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The Episode starts with Tejaswini telling Suraj that she also regrets to lose the baby, I was worried that baby will be called illegitimate, but when Imli started living here, I also fell in love with the baby, he was your blood, I was dreaming that a small baby will play in our haveli, what can we do, maybe Lord wanted something else. He hugs her and says that unborn child was your grandson, doctor told me he was my son. They cry. Ranjana comes there and looks on. Tejaswini says manage yourself, Chakor and Vivaan are getting Imli home, if they see you like this, it won’t look good. Tejaswini goes.

Ranjana keeps divorce papers there and tells Suraj that I also worry for the baby’s unfortunate death, I don’t understand why do you want to give divorce to Chakor, I mean let some time pass,

this time is not right. He asks divorce, what are you saying. She asks don’t you know, these papers…… I saw these papers. Suraj checks divorce papers. She says maybe Chakor kept, if you did not, Chakor wanted to leave this haveli, you give her divorce, meaningless relation is a burden. She says I have to welcome Imli and goes.

Imli comes home and sees the toys and cradle in the room. Vivaan says I arranged this for our would be baby, I will remove everything now. Imli says let it be and cries. Ranjana asks her to take some rest. Imli cries and hugs Chakor. She asks Vivaan why did he save her. She takes Suraj’s name, and Vivaan stops. Imli asks Chakor does Suraj know this. Vivaan leaves. Chakor says I can understand your pain, even I was so happy to become Maasi of the small baby, I had many dreams, but we both have faced all situations bravely, Imli is a fighter who fought with all sorrows and will fight again, you are lucky to get Vivaan’s love. Chakor asks Imli did she tell her feelings to Vivaan on that day. Imli says no, I don’t think I can tell him, now my baby is not there, baby was link between us. Chakor thinks Vivaan loves you, so he loved your child. Suraj comes there.

Chakor and Ranjana have a talk in haveli. Ranjana says I know you are worried, Imli lost her baby and Suraj is giving you divorce. Chakor asks divorce? Ranjana says it means Suraj did not tell you, he was showing papers to Tejaswini, he is going right, I just want good for both you and Suraj. She asks Chakor to make soup for Imli and goes. Chakor says Suraj wants divorce from me, its fine, I can’t tie Suraj to me if I m afraid that Vivaan will get away from Imli.

Suraj asks Imli to take care of herself, take medicines on time. She says yes, did you come hospital, you did not meet me even once. He recalls their meet when she was unconscious. He says I have come, you were unconscious, I told you what I had to. She says I know you also loved the baby, you are also sorrowful. He says our child was a boy, our son…. She cries and asks what, our son, did you see him. He says no. She holds his hand and they both cry. Vivaan sees them and thinks it was their baby, why do I feel jealous seeing them together.

Chakor gets her finger cut while thinking. Suraj comes and asks what are you thinking, where is your focus and holds her hand. He gets her hand washed and asks what are you doing. She says I was making soup for Imli. He says you should have told a servant. She says servant does not know making soup as Imli likes. He says I will help and cuts garlic, saying I used to help mum, but dad gave gun in my hand, I did not forget cooking. She says I m ready to give you divorce, you have right to live your life, its imp that you get free of me. He says yes, we should take divorce, I tied you in this fake relation, you came haveli for Imli. Ranjana smiles and goes. Chakor says we will take divorce when Imli gets fine. He agrees. Ranjana informs Ragini that their work is done. Ragini says its imp to make Suraj lonely. Ranjana says this will happen soon.

Vivaan is on the way and thinks of Imli and Suraj holding hands and crying for their son. Imli sees the toys and says Vivaan got the toys as he loved my child, but now my child is no more. She thinks of Vivaan. She says Vivaan loved my child, not me, that’s why he did not come to meet me. She cries and sees her baby’s sonography reports. Vivaan stops the car and cries. He says why am I jealous, Imli is my wife but she was mother of Suraj’s child, why am I afraid to lose her, I don’t love her, why am I thinking this.

Vivaan comes home and sees Imlui sleeping. A toy comes in his way. He picks the teddy and recalls feeling baby kick. He says Imli will be in shock seeing these toys, doctor said Imli will be depressed for some days, how to help you Imli. He sits near the bed and cries saying how shall I share her sorrows, the more I came close to you, you will recall baby. Imli sees him and thinks will Vivaan be with me or not, as the baby has gone. They both cry.

Chakor sees the divorce papers and says I did not say my feelings to Vivaan, but I can tell my feelings to Suraj that I want divorce from him, even Suraj wants this, but if Vivaan thinks the same to give divorce to Imli then, I can’t let this happen. Udaan hai…………plays………… She says there is one way to stop Vivaan and Imli’s divorce, I have to tell Vivaan that Imli loves him. Imli thinks of her relation with Vivaan and cries.

Its morning, Imli sees Vivaan with the baby memories, and asks him not to do this, our baby won’t come back. He says I know, why do I need to hide my sorrow, why are you feeling bad. She says you never spoke to me angrily. She sees Chakor’s pic and says now I understand why you got angry. She goes. Vivaan says I have hurt Imli’s heart, she is upset already, why did I get angry, by seeing Suraj and Imli. He was seeing Imli’s pic, while Imli misunderstood him.

Chakor asks Suraj where did he go. He asks what right do you have to ask me, all rights will end after divorce. Chakor tells Bijli that she has no time to have breakfast. She says I have to tell Vivaan that Imli loves him, I have to do this for Imli’s happiness. Bijli sees cosmetics at the dressing table and takes the nail polish, asking can I take this one. Chakor goes. Bijli sees Chakor gone and says now when Chakor did not say anything, I will take this.

Imli cries and says I m a fool, Vivaan loved the baby, I thought he loved me, that’s why he turns away and sleeps these days and sees Chakor’s pics by hiding, Dadi said right, love is like a blessing which few get. She gets dizzy and slips. Suraj holds her in his arms. Vivaan comes and sees them. He says I came to say sorry, but Suraj is there to take care of Imli. Suraj asks Imli to take rest in her room. Chakor comes and asks Imli is she fine. Suraj says she needs rest, Chakor take her to room, I will go somewhere, Imli and Vivaan need each other, you will also go , who cares if I stay here or not, its better I stay away. He goes.

Chakor asks Imli where is Vivaan. Imli says he may have gone somewhere, he does not talk to me much these days, since my child went away, there is nothing left between me and Vivaan. Chakor thinks its happening as Vivaan does not know your feelings, once I tell him, everything will get fine. She asks Imli to think good, no need to worry for anything, trust me, I will make everything fine. Imli thinks no, this time its my turn to make everything fine.

Vivaan walks on the road, and says whats the use to think if I can’t change my fate lines, I will go and ask Imli if she wants to stay with me or not, maybe I can’t face truth. He sees Imli everywhere and gets puzzled. He says no, this can’t happen, I just loved one girl, that’s Chakor. Chakor comes there and looks for him. Heavy rain starts and people run to homes. Her umbrella flies. She sees Vivaan and walks to him, praying to Lord to help her so that she can convey Imli’s message to him. Chakor says I need to talk to you Vivaan, I have one way to sort the complicated relations, Imli started loving you, Imli wanted to say you before, that’s why she took you to river side that day, she could not tell you. Chakor holds him and says Imli loves you a lot, I think you also started loving her. He looks at her. Saware……..plays…………

Imli tells Vivaan that she is going Lucknow forever, I want to unite Chakor and Vivaan before I leave, if they don’t agree, then Imli will die for them forever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m so confused! Do vivaan and suraj both love imli?

  2. i like it when suraj cares for imli

  3. i like it when suraj cares for chakor

  4. 60 percent sukor and 40 percent vikor….

  5. i like it when suraj cares for chakor vivan also now loves so what is the vivan and chakor s love drama

  6. Sukor is final couple and its 100% and vivaan loves imli and he will stop her from leaving than vimli reunite but dnt know how sukor will come closer i mean in news its shown that suraj will tie every relation from chakor and leave her and chakor will be every happy

  7. Guys vikor ki sagai hone wali hai aage episodes main??

    1. How you kno0w that ?? :O

    2. Really…!!

    3. where did u see it angel ?

    4. Bt suraj will cancel the engmnt….and ge will say chakor is his wife…vivan is imli s hubby …..he take chakor wid him…and walk away from the function

    5. Angel r u happy now☺

  8. Okay so I watched the episode …I realized 3 things during sukor scenes..

    ( when ranjhana shows divorce papers to suraj and tells him that chakor might have arranged them ) Suraj’s expressions were worth watching…He was feeling mix emotions at that time..

    #2 When chaor cut herself suraj gets angry on her for being careless a litlle…Then he ask her why is she making soup ? ( Showing that she is His wife “Suraj rajvanshi’s ) and should have asked serevnts instead…

    #3 Suraj for the first time shared something about his childhood with chakor…and it was reflecting abit that he was’t bad at all his father made him like that..

    #4 when talking about divorce both were hesitating a little and were trying not to make eye contacts..:P

    #5 Chakor cared for him as well asking ( or more likely scolding ) him about his life other than drinking…

    #6 when suraj mentioned that chakor won’t have any right on him when they will get divorced…Chakor’s expressions were confusing and felt like she was paining inside…

  9. Very well said jasmene i m also thinking same thing too

  10. Hmmm wonder what CVs have planned. Vivaan loves Imli and Imli loves Vivaan. Vimli is 100% final. I think Sukor will only happen after Kamal Narayan returns. The news is sometimes false. I read that Suraj eill join Bhaiyaji again but i find that false. Chakor and Suraj are having such cute bonding moments… who else thinis the nailpolish bijli took is poisoned, probably planted by Ragini to kill Chakor

  11. This idiot Imli is the one forcing Chakor and Suraj to divorce. Imli’s character needs to go. Maybe we should start tweeting #NoMoreImli to these idiot CVs. Imli is like Orihime of this show if anyone has ever watched bleach, she is perfectly useless. Just watched the promo of Suraj wiping Chakor’s sindoor amd removing her mangalsutra. Perhaps she’ll willingly accept it later not sure right now. Apart from that Vikor can’t happen if Vivaan is in love with Imli that is just repeating the same storyline of marrying one sister and loving the other. Vivaan should just go away to Lucknow with Imli and botn of them should never come back.

  12. i have seen sbs on 18th it is showing suraj removing mangalsutra and wiping sindhoor . Chakor is telling to reporter that vivan aur chakor ka adhuri kahani puri hojyage. If it truly happens i dont watch the show i like sukor.

  13. Jasmene u r ryyyttt…..from sukor scenes their expressions is like they luv and care for each other.I noticed it from many scenessss…….now am sure that sukorrr… internally luvssss…..each other lotzzzzzzzz……

  14. I fell sad after know Sraj Childhod. No body became evil witahout bad education. Exspecially parents educated. Like KN who dont know to educate his son. Poor Suraj.

  15. SUKOR……………

  16. There feeling was showing there are loving each other. When chakor live and go then suraj release her love. Surah and chakor love track is only ?????????. Plzzzzzzzz……sukor love track we won’t. ????????

  17. I saw in t.v that chakor and Vivaan ring cermony is happening I am shocked I want sukor plz when Suraj will see this he will be very jealous and release his luv

  18. Now I saw when vikor endgame the will be happening Vivaan had. Start to love imli when he was yet to put ring in chakor’s finger than surj came and say that his and chakor divorce will happen till now she is a married woman and a married women can not marry a men (Vivaan ) Suraj holds chakor hand and take her inside the room .I think Suraj is doing this because of imli or he has started feeling for chakor

  19. Sorry guys it is engament

  20. I was read a spoiler.it said vivan refuses to accept chakor .i think he’ll realize his love to imli

  21. suraj will stop vikor’s engagement

  22. I saw spoiler .it said vivan refuses to accept chakor.that means vivan loves imli.he’ll be realizing his luv very soon

  23. Vikor engagement will happen but vivaan sees imli in place of chakor and suraj will come and stop the engagement by saying that chakor is still his wife and she is not divorse till now he stop this bcoz he wants vivaan and imli together

  24. Hey Angel and Riya, don’t worry cause Suraj will drag Chakor away as they have not been divorced yet and Vivaan will get engaged to Imli. Remember Suraj promised Imli that she will get Vivaan.

  25. Ya Guyz i aslo saw in TV that vikor was about to engage but sooraj comes like a hero n take her by holding her hand….I’m so happy to see this….As per as today’s episode, i hate it when imli holds sooraj’s hand n cried with him for their child….but luv it when sooraj cares for chakor….finally vivan will realize his luv for imli…

  26. Guys suraj ne enjagement sirf imli ke lia roki wo chakor or vivaan ko delhkar bilkul bhi jealous nai hua yeh pura week vivaan ki confusion imli ka rona dhona or chakor or suraj ki fight main hi jayega bcoz chakor suraj se gussa ho jayegi jab wo uski sagai rok dega

  27. Lekin Angel imli kyu sooraj se sagai rokne ke liye kahegi jab ki imli khud vikor ke sagai karwa rahe the na….arey kya confusions hai yaar….imli ka kya chakkar hai???

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