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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji holding Chakor and asking Lakhan to beat Arjun more. Bhavani gets Bhagya inside. Bhagya hits her and runs to Arjun. She hugs Arjun and the goon hit her head. She gets wounded and Arjun gets angry. Bhavani gets up and says Devi Maa has gone. She sees Sheru. Imli hides all the real stones. Chakor asks Bhagya is she fine. Chakor says the men has hit Devi maa, beat the goons. Imli brings real stones and they get the goons. Bhaiya ji gets angry and says you are gone now. He keeps gun at her head and they all get shocked.

Ishwar comes there with police. Bhaiya ji laughs and says why did he get police, Devi maa will herself punish the culprits. Ishwar says you are mistaken, police has come to arrest you. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Ishwar shows his arrest warrant. Bhaiya ji asks

what. Ishwar asks did you think I will support you. Bhaiya ji says you cheated me by being my friend. Ishwar says no, I told you I have to wear masks to remove your masks, in the masquerade party. Bhaiya ji recalls. Tejaswini says I told you not to believe him. Ishwar says he has done this acting to expose him.

He says he is intelligence bureau officer and says he has fooled him for the university work and gathered proof against him. Abha and Aditya get proud of Ishwar. Ishwar tells the villagers how Bhaiya ji made them bandhua by making his daughter Devi. He says Chakor has told him the truth. He says this time Bhaiya ji has not made tattoo on hand, so I too became bandhua by doing aarti bidding. He says he got the stamp on his bag too. Chakor asks them to trust Ishwar, he is saying right.

Ishwar says Bhagya is not Devi, she is ordinary girl, she has become her own dad’s bandhua. Bhaiya ji scolds Ishwar. Tejaswini asks them to move back. Ishwar asks them to see police, they are trained and will shoot him if the goons do anything. He says about Manohar, he can’t help you, as he is already in jail, come you can meet him there. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to burn all the papers in haveli, they should not get any proof. Ishwar arrests Bhaiya ji and takes him. Chakor smiles.

Baa says Bhaiya ji has got his punishment but they have all punished Bhagya by their superstition. Tejaswini threatens Baa. Baa says go fast to do the work Bhaiya ji told you, else you can get late. Bhagya and Arjun hug Chakor. Arjun says she is smiling even when she is wounded. Chakor says she smiles whenever she sees you. They all smile. Baa asks them to go to hospital for aid. Bhaiya ji is arrested.

Tejaswini burns the papers at home and also gets arrested for crime of ruining the proof.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awsmm…..KN nd tejswini in jl……

    Nw d show wl fcs on chakor’s studies, ArGya nd ranjana’s evil

    bt wt abt suraj nd ragini

  2. Very nice epd. Ishwar you rock .bhagiya so cute and also arjun

  3. Hy anu hw r u

    m dia

  4. I am fine,hw a u dia

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