Udaan 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Colonel comes to Aazaadgunj

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The Episode starts with Chakor coming home. She sees everything packed. She asks Vivaan what’s happening, where is Suraj. Suraj says I booked our tickets. She asks why. He says we are leaving Aazaadgunj. He packs bags and asks her to help. She says fine, we should tell everyone to pack bags and leave, as we are leaving now, entire country is in danger. He says I won’t fall in your words, I m ready to give my life, but I can’t risk your life, you could have died today. She says I didn’t get shot. He says my marriage will Naina will hurt you, I know you are going away from me, I know you will die if I marry Naina, we shall leave from here. She says you are saying truth, I can’t tolerate this, but marriage won’t be needed, I got to know about that silver bag, we will get that before marriage day, Colonel

will keep her marriage functions, we will enter his house and steal that bag, in which he has kept his evil plans, we have come far, don’t worry, I won’t let your marriage happen with Naina.

Naina calls him. Chakor asks him to talk to Naina. Suraj answers. Naina says I got to know, whatever happened between us was a plan. He gets shocked and asks what, plan? She says you came in my life and won my heart, you asked my dad for my hand. Chakor says don’t worry, she is saying about Lord’s plan. He unmutes and says yes, I also feel the same that fate has made this plan. He holds Chakor’s hand and says if you were not in my fate, I would have snatched you from Lord.

Chakor looks at him. Naina smiles and says dad isn’t at home, else I would have told him about your poetry. He asks where is he. She says he didn’t say where is he going. Chakor disconnects. She says we have to find out where is Colonel, I will meet Abhay, talk to Naina, meet her if you can, she will have many hopes from you, fulfill her hopes. She gives phone and says remember the briefcase. She goes. He says what will I talk to Naina now. He prepares. Colonel is on the way. He sees Vivaan and asks driver to stop the car. He introduces himself and asks about Suraj. He says I want to meet Suraj’s mum, can you tell me where does he stay. Chakor meets Abhay. She says maybe Colonel went to meet his aide, we should get his phone once. Chakor gets Vivaan’s message. Vivaan writes, Colonel is in Aazaadgunj, he has come to meet Suraj’s mum. She tells this to Abhay.

Abhay says no, Colonel can’t go to haveli, he will know everything. She says if he comes to village, villagers will tell him everything. Abhay says ask your friend to keep Colonel engaged. Colonel says its good I got you, where is Suraj’s house. Vivaan says its nearby. Chakor messages him. She writes, take Colonel away from village, I didn’t find any way to deal with this problem. Vivaan says we will have tea before going to Suraj’s house, give me a chance to serve, Suraj will get angry on me. Colonel says I have no time to have tea. Vivaan says you are our guest, have the tea please. Colonel asks driver to stop the car. Vivaan says your driver is great, he just listens to you. He gets down the car. Colonel leaves. Vivaan asks him to stop. Colonel says I don’t like people who waste time, Suraj is famous here, anyone can tell me about him. Chakor and Abhay select a woman for Suraj’s mum’s role. She says I know a place to set Suraj’s fake home, I will message Vivaan. Vivaan calls her. He says I couldn’t stop Colonel, sorry, you do something.

Colonel reaches the village. He asks Chagan do anyone of you know Suraj. They laugh. Chagan says everyone knows Suraj here. Colonel says I m happy to know his status, I want to meet his mum. Chagan asks why, what’s the matter. Vivaan comes and says you didn’t have tea, I will take you to Suraj and his mummy. Chagan says he is saying like its not his house. Colonel says you waste a lot of time, I don’t want to go with you. The man says we can tell you about Suraj’s house, you can go to haveli. Colonel asks does Suraj stay in haveli. Chakor comes in villager’s disguise and asks why are you troubling a decent man, if Suraj stays in haveli, do you live in palace. Chagan says Chakor…. Chakor says shut up, are you drink, you are telling wrong address to him. She beats Chagan and says come with me. Chagan asks did Chakor and Vivaan get mad. They go. Chakor asks Vivaan to take the guest to Suraj’s house. Vivaan signs where. She signs him to go. Vivaan asks Colonel to come. Colonel thanks her. Vivaan thinks where to take him, you should have told me the plan. Chakor messages address to Vivaan. Vivaan reads message and goes.

Chakor says the house is bad, if Colonel sees this state, he will doubt, house is ready, where is Suraj’s fake mum. Colonel and Vivaan reach there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode
    Liked how the colonel got rid of Vivaan.
    It was funny how Chakor beat the men.
    I didn’t like when Chakor told Suraj to do what Naina wants, they should avoid showing Suraj talking romantically to Naina, she’s a victim in this mission.
    I hope the focus is on getting the briefcase and on making the colonel trust Suraj. Focusing on wooing Naina and jealousy hasn’t brought TRPs.
    The track would’ve worked better if it was shorter because now they’ll have to show the wedding function in detail.

  2. I cant understand now that suraj has relation with naina… and can enter her house, then why chakor still insists suraj to talk with naina or go close to her!!!! that s really enough if the makers dont want to lose more viewers…. now suraj can go to colonel house…. there is no need to make suraj and naina scenes or making them close!!! if they go on with these scenes, then sukorians will definitely leave the show.

  3. How much suraj loves chakor……..

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