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The Episode starts with Vivaan stopping Chakor. She asks him to leave her hand and let her go. She says there is nothing between us. He asks really, then why do you worry for me. She says you are my friend, that’s why. He asks to whom are you cheating, yourself or me, we are not kids now, we can see emotions in eyes, will you still say same that we were friends and our relation ended. She sees the bandhua stamp on her head and recalls her promise to Dadi. She moves away and says I have no time to love Vivaan. She leaves. She goes away and cries. She says I don’t have time for anyone, I have to free people. Vivaan says she has no time to love, but she loves me. They stand in rain.

Chakor comes home and recalls Vivaan’s words. She gets restless and cries. She shuts her ears to stop hearing Vivaan’s

voice. Its morning, Chakor wakes up and goes out. She smiles seeing Aditya. She recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and tells the kids to go home, none has seen Aditya. Aditya says Bhaiya ji invited me here, he has called many media reporters. She asks why. He says don’t know, he wants to keep some press conference. She says whats this new plan now.

Suraj asks Bhaiya ji his plan. Bhaiya ji says I started to make Chakor race again. Suraj asks do I have to win your trust again. Vivaan greets Bhaiya ji and says its good day. Suraj asks do you know difference between day and night, I have to talk to Papa. Vivaan says I came to ask can I come to attend press conference. Ranjana looks on. Suraj asks Vivaan to go to room. Bhaiya ji says its time to join broken relations. Suraj asks what are you saying, will you take Vivaan, he will say nonsense and spoil work. Bhaiya ji says then you take care of him, you are his brother, you want to win my trust, do the work I gave you, then I will think. He goes.

Everyone attend the press conference. Suraj tries to scare Vivaan. Bhaiya ji welcomes everyone in the press conference and says you all know Chakor has lost in recent marathon race. Chakor comes there. Bhaiya ji says we regret, when CM came here, I told him that I could not sleep for four nights, govt decided to keep race again, the country wants Chakor to win, I arranged a training camp and invited an international coach Kabir Rathod, he is marathon runner, he will train Chakor and other kids about marathon race, I did a lot for Chakor, and her victory is in her hands now. Everyone clap.

Chakor thinks whats his new plan. Vivaan sees her and smiles. He meets her. She asks what are you doing here, if Bhaiya ji and Suraj see you then.. Vivaan says I came with them, I m not lying, why are you scared, did you not have effect of any of my words, I will not leave without getting your answer. Chakor says let me go. He says I want answer. She asks what answer. He asks can I drop you to camp tomorrow. He says yes, its 15 mins way. She says no need, I will manage. Bhaiya ji looks at them. Aditya asks Chakor will she take part in this camp. She says yes, I m excited. Suraj asks Vivaan what is he doing here. Vivaan says I came to hear Bhaiya ji’s press conference. Suraj asks him why did he move. Vivaan says its because of drugs which Tejaswini gives me. He smiles and leaves.

Bhaiya ji comes to Suraj. Suraj is annoyed. Bhaiya ji says if you help enemies then.. Suraj says I did mistake, forgive me. Bhaiya ji says fine, you are my son. He tells his plan about Chakor, if we have to control her, then training camp is right place. He tells the plan and Suraj smiles.

Aditya says don’t know why is Bhaiya ji doing this, the coach is really good, there is a girl who will give you tough competition, she is taking part this race, her name is Tina. He asks why is she worried. She says Vivaan, I was thinking of his drugs addiction, I will not meet him, this camp is good for me, I will be away from him. he asks are you going in camp to be away from him. She says no, national marathon is necessary, I have to go to camp to win the race. She goes. Bhaiya ji says no one will help her this time. Suraj says this time she will lose by your plan, cheers, sorry not now, and hugs Bhaiya ji. They smile. Bhaiya ji thinks Chakor will not be saved by my plan.

Chakor takes the bus to the camp, and leaves. She asks driver to stop, others have to get on the bus, are you kidnapping me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In the video vivan was driving the bus n horrifying chakor…….guys wait 4 2morrow’s epi………….

  2. today’s epi was so cute vivaan acts so good that he loves chakor but chakor dosent react at all .chavan scenes were good .suraj is just not fit for chakor .

    1. am agree with u. chavan is cute.not charaj.

    2. Sree Nandana S

      ya…chakor 2 lovs hm…..

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