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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to come to room and sleep. She cries and says I know why Vivaan left me. Suraj recalls his words to Chakor. He says I told all that as I was drunk and angry. She says today I m angry. He holds her. She says see I m drunk also. She cries and says I want to cry today, I want to speak out my heart. He says fine, I m there, tell me, I m listening. She hugs him and cries. She says Vivaan left me as I m not like Imli or other girls, I can’t become good wife and good bahu. Suraj says its nonsense, those girls will say they want to become like Chakor, Imli was jealous of you. She says lie, I was jealous of Imli, I could not become like her, Vivaan and you loved Imli, no one liked me, no one cared for me, everyone likes simple girls like Imli, who will like me, who

wants to fly in sky, you would be sad to get me in your fate, but I like to fight with you. She hugs him.

She says atleast while fighting, you pay attention to me, I don’t like silent home. She falls asleep. He holds her and sees she slept. He lifts her. She says shall I say something. He says yes. She says I…. He asks what. He takes her to room and makes her rest on the bed. She holds his hand and stops him. He sits by her side. He recalls her words and says Vivaan is unlucky, he thinks he got Imli, truth is he lost you, I have hurt you a lot Chakor, but I know you hate me a lot, even then you did a lot to save my life, I think if you can do this with one you hate, what will you do for one you love, and guys never like simple girls, some guys like girls like you too. He smiles and holds her face.

He says I never said before because of my self esteem, I will say now, I m sorry Chakor. He goes to sleep. Chakor opens eyes and smiles seeing him.

Its morning, Chakor wakes up and holds head. She says did Suraj add sleeping pill in the juice. Vivaan tells Imli that media has come to take to Chakor, I can’t stop them. Imli says this had to happen, don’t know Chakor is in that state to give interview or not. Vivaan says I will not go office. Imli says you go, I will manage, I wish Suraj was here. Suraj comes and says I m here. Suraj goes to Chakor and holds her hand asking her to come. She asks where. He says media has come, they want to meet you. She thinks of media.

She says I will not go, what will I tell them, you tell them I m unwell. He says no use to hide in room, you are true, then say truth, it dies not matter if they don’t believe, come. She says don’t take me. Suraj takes her and tells Chakor’s victorious records in marathons across many cities. He says Chakor has great records, she has won many races, even when she had no shoes and did not get water to drink, its shame that she is blamed of drugs, its insult of sports association. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is right, all blames on Chakor is wrong, she never took drugs. The man says maybe she has won always by drugs.

Bhaiya ji asks what nonsense, you have to prove truth, did you find out about drug report. Chakor and Suraj get surprised seeing him defending Chakor. Bhaiya ji says the reports submitted to sports commission is not of Chakor. They all get shocked. He shows the real reports and says its all negative, see these reports, Chakor is country’s pride, are you blaming Chakor, check the reports. Chakor and Suraj also check reports.

He asks media to leave and not trouble Suraj and Chakor. Reporters apologize and call Chakor lucky girl to get loving father in law. Media leaves. Chakor asks whats your new game, why are you doing this. Ragini says what happened to Papa. Ranjana says he has left a good chance. Imli says its his plan to help you. Suraj thinks why will Bhaiya ji help Chakor, there is a plan. Chakor thinks of Bhaiya ji’s past deeds and thinks its his big plan, I should not trust him.

Bhaiya ji says this is beginning of my game. Suraj asks what do you mean. Bhaiya ji says I don’t forget and forgive anyone. Chakor says these reports are real ones, Bhaiya ji is playing a game with us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. love u sukor…….east or west SuKor is the best.No doubt…..love u guys ..

    1. Love u sukorB-)B-)B-)B-)B-)B-)

  2. Hi, am new here. Can I join this group? I just love sukor, nd i mssed today’s episode. Bt thnku sooo much for d fast update….l

    1. Wlcm.. am also new.. jst joined the prev week!!! Sukor is so adorable, noone can stop loving them!!! Aint it??

      1. Thnk u dr…, Ur rght Titli none can stop loving sukor , they r awesome….

      2. Thank u dr… U r right no one can stop loving sukor.. They are awesome.. nd where are you from??

  3. Both love each other!!! OMG Suraj confess it fast!!! Love you both.. finest epi!!! Rocking.. the way suraj said.. totally inside the charcter!! Spellbound acting!!!

  4. today episode is simply amazing!!!!i can’t believe both suraj and chakor first time talked fully open heart..??they shared what the things inside their heart that is not shared with anyone…??
    when coming to suraj first i remember in one epi!!!he made chakor fall in his leg for as ashirvad…chakor is very hurt…after her marriage…but today he itself taking care of her and caring her in his arms and most important he itself removed her sandels.??(it shows how much he changed and care about her )?
    then chakor told about vivaan left her because she is not like imli…but suraj told correct about vivaan lost her..guys doesn’t like simple girls….(suraj admires chakor,even vivaan doesn’t admire her like this as suraj)
    when chakor told the she likes to fight with him ??and she doesn’t like silent home and important thing is she fighting because suraj will pay attention to her??(she wants suraj to pay attention to her always)☺?when she told about she wants suraj attention at the end suraj smile is simply amazing… ??she wants him to care for her always..???.
    she asked the right question of everybody vivaan,suraj loves imli and no one cares for her..i really felt bad for her?,this makes me emotional(thus she simply fight suraj thus makes her happy i think)????
    i loved when suraj told and absolutely understand her more than vivaan she can help person even she hates him and she will do anything for the one she loves which is not possible for all girls…
    when suraj said sorry when chakor was unconscious i loved the way suraj talked to her and asked sorry..?and she didn’t leave his hand..??
    when he moved from her place and she wake up and smiles i loved that scene.??
    i loved how suraj hold chakor hand and drag her towards media and supports her(he also do anything for her??)i love with sukor totally incredible and unique pair they are….????
    i have doubt will chakor able to remember what happen in the night r not because both of shared openly their hearts out….??i really want chakor to remember that…??
    waiting for next episode!!!!!!??

  5. The part of sukor was best…i love sukor…..

  6. what an episode……. love you sukor.. you both are really awesome..loved suraj’s confession. both really love each other but didnt realised yet. when suraj says that some guys like girls like you and the smile in his face i was like aaaawwwww.. suraj love you so much. Really you changed a lot.. thanks to chakor. and chakors emotional dialogues i feel really pitty on her.. dont worry chakor there is one man who always there with u to take care of you, to fight with you,to love you its none other than our dear suraj. suraj is right vivaan is really unlucky to lose you but its good for him(suraj) that he got you. anyway it was a nice episode . Eagerly looking forward to future episode But guys what happened to thr fanfictions? its not there since last few weeks.. im a regular viewer of i will always love you and love you sukor, you are mine but there is no sukor ff s nowdays. what happened to it??

  7. Wlcm shalu? and sukor rockss in today epi ?and i also noticed one thing when chakor said to suraj that he also used to loved imli he feels ambrassed? and even also said that imli was jealous of you and last he said vivaan is unlucky he lost u and has imli ?which means he also dnt have any space in his heart and even dnt proud on himself as he was also in love with imli before? but now he only cares about is chakor ?and i think chakor was going to say i love u to suraj ?and he too was asking her what? but she smiles?., i think tomo suraj will throw party for chakor?

  8. ShinyGeorge

    Hi Amy I like ur comment
    They r very very best ???

  9. Awesome episode…..loved each and every bit of the episode really I have no words to say…god!!!but of them almost confessed their feelings,I loved when he caressed her cheek….best part is chakor listened his words and when told sorry I felt it touching
    And the superb part is while Suraj bringing her down says about records,I wasn’t able to believe my eyes that is he our Suraj babu?and the last part conversation between Ragini and ranjana,,imli and chakor and Suraj thoughts I felt like running commentary on kn?
    But the episode was masth..??

  10. Shailu welcome to udaan family

  11. But suraj and imli shouldn’t have separated vivaan and chakor……ofcourse sukor is hot…and I love them…..but viv_anchakor……….vivan lost voice when he was chakor in bomb incidence…..chakor was almost dead to get vivan out of drugs….was DAT jus frnship….?????? Certainly isn’t…..vivan chakor separation is my latest part of this serial

    1. Then go somewhere else if you want boring ViKor go watch ETRETR

    2. They didnt separate them …it was their destiny …in ur life anyyhing can happen … if u lose someone or something then u shouldnt regret or something u should think that it was better …what happens ..what has happend ..n what is the happening its better for u …if u get something that was better for u ..if u dont get something thats also better for u n if u get what is bad that it must b ur exam that how much u can tolerate or bear ….b good, good will happen to u ……suraj changed jst bcoz of his own wisdom n thinking it was he who became able to differentiate btw wrong n right ….bt kn did not change bcoz he knows he is wrong bt still he is doing same things instead of knowing that this is wrong n the man who knows that he or she is wrong bt still he or she does same thing then it means they r mindless wisdomless thoughtless

    3. Sihana U r wrong!! See Vivaan and Chakor were just not destined to be together. There is a saying, ” first love never lasts” That’s what happened. Vivaan loved Chakor but he lost his feelings for her when she broke his heart at the criss-cross marriage…N the one to mend his wounds was Imli who faced the very same thing n cud emphasize with him. Thus, he started caring for her n imli for him, n quickly fell for each other….But Chakor though hurt, she knew about the situation n kept loving vivaan, while Suraj was in denial and realized his love too late…
      Now see how the fate works…both Suraj and Chakor had one sided love, n were heart broken, both cud now emphasize n care for each other…N see they r falling in love too…
      In the end, what matters is who stays with u, when u r in pieces…

  12. Is suraj really going to be a bandhua according to up coming track? Can any one answer

  13. Suraj payed attention to chakor.. it proves he loves to hear her voice, her talks.. he cares for her.. he loves her every bit.. her smile.. he always adores it.. he cannot tolerate her tears never.. he regrets loving imli, it is clearly shown in his eyes.. suraj himself is not so simple to long for a simple wife.. he is extraordinary nd his wife is also extraordinary..
    When he says that if she does so much for a guy whom she hates dn what she ll do for the one whom she loves.. umm jealous haa.. he wants to be that guy..
    He supports her so much yaar, baas pucho maat.. he s always dere, he wont let anyone blame his chakor for any damn reason.. he s a true husband, who trusts his wife more than anything else!!! I jst love this pair, nd wish my future husband to be lyk suraj!!!! Cute, sweet, nd cuddly pair..

    1. Nuramy1997

      Agree….I also hope i also get husband like suraj

    2. hmmm I also want husband like Suraj

  14. Very unique concept of udaan i must say.. not a typical saas bahu type drama.. basically melodrama.. where new villains get added unnecesarily.. i mean seriously.. this serial has a great concept!!! Nd i must say if typical saas bahu serials lyk balika vadhu nd uttaran can cross 1500 epis.. dn i must say this serial deserves to cross 2500 epis.. agree?? I feel it shud be endless, not possible though.. bt still a dream is a dream..

    1. Srry to balika vadhu nd uttaran fans, i am really sorry to hurt u all.. pls pardon me!!!

  15. Cuteprincess

    guys did someone notice a dead snake near the place chakor was sitting…

    1. Cuteprincess

      or was it a misunderstanding from my side….

      1. There was something suspicious, black….. could not figure out but did notice.

      2. Amrutha

        It’s a cloth I guess that suraj used to clean chakor’s wound.

    2. It was chains,do you remember that day kn was making a man to stand against a rod tied with chains,on that time Suraj comes there and ranjana covers the chains with grass.by showing that CVs are indirectly giving us hints about future track

      1. Oh yes, sia that resembles chain. I am not prepared to see Suraj being tortured. Come on Chakor, there is something fishy going on here. Stop this!!

      2. Even me too subi but the actual concept of udaan is about banduagiri and there is nothing new for us as villagers are banduas since the show started. To spice up the show they are going to make ML as bandua as FL suffered upto now a lot

        I’m more bothering about Suraj’s feelings rather than anything else now bcz how could he digest the fact,how could he live in tabaali,how could he work like other people bcz he is Suraj….suraj rajvanshi

    3. Hii cuteprincess. It is not a snake. They are bandhua bediya. I think you did not watch the episode when Chakor went to the bus stop to go Delhi without informing suraj. In that episode KN hide those bediya for suraj.

      1. Cuteprincess

        thanks dear…now I got it..

  16. Amena u missed the first part of the serial a bit!!! I jst now watched it on voot..
    The epi starts with suraj asking whether they r gonna get separated. Chakor tries to reply bt gets her hand cut. Suraj being worried for her small cut, rushes to bring medicines bt chakor forces him not to leave her alone. Dn suraj takes out his handkerchief nd cleans her wound. Chakor on seeing it says that suraj never held her hand so softly, she felt as if a friend is holding her hand and not an enemy. And she rests her head on suraj’s shoulder..
    U knw this scene was so adorable!!! Chakor was luking too cute to be cuddled!!
    Nd suraj’s that cunning smirk, famous smile.. o my god, like seriously, how can one look so hot, dashing nd perfect!!!

  17. Today’s episode was very emotional and heart-touching. Chakor poured out her inner feeling. Aww. poor Chakor really felt sad for her. She was really devastated when love of her life, her husband fell for Imli. Everytime she made it clear she was not jealous of Imli for Vivaan. It was from Suraj she seeked attention and got it through small fights. She did feel special when Suraj treated her delicately for the first time. Loved the way Suraj consoled her. Yes, Chakor you are the inspiration for many girls. They dream to become like you. And Suraj is very lucky to have you in his life. Please donot feel so low, situation may be harsh, it will too pass with time. Today, everyone is so envious of Chakor having true soulmate like Suraj. He had the guts to apologize to her. And she was not asleep. The best part was Suraj supporting Chakor to face the media as she was with truth and so was he. Suraj advocating Chakor’s performance in her past races stole the show.

  18. epi was fantabulous sukor was superb

  19. epi was fantabulous sukor was superb

  20. I think that team udaan is showing more sukor scenes now a days because in upcoming episode the track is going to change

  21. Superb episode.When i thought about the old sukor i become surprised.Really they are changed alot day by day.

  22. Wonder if we are going to have a track with them constantly thinking about and imagining each other due to their separation through KN. KN wants to keep Suraj as a prisoner tied to a pole for him to torture. I know Suraj has a lot to atone for but I doubt we’d be able to take KN abusing our bad boy. Hopefully this separation track leads to them realizing that they love each other, though I am pretty sure that Chakor was about to admit her feelings before she fell asleep. Would be nice to have more scenes like that, except with Chakor giving Suraj a rough time – like Kajol and SRK in DDLJ when she got drunk….

  23. I can’t come here for commenting here for the last episodes.
    I am so excited to watch udaan and day by day it’s getting so much interesting to watch it and I firstly watched biggboss for our SUKOR.Even though colors try to concentrateore on other celebrities(My opinion on watching) SUKOR was best according to me.Rubina’s dialogues,mouni flirting with salman sir was somewhat over,but sukor maintained good manners.The pics and videos of this epi of bb in fb,insta and Twitter’s comment were full of SUKOR fans.It showed the power of we sukorians .Omg I am writing these all when I am having my exam….Hai angel did ur exam got over

    1. Sorry it’s concentrate more

  24. Great episode. The best part was when thy r expressing their feelings, loved it. Sukor u guys nailed it. It was heart touching.evn I feel tht thy r gonna give bandua track cz more of sukor scenes. Bt I can’t imagine suraj as bandua. Hopefully to see more sukor scenes, thnx a lot udaan team, u guys r doing great job along with sukor

  25. emotional episode! great work team udaan, I know this is just a serial but i am totally attached with Sukor, ans suraj real time wife Preeti is so lucky to having husband like suraj

  26. Great work by VJ and meera in today’s episode…you guys nailed it
    i had tears in my eyes when chakor said”tum aur vivaan dono imli se pyaar karte the kisi ne hamre baare mein nai socha”
    I actually wait for udaan episode to air ..so i can sit and watch our Sukor

  27. Guys kn and Ragini are planning to make Suraj bandua and Vivaan a servent,kn is after Suraj and Ragini is after Vivaan and sukor are trying their best to escape from Haveli

  28. where is the fan fiction…. plz write guyz…all of the ff was great…I was a silent reader of those…plz um waiting…. write as soon as possible

  29. chakor was right… why every body love imli not chakor??? but I really want aditya back to realize suraj he loves chakor…nd vivan what he lost….nd imli should also do something coz its udaan not typical sas bahu serial….she also have to fly….like a good shooter who can work for county to win shooting games…. what do u guyz thing… plz udaan team think about this

  30. what are u guys think about this suggestion coz we don’t want this lovey dovey vimli. . .. imli should also take part shooting coz it is the only thing by whom she can build her career….

  31. eagerly waiting for sukor confession

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