Udaan 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj comes to meet Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor telling her plan to add sleeping pills in guard’s food. Kavya gives her the pills. Preeti says we have no money, how will we go out. Chakor says don’t worry, Lord will protect us. Ranvijay comes and says I will also protect you. His mum asks did you come so soon. He asks are you not happy, get habitual now, I will stay at home and work, so that I can help in marriage arrangements. They say we can manage the work, you help the people who come to take your help in police station. He gets angry and throws things.

He says maybe you all don’t like my presence here, my marriage will be city’s best one, I have done all arrangements, see this. He shows the preparations done. He says I want all the things to happen by all rituals, my marriage won’t happen again and

again, I want my bride to look gorgeous, I believe in giving equal place to women, so Chakor can decide what she wants to wear, why do I feel you all are not happy for my marriage. He scares them and makes them laugh. He goes. Chakor looks on.

Imli asks Ranvijay how did Chakor agree to marry him. He asks can anyone refuse me. She says she will fly and get away. He says she can’t fly even if she wants. She says Chakor freed the people from Kamal Narayan, if Suraj meets her, they will be stronger. He says I can’t use police force to catch Suraj, when he knows about my and Chakor’s marriage, he will come to me, it will be our first and last meet. Imli ends call. Tejaswini says no one cares here, I will go and find Suraj. Imli stops her. She says I will go and file missing report. Tejaswini asks her to get Suraj back.

Ranvijay asks everyone to do arrangements. Chakor says marriage has much time. He says I m talking about diwali, its dhanteras today, its first diwali for Chakor and her coming baby. He says I will go and come soon, I hope you all don’t upset me. Chakor says I know you will torture your family, don’t worry, I won’t do anything to annoy you. He smiles and says you know what’s in my heart, you are sensible. He goes to buy things for Diwali. She puts water on puja items. She says what did this happen, it all got spoiled, I will come along and buy new items. He says try was good, I know what to get, else I will ask shopkeeper, take rest at home. He goes.

Kavya says he is always ahead. Chakor says if he is a cage for us, we will take it along and fly, we have to make such a plan that he gets helpless to take us out, till then we should do as he says, we will prepare for dhanteras. They see guards. Ranvijay’s mum asks Chakor to go alone. Chakor refuses. Ranvijay’s mum says he is Adharmi and you are Dharm’s Devi, it can’t be a pairing. Chakor says if Suraj was here, it would be so good. She imagines Suraj. He says we can’t celebrate diwali without each other. She thanks him for finding her and trusting her. She thanks him for always giving her happiness, for their child. He thanks her for her love, come. Kavya calls her. Her dream breaks. Chakor sees Ranvijay. She says I felt like Suraj came to give me diwali wishes.

Suraj says I will celebrate diwali with Chakor, I ]don’t care for my risk, she had saved my life in last diwali when Bhaiya ji wanted to kill me, its my duty to save Chakor and my child, I will get them out. Pakhi gives him good wishes.

Ranvijay scolds some people on call. He lights the diya and prays. He goes out to check the things. He talks to Imli and says I will check if Suraj came in labor’s disguise. He sends the things to storeroom. Chakor does the aarti. She sends Suraj and smiles. Mahiya….plays…. She sees Suraj and does aarti with him. Suraj disappears. She cries. Ranvijay says you have seen the gifts I got for your first diwali, so that you always remember this diwali. She says I don’t want your gifts, because you are marrying me forcibly, you can’t win my heart, you can never have a place in my heart, my heart beats for just one person, that’s my husband, I feel he has come here, he is around me. Suraj comes out of the box.

Kavya sees Suraj and shouts. She says that man has black color on his face Suraj hides. Ranvijay looks for him. Chakor thinks did Suraj come here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    hmm waiting for the reunion

  2. So finally Suraj is inside RV’s house, but the pace is too slow, Suraj could’ve entered the house last week. I’m disappointed that Suraj won’t free Chakor on Diwali

  3. Aleya.marzan

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    what a epi

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