Udaan 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Imli what is she doing, I m your sister. Imli says I did not come to welcome you, I came to take you. She asks the goons to put Chakor in car. They leave. Aditya does not find Chakor and gets worried. He calls someone to get help. Kasturi is happy. Bhuvan asks her to get money to get food for Chakor. She refuses and says I will manage. He says money is necessary to get food. She says I will better die, Chakor did not take money after winning race, it was of her hardwork, she did not take that because money is not her aim, her aim is freedom, something bigger, don’t know how did Chakor bear things in 10 years, I m proud that Chakor did not forget her morals and aim, unlike you and Imli.

Vivaan wakes up and asks Tejaswini why did Laali keep waste items in my

room. Tejaswini says I will arrange it. Vivaan says I will arrange it. She asks him to sit and have food. Ranjana looks on. Tejaswini acts sweet. Vivaan recalls Ranjana’s slap and says I can eat even poison from Tejaswini’s hands. Tejaswini says I m glad seeing this trust, that’s why you are my fav, have food. She sees Ranjana standing outside and says you snatched my husband, and I snatched your son, scores equal right.

Imli stops the car and asks the man to get tea for her. Chakor says I feel you are joking with me Imli, or you are not my Imli. She says but you look like Imli only. Imli claps and says you identified me now, its all over now. The man gives tea to Chakor, and Imli scolds the man. She says Chakor is not our guest. Chakor gets shocked and says you changed a lot, you are not that Imli who blindly believed me. Imli says yes, that’s my mistake. Imli calls Chakor selfish as she went away with Arjun. Chakor says you feel it was easy for me to go from here, I missed you all. Imli asks why did you not turn to see us, we were in more pain here, we don’t want your favor now, Bhaiya ji says right about you, you are a cheater. Chakor asks what, do you work for Bhaiya ji. Imli says yes, I have to handover you to Bhaiya ji. Chagan calls Imli. Imli says yes, I caught Chakor, I will give her to Suraj, I won’t bring her to village, Suraj is giving me prize for this. Chakor says I have come now, leave this job for Bhaiya ji, I got this new doll for you. Imli says I play with guns now, not with dolls. She throws the doll. Chakor recalls little Imli and gets sad. Imli scolds the man and takes Chakor in the car.

Suraj tells his man that he will win, Imli will get Chakor, I did not do mistake to send Imli for this work. Imli gets Chakor and shows him. Suraj says you got my enemy, you are really commendable, let me see Chakor, how a bandhua looks after going to city. He sees Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor to get friendly with them and join hands, as Imli did. Chakor scolds him. Suraj says you are still the same, Imli is very loyal to me, more than my dog. Chakor says I will not leave you. Suraj says I won’t leave you either, we will talk about love later, first I will take you to Bhaiya ji, for whom I got you here. Bhaiya ji recalls how Chakor flew with Arjun. He looks at the dupatta and recalls her statement. Chakor is dragged there and Bhaiya ji angrily stares at her.

Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that you don’t know my fan ship. He says you don’t know the power of my rule. She says there is big power than rule, that’s fame, and gets all reporters there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Daniel Sankar

    There is a saying that art follows life.And so it is with Sai Ball Al who is now a goon in real life as well as in Udaan. I hope that the police won their case against this despised man.

  3. Just love ChaRaj scene! It was fabulous!
    Loved how Suraj said that he will not leave her either and then they will talk about ‘LOVE’ later on..

    1. Exactly….. I loved it too… This is a confession. I was d first one to speculate abt vivaan n chakor in my family….. Though dat still holds true but m more inclined towards vijayendra…. Sry guys…. But now I feel its gonna be charaj n not chavaan!! It will take tym but ultimately its charaj only?

  4. Nyz ePiii…
    wt hpnt Imli….??
    finaly vivaan cme…
    I lOve U so much suraj……

  5. I lYk suraj and chakor pair …. vivaan Not mach Fr chakor…

  6. I hate the directors who give vijeyendra kumeria a villan role and he is acting as suraj but he is very well known for shastri sisters (i.e.,) anu’s pair Rajat sareen
    he played double role rajat and sameer but that was dual role but here only negative role
    i hate this suraj role but what can i do………………..
    I just love vijay’s acting and his expression
    Love you Vijay…………

  7. Why everyone is liking suraj here?? He is a goon and remember how he used to trouble chakor and got her out of the school.

    1. But a love can make a goon into a good person chakor

      1. But what abt his sins?? Hopefully he becomes a better person but he is way elder than chakor..

      2. Everything is Fair in Love and War!! n onething In India Many People have age difference and for eg take ur mom n dad they to have age diffrence
        so take it easy

  8. Best Episode…
    I am eager to see the the 1st Love triangle btw suraj,adithya n chakor
    and 2nd Love Triangle btw adithya,vivan n chakor
    and 3rd Love Triangle btw suraj, vivan n chakor
    and at last Love star btw Suraj,Vivan,Adithya,chakor n Imli
    Guys what would you say about this…………..

  9. Am surprised too that everyone is looking at how handsome Suraj is to be in Chakor’s life. Do people really look at figure or heart??? Beauty lies in the heart not face. SURAJ N CHAKOR SHOULD NOT MATCH AT ALL as Suraj has been like his dad -mean, heartless, criminal…. Imli should be in Suraj life. This would pair up.

    1. Yes exactly. . He has been like his father since his childhood and troubled chakor a lot.. even he made imli a goon.. I want to see chakor and vivaan pair..

    2. Manu its not abt hero or villain its abt vijayendra(suraj)…. U tell me will a settled n lead hero like him play a negative role to leave after sometime? Coz its obvious now d serial has not only bandhuagiri to focus on but also love tracks…. If chakor wins d badass get to leave d show…
      It s why we speculate chakor-suraj chem coz only chakor can make him a better person! D casting of suraj itself implies some twists in future…

  10. Interesting episode! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. I too like Vijay yaar he was so cute in shastri sisters ……..
    But his role as Suraj doesn’t look good……
    He is a rom hero love him that way………? ? ??

  12. Suraj so cute this only serial were we can see a handsome villain

  13. Daniel Sankar

    I do hope that Helen Fortesca still has all the emails and videos sent by the goon SaI Ballal so that he can be convicted.

  14. Y did imili go bad arjun only took Chakor to get revenge for what bhaiya ji did to her and her family

  15. ya , beauty doesnt lies in face but in heart..i think vivan or aditya is a gud pair 4 chakor

    1. Vivaan has a deep hatred for women his character will be homos*xual. Chakor will be replacing Imli as Suraj’s bride to save her sister. Aditya will be heart broken and end up marrying Imli.

  16. Episode very nice !! I like suraj chakor pair, eagerly waiting suraj fall for chakor …..

  17. Well they did say that Suraj would be marrying Imli but at the last moment the bride would change and he would end up marrying Chakor… Suraj is not exactly the villain they said his character would be grey not black. I think After Kamal Narayan the next villain is Ranjhana. Chakor will have to get into the Narayan household as Suraj’s wife to uncover how Ranjhana murdered her first husband. As for Vivaan I heard his character has a hatred for women I am going out on a limb to say that Vivaan might play a homos*xual. It’s obvious that Aditya will marry Imli once Chakor marries Suraj.

    1. Where did u read this??? Abt bride exchange???

  18. Wonderful epd……………wht happent imli?chakor vry cute………. i want to chakor vivan pair………………..

  19. I m vry happy to see so many frnd are come to udaan family……….. welcome all frnds

  20. Yo anu…..

    Hy guys…m dia
    m writing a ff on udaan when chakor is a teenager….

    M luving all d pairs….no matter with whom chakor ends up with….they should also show suraj’s sis ragini…she is also a positive role

  21. Gud mrng frnds……….

  22. Love vijayendra kumeria. He is a great actor . His potrayal of suraj is awesome. The charaj chemistry is there for all to see.

  23. I feel imli has a soft corner fr suraj…or may be she s his keep….. Coz d way he said I all reward u with my own hands,I felt odd and even imli’s behavior was bit odd.

  24. Seems like imli is in love with sooraj.bcz she was so shy whn sooraj told her he will give her inaam .hope so .if sooraj falls in love with chakor then the next will be a love triangle btw these three

  25. Plzzz unite chakor and vivan

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