Udaan 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Soham, Sunny and Tamasha taking away Chakor before Bhaiya ji sees her and Chunni together. Chunni runs to Bhaiya ji. Chakor asks them to leave her, she has to go to Kasturi. They tell her about Chunni. Chakor says what if Chunni tells Bhaiya ji that she did not do puja with Kasturi. Chunni talks to Bhaiya ji and sees him glad. She does not tell him anything and he lifts her happily. Sunny says Chunni is clever, she will not tell him. Kasturi comes and hugs Chunni. Chakor says she is not with her mum today.

Bhaiya ji says Kasturi you got fine, but I also helped, who got you here, I got you and Chakor, so I will take you back, villagers should know I m not devil, even I have a heart. Bhuvan gets drunk and says Kasturi will come with Chakor. The villagers complain to Dadi that

Bhuvan is begging and stealing for wine. Bhaiya ji comes there. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor and Kasturi to come. Everyone smile seeing Kasturi fine. Bhaiya ji asks Chunni to tell them what happened in Chath puja. Chunni says Chathi Maiyya made mum fine. They all get glad. Imli dances happily.

She runs and hugs Kasturi. Kasturi smiles. Kasturi says she got fine and its all their efforts. Bhaiya ji says Chakor did not make you fine. I took you and Chakor in chath puja, so you got fine. He says you all blamed me, and threw stones at me, I found Chakor and made Kasturi fine. Dadi thanks him. He says he took care of them as Lord does. Bhuvan says yes, you are our Lord. Chakor comes there as Choka, with her friends and sees Bhuvan saying Bhaiya ji ki jai. Bhuvan asks everyone to say, and also Lakhan. Lakhan asks Kishori to make tea for him and goes. Bhuvan touches Bhaiya ji’s feet and asks everyone to do the same. Chakor says Bhuvan is making everyone obey Bhaiya ji, he ruined all happiness. Sunny says I think your dad needs medicine. Soham says we will bring him on line. Chakor says fine, what about this lookalike. Soham says then we will send Chunni away.

Dadi thanks Bhaiya ji and says we want to do puja, and If Chakor comes, our family will get complete. Bhaiya ji says sure and asks Chunni will she go. Chunni says no I won’t. They all look at her. Chunni says I will come. Imli asks did she get mad. Chunni scolds her. Bhaiya ji gets worried seeing Chunni and Imli argue. Bhuvan asks Chakor to go to haveli. He says Bhaiya ji already did a lot. Bhaiya ji leaves with Chunni.

Imli tells Kasturi that Chakor changed, she was restless to go haveli, she never spoke to me badly. Dadi says Chakor is not ordinary, see how she made Kasturi fine. Kasturi says yes, Chakor made me fine by her prayers. Chakor comes to them as Choka. Kasturi looks at him. Imli says this is Choka, he saved you in diwali, as your pallu was burning, she made you have food and stopped you from going mental hospital. Kasturi cries and says she knows him, he is Choka. She hugs Choka/Chakor and smiles.

Dadi says its good Choka has come, as he is also a part of their family. Kasturi sees Daak Baba chunri falling on Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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