Udaan 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Bhuvan talking to Ishwar and saying blunt liners. He says I want to talk to Chakor. Ishwar senses something wrong and tells Abha. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini scare Bhuvan. Ishwar asks where is he now. Bhuvan says I want to talk to Chakor. Aditya and Chakor plan to disconnect the phone wire to distress Ishwar. Ishwar takes tension and explains Bhuvan. Imli and Chakor hear them talking and take phone. Chakor does not disconnect the wire. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to stop Imli, She scares Imli to tell Chakor to come back else she will put same stamp on her hand. Bhuvan requests Imli to say as they are saying. Imli calls Chakor back to Aazaadgunj.

Chakor says what will I do coming there as I will be caught again. She says I can’t come back, Ishwar will get fine and bring you all

here. She says she goes to school and he will get her admission done also. She tells what she felt by seeing the doll and how he ran in the race.

Imli claps for Chakor shocking Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini. Chakor says Ishwar said all stamps from everyone’s hand will disappear. Imli talks about food. Imli imagines herself and family as Bhaiya ji’s family. Chakor says she will make her dream true. Imli says we are fine here don’t worry. Tejaswini gets angry. Bhuvan scolds Imli for not telling as said. He says you have to stay here if Chakor does not come back. He asks can he stay here away from family. Imli says if Chakor comes, she will get caught here and she is there to erase all stamps. Bhaiya ji asks servant to drag Bhuvan and throw it out of gate. Girija catches Imli. Bhaiya ji asks servant to clean phone and he will call Ishwar Rawat as Tejaswini’s plan has failed. He says I will tell him that Imli is with us and he will send Chakor back. She stops him saying you are making his doubt more strong. She says she knows how to trap a crow in net.

Ishwar tells Abha that he found out the telephone number and it is of Bhaiya ji’s haveli. Abha asks were they talking from haveli. Ishwar says I feel they are in big trouble. Abha says Bhuvan would have told us, else Imli would have told us. Bhuvan tells Kasturi about Imli saying wrong things. Kasturi gets upset ad feels life as hell. Chakor plays with dry leaves doll and wants the doll to be with Imli as she has many people here. She says I m wasting my time and asks him to sleep. She says I have to study well and erase the stamp on my hand. Imli cries missing doll and Chakor.

The sisters think of old memories. Chakor sleeps smilingly while Imli sleeps with tears. Kasturi misses her daughters and cries. Abha comes to wake up Chakor to get her ready for school. Chakor opens her eyes and smiles. Abha says your time to go to school has come.

Chakor gets ready for school in the uniform. She opens the school gate and sees Lucknoww Public School board.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. well done chakor….

  2. Loving this kid. It seems she is little Ichchs’s (Sparsh) cousin. Awesome kiddo!!! Good job loving Chakor

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