Udaan 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Baa stopping Chakor and asking her to sit there. She asks Vivaan to be with Chakor and goes to see the fire. Girja says she won’t stay here and leaves. All the villagers leave. Tejaswini say all villagers will leave Chakor alone and Manohar’s goons will kidnap her and bring her to her true place. Bhaiya ji laughs and says stable. Manohar and his goons come there to take Chakor. The villagers try to extinguish the fire.

Imli cries and tells Chakor what to do, as everything is burning. Chakor asks her not to cry as everything will be fine. She gives her bucket and asks her to take it to Kasturi. She asks Vivaan to take Imli. Chakor prays to Lord to save villagers. Manohar comes and says yes, fire will be put off and village will be saved, tell me who will come to save

you from us. Sheru barks.

Vivaan tells Baa that Sheru is there with Chakor, nothing will happen to her. Sheru runs away and Manohar asks Chakor now what will you do. He says its time to take you to your real place, the stable and laughs. Chakor says she is on hunger strike, anyone can come to help her. He recalls Vivaan’s anger. She says even if you take me, I will sit in stable and be on hunger strike, till Bhaiya ji does not give us education. Manohar gets angry and says enough, now we will not take her to haveli, I will kill her.

Sheru goes to Vivaan and pulls him. Baa says Chakor maybe ion problem. Manohar puts kerosene around Chakor and Lakhan asks what is he doing, she is little girl. Manohar says now I can’t stop, and says that fire was a reason, real fire will be now. Lakhan says no, stop, she is small. Manohar scolds Lakhan and asks Chakor to recall anyone in her last time.

He takes the fire and ignites on the kerosene round. Chakor gets inside the fire round. Lakhan is shocked. Manohar smioles. Sheru, Vivaan and Baa come there. They are shocked. Manohar asks Vivaan to move back. Vivaan says I have to go to Chakor and jumps inside the fire round. Baa calls for help. Manohar starts crying calling Vivaan’s name. Lakhan stops him. The goons start putting water to put off the fire. The villagers come and see Chakor and Vivaan. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry. Manohar says save my son, bring water.

All villagers also put the water. The fire is out off and Manohar hugs Vivaan. Kasturi asks Chakor is she fine and hugs her. Manohar asks is he fine. Vivaan says I m fine. Manohar says you scared me. Manohar says lets go home Vivaan and tells Chakor that she is wasting everyone’ time in this, as Bhaiya ji will not agree to her any demand. He says he won’t care if you die. Vivaan says but he will care if I die. Manohar says I will slap you. Vivaan says I will be on hunger strike with Chakor till I die or Bhaiya ji agrees to give education. Baa smiles.

Manohar comes to haveli and tells Bhaiya ji about Vivaan and he could not harm Chakor because of him. He says Amma came in between. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Baa is proud of Vivaan. Vivaan holds Chakor’s hand. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………..plays…………….

Baa asks the men to support their wives in the hunger strike. Bhuvan says Chakor won over them and supports her. All the men join Chakor and their wives in the Satyagrah.

Update Credit to: Amena

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