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The Episode starts with a jail warden giving a phone to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji thanks him for help and says once I go out of here, I will pay for your favors. He calls Ragini. She says I m very happy, I have to give you good news, I won villagers’ trust. He gets glad and says I m proud that you are my daughter, tell me did that traitor Suraj do anything. She says no, he did not shout on me, you say silence is dangerous than voice, Chakor is very clever and she is with Suraj, if they unite, it will be problem. Bhaiya ji says the one who attacks first wins, I m proud of you, you are my blood. He ends call.

She says Suraj and Chakor got doubt on me, I have to be careful. Suraj cancels contract and tells Chakor that he won’t listen, I think you taught this to Ragini, till when will you both stop me.

She says I did not tell Ragini, I could not stop you, Ragini got all necessary needs for villagers, I m happy, Chagan said Ragini did this planning two days before, she knew I wanted to save villagers, why did she not tell me, she could have saved them before, she came today, I felt she is waiting for right time, we should think, how did she defuse bomb so easily, we should know her past, else she will become mystery for us. He says for the first time, I feel you are right, Ragini came to spoil my work, I have to find out with whom she was for 10 years.

Bijli comes and asks them to come, Imli did raksha bandhan arrangements. Chakor says we will come. Suraj says I won’t come, Ragini did this and made me her enemy. Chakor says Ragini should not know this, you find out but don’t show her, you should play this game with her, which she is playing with you. He says I regret to say, I have to agree to you.

Imli surprises Ragini with the celebrations. Ragini thanks her and says I missed my brothers on raksha bandhan, more than Maa. Vivaan says tie rakhi to us soon. Ranjana says yes, Vivaan used to take care of you a lot, tie rakhi to him first. Ragini ties rakhi to Vivaan and thanks him for help to get things for villagers, now I will open factory and help villagers. He says I have Bhaiya ji’s money, I will use it for villagers. Suraj says it means they both did this. Chakor asks Suraj to control his anger. She asks Ragini did she not trust her to tell her. Imli says we can talk later, Ragini tie rakhi to Suraj now. Chakor asks Suraj did he get gift for Ragini, its fine he can get later. Ragini takes rakhi to tie to his hand. He gets angry and goes.

Servant calls Suraj that Ragini came to Azaadgunj 15 days before coming to haveli, she visited Sitapur jail many times, even yesterday. Suraj looks at her.

Chakor asks what happened. Suraj tells Chakor about Ragini, she meets someone in Sitapur jail. Ranjana thinks I m going mad seeing my son getting away, I have to show some madness now. She goes. Suraj says I will ask Ragini. Chakor says no, Ragini will get alert, go and get rakhi tied. He sits to get rakhi tied. Bijli tells them that Ranjana is giving her life. they all get shocked and rush to Ranjana. Tejaswini says this can’t happen that Ranjana kills herself.

Ranjana acts to commit suicide. Everyone ask her to stop. Ranjana says go, I will die. Vivaan opens the door. Tejaswini thinks whats this acting. Ranjana says I will die. Vivaan says Maa, just come, this is not a solution. She smiles. She says you started talking to me, I promise I won’t repeat my mistake. Imli says I assure you, Vivaan will talk to you, you promise you will not do this. She asks Vivaan to tell Ranjana that he will talk to her. Vivaan says fine, but trusting her won’t be easy. Ranjana hugs him and thinks I will win your trust and make Imli away from you.

Suraj asks Chakor why did she stop him, he would have made Ragini speak truth. She says its good you did not ask Ragini, and nothing happened to Ranjana. He says its good that I did not get rakhi tied by Ragini, she is my enemy, I feel she is doing big planning to win villagers’ trust. She says yes, we have to think what will be her next plan, why was the bomb planted and who did this, did Ragini knew this, is that man behind this, whom Ragini meets in jail.

He says you are saying truth, I have to find out, its necessary to know whom she meets, I told her not to cut my way, even then she provoked villagers against me, she did not do right. She asks him to find Sitapur jail secret, before she plans something big, strange time that we are working together, but our motives are different, you want to make villagers bandhua and I want to get them free. He says yes, but I did not forget you are my enemy, I will not let you forget this.

Its morning, Imli asks Vivaan where is he going. He says I m going to help Ragini in setting factory for villagers. She ties her hair and says its good you are doing this work, which Chakor could not do. He loosens her hair and says leave hair open, it suits you. He smiles and goes. She smiles. Imli feels pain and Suraj sees her. Vivaan comes back and gets worried for Imli. She says I m fine, your child is very naughty, he kicked me, see. She makes Vivaan feel the baby’s kick. They laugh. Suraj yearns to feel his child and gets sad.

Ragini asks Kasturi and Bhuvan to open factory door. Vivaan tells Chakor that you can’t see people praising Ragini. Chakor says you don’t know her. He says enough, I can’t hear a word against my sister.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  10. fan fiction ka 2nd part kab aayega

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