Hi tippu when will you update your ff, it’s been some time.

  3. I knew he was gonna dance to a song like dil cheez tujhe dedi. My mind was saying something like that. I agree with u Afa. Surj is so good at acting but not so good at dancing. I really want to watch the garland part. It seems sweet but Chakr doesnt accept it. They both never think right

    Hope Aanya Di gets well soon

  4. Nice episode, but i feel for Chakor. all these “wives”. Suraj should have tried to convince her of his love and not make her jealous. I wish instead of this we got them dancing together. The end of ragini is near, she thinks she has succeeded in all her plans but soon the tide will turn against. I wonder if she’ll turn against vivaan soon.
    It seems that the fight against ragini will occupy the next couple of weeks.

    Get well soon aanya !

  5. Nyc epi eagerly waiting for next epi that how suraj will save chakor from that goons
    Oh chakor is so jealous to see suraj cassanova avatar well at the end I love suraj dialogues how he said chakor is my wife and life
    @sunny now I m also in 10th class so need of saying me badki at all ok.do u get that
    And sorry actually it was my fault I got some misunderstanding and that’s y I talk to u like that
    Call me with some another sweet name ok if u don’t do like that then see again u should have to be apologize to me holding your ear ok nd I don’t know wheather this tym it will work or not
    I hope aavnya di will recover soon

  6. Really disappointed wanted a nice sukor dance and finally building momentum in ragini track which i can see will reach its peak within 2 weeks and i see sukor getting bk together after suraj drinks posion which will make chakor trust suraj but i see ajay wanting chakor so kinda obvious he will be main villian for thier sukor remarrige track cuz ajay wont have a role left after everything is cleared so he will turn villian for sukor as he likes chakor alot

    1. Sukorian

      even I think so. Sukor will reunion a
      soon n ajay will get jealous n become the me villan

  7. Nice episode I love surajs dancing.. He is not that much good dancer but he tried really well and its so grace… And jealousy chakor..I expect a dance of sukor but it didn’t happen…when suraj wears the garland to chakor actually she was smiling and then she back to normal and be angry with suraj..in today’s episode she will scold suraj in front of everyone and left from the party..
    I don’t like to talk about that ragini anymore…. I wish chakor believes suraj after the poison incident..

  8. I read the previous comments now..and im shocked..what happen to aanya??I hope she will recover soon ..I will pray for her..nothing will happen to her. . may god bless her…and I know she will be back soon…get well soon aanya my dear

  9. Shreya.

    Hi guys…nyc episode….nemo, agree with ur cmnt abt Suraj nd chakor….even I feel d same abt our sukor….nd abt ragini I don’t want to talk abt tat ragini….nd vivaan I want to smash his face….still some people’s supporting vivaan nd abusing imli… honestly guys if vivaan is also part of dis plan thn dont know hw much I will hate him….Waiting for today’s episode…

    Guys I read one information from IG….in IG there is one post chakor’s old look nd new look…below tat picture they written “chakor’s twin sister chunni is back to aazhadangunj….Meera will play d double role chakor nd chunni”….nd one more thing is “I got dis information from chahattewani’s sister (pakhi) ” they written these lines also….don’t know guys if dis information is true r not…

    Bt in season 1, those who r watched tat season knows very well chakor told Arjun sir “I will not leave kn…he killed my grandma nd my sister chunni”….don’t know guys bt am totally cnfsd…nd one more thing I don’t know whether d information is true r not….I just shared what I read in IG…..

    1. Thanks for the info shreya, but may be since ragini thinks chakor is dead, chakor will claim that she’s chunni.

      I hate vivaan so much, he’s so weak and selfish. imli always stood by him but he doesn’t trust her while ragini has always planned against him and he fully trusts her.

  10. Shreya.

    First of all thank u sooo much nidhi for informing aanya’s condition…don’t lose hope nidhi…v will pray for her…definitely god will do some miracles….honestly am really afraid to lose my aanya….I love all d people’s in dis page bt honestly aanya is somewhat close to my heart…don’t know guys bt am really afraid….when I cmnt dis page first time she is d one who welcomes me first…she always call me di with so much of love….I know very well everyone loves aanya like me….I will pray for her nd all my loving frnds sister’s nd brothers nd all my loving silent readers plzzzz pray for our aanya…
    Aanya it’s ur sister’s order plzz came back to us….don’t leave us….plzzzz god bring back our aanya….plzz give her life….aanya u r a brave nd strong girl ryt so plzz fight back v all supporting u….I know my aanya u will never broke our trust….nd aanya I promise u tat I will never scold u plzz came back to us soon….I hope u will recover soon…am eagerly waiting to read ur cmnt “wat happened to me…am super duper fine di/guys” plzz came back soon nd wrote these lines aanya….I want to read dis line….nooo v all want to read dis lines ryt guys….so plzz came back to us……god plzz help us plzz give her strength….guys once again plzz pray for our aanya….

    Am really sry guys for commenting like dis…I don’t want to show anything after hearing dis news…bt can’t control myself….so once again sry yaar don’t mine plzzzz….

  11. Shreya.

    Thank u sooo much sukorian….. actly u wrote tat whole confession day conversation for our chutki na….thank u Soo much dr….nd sry chutki (holding my ears)……Sunny nd lily k ur ideas r really gud…bt he is my elder brother nd one more thing i will not do dis…..don’t mine my dr sweetie nd chutki…hope u guys r not hurted by my words….nd I read all of ur cmnts…sweetie no need to say sry i really loved ur talkings…best of luck for ur exams dr….chutki even I watched season 1…loved tat season yaa spandan is too funny especially whenever she used English language…nd best of luck for ur mock exams…nd Aria in Twitter vj posts a few days back (I think around 15days back) one information tat is “am not quitting dis show guys” even v all shared dis information in IG also with tat pic so I don’t think vj quit dis show….so don’t panic guys….if u want tat link thn tell me I will share here….

    1. VJ isn’t quitting the show and Suraj isn’t dying. The latest olvs show that Chakor’s love will save him and she promises never to leave him. They showed shots from the new promo where chakor is apologizing to suraj after finding out he’s not the baby’s father.

    2. Oh really shreya di I don’t know that he is elder than u I thought he is younger than u if u said this all before only than I will give u someother khidki thod ideas oh no u read all of my comments I thought u will scold me by reading those comments as I wrote that no more I want to study by the way u know tomorrow my parents r coming to india so I think I will comment irregularly nd haan don’t forget me ok nd haan I will visit this page daily to read everyone’s comment ok nd haan don’t take tension regarding your charger nothing can happen to that charger ok I know your brother will not cause any harm to that charger he will take good care of that charger ok bye

  12. Plz aanya dicided come back soon.I. want ur wish when I will become doctor.plz get up soon .Anyone can tell me how Shreya is now? my pray is always with u di get well soon.

    1. Thanks for the link!

    1. Thanks! it’s very emotional, but he’ll regain consciousness.

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