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The Episode starts with Kasturi consoling and hugging Chakor. Chakor says I have one way now, I want divorce from Suraj. Kasturi and Tejaswini get shocked. Kasturi asks her to think well and decide. Chakor says I wanted love in my life and saw dreams, but now I m much tired. Kasturi asks her to rest in her lap. She sings a lullaby for Chakor. Chale Chakori….plays…. Chakor cries and recalls Suraj. She falls asleep.

Its morning, Chakor wakes up. Kasturi asks her to see her clothes, get ready. Chakor says no, I won’t go anywhere, if I see same questions in villagers’ eyes, I won’t have any answer. Kasturi says its Suraj and Imli’s mistake, they will ask them, not you, you have done this to save Suraj, its not your mistake, get ready now, your heart will feel good. Chakor agrees. She

goes with Bhuvan. Chagan asks Chakor to come in her small gun factory. He shows her gun making. The man asks Chagan how to fit the nozzle, our fingers are not able to do this. Pakhi’s dad says Pakhi helped us. The man asks will we make our kids do this work, will we take their help.

Chakor says this work is given to adults, but kids’ help is needed, this looks like a plan. She recalls Vivaan’s words and says Vivaan and Ragini have trapped you, they burnt old contracts to just show, if you don’t make guns, your children will be snatched. Chagan says we don’t agree.

Chakor says I wanted to stop you, you all did not listen, you should have thought this before. Lakhan says right, we should have agreed to you, but Suraj did mistake, he made us do this. Chagan asks her to say how to get out of this mess. Suraj asks why does life get me to this point, Chakor believes Vivaan’s report, if I say truth, how will I save Imli from defamation, how to tell Chakor that a lie to save someone’s respect is bigger than truth, Chakor forgot that I can’t leave her, Chakor is my heartbeat, how can I forget her, I have to hear her voice, else my breath will stop. He says I can’t call her, she made me a better person, how can I fall weak, I can’t move back, I have to fulfill my responsibility towards Imli, why is Chakor not calling me. He sees Chakor coming and says I knew you will come back, how can you forget me. She sees Suraj. Mahiya….plays….

Suraj thinks maybe she has seen my hidden goodness and came back forever. Suraj runs to meet her. Mere saathiya…..plays….. Suraj comes to her and says I knew you will come back, I had total faith in my love.

Suraj says you can’t be away from me. Chakor says I did not come to meet you. She calls the villagers. The lady asks Suraj why did he ruin Chakor’s life. Kishor asks Suraj to have shame, Kasturi and Tejaswini did not come because of her. Suraj says its our personal matter, we will solve this, you all have no right to say this. Lakhan says you gave us big greed, we did not hear Chakor to know contract, we all became bandhua again, even children got trapped, its because of you. Suraj gets shocked.

Suraj asks what are you all saying, what’s this Chakor. Chakor says I have to talk to Vivaan and Ragini first. Vivaan and Ragini come there. Vivaan asks why did they come here, go back and make guns to deliver on time. Chakor says you knew guns can’t be made without kids’ help, you cheated villagers. Vivaan says yes, I know, why will I care who makes the gun, I just want guns, I can’t spend much but I m paying everyone. Suraj asks what, guns can’t be made without kids. Pakhi’s dad says yes, kids’ slim fingers are needed to fit nozzle. Ragini says Suraj knew this. Suraj asks what, why are you lying. Vivaan says we told you everything. Suraj asks him to stop it. Chakor says your lie won’t turn true, if you can cheat me, you can cheat anyone.

Ragini says if you all don’t give us guns, we will snatch your children according to contract, better do work silently. Vivaan smiles. Ragini says what’s wrong if kids are helping parents, do the work. Chakor asks why are you playing with kids’ future. Ragini says we will get money.

Vivaan says your children will be seen working in haveli, better go and work. Suraj holds his collar angrily. Vivaan tells villagers that they will be punished, if Chakor and Suraj come this way. Chakor asks Suraj not to create more problems. Ragini says everything is clear now, you have to give kids if not guns, we will make kids work. Kishor says matter won’t get solved here. Suraj asks Chakor to listen. Chakor says I have no time to listen to a liar.

Suraj says Vivaan and Ragini are blaming me. Villagers do not listen to him. Suraj holds Chakor’s hand and asks how did you get hatred for me in your eyes, I can’t live without you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Todays episode was ok the villagers dont ever think for them self they love to blame one person and then run bk to chakor for help wen chakor was saying dont sign it its a plan to trap ur kids they didnt listen to her and they never do what are cvs doing to suraj character he now thinks imli respect is more important than his love cuz by protecting imli he is losing chakor chakor is heartbroken since suraj confessed it himself theres nothing more chakor can do how can chakor forget this and stay happy with living in the same bedroom were imli and suraj are suraj is not understanding chakor he does not understand why chakor is so fustrated she loved him alot helped him through the bundua track and protected him from kamal imli didnt him much then suraj explanation is that he couldnt see chakor die from seeing imli like this chakor has heen through so much battles in her life and imli matter is a misunderstanding which could have been cleared if imli listened to chakor she was right chakor even gave her a shelter and told her to stay thier until matters cool down so they can find out the truth but she ran away and angered every1 more and by suraj accepting the child this is a humiliating matter for chakor which is so shameful for her and how can suraj think that chakor will be protected if he accepts imli child he does not understand that he has broken her heart and has broken her trust and in the new olv the only reason chakor is impatient for the divorce is cuz chakor thinks she should listen to suraj one more time to see if suraj is lieing and then she sees imli and suraj imli is applying cream on his wound and thier heads bump and they laugh chakor is shattered seeing this and thinks imli suraj love each other and she is in thier way so she asks for a divorce i feel so sorry for chakor and suraj loves chakor so much but by doing this he don’t understand the pain chakor is going through he stil thinks that she is just upset

    1. The whole track is needless. If only they took DNA test, if only Imli stayed in Lucknow, if only Suraj talked with Chakor before his declaration, if only Imli didn’t promise Suraj to lie to Chakor, if only Suraj told Chakor the truth. CVs wanted to separate them and chose the worst track and shattered Chakor’s heart in the process.

    2. Hi guys. How r u?
      Epi was ok ok.

  2. Sukorian

    still not happy with this track n i do not watch. i cant comment…

  3. “I have to fulfill my responsibility towards Imli”….seriously suraj???what abt ur responsibility towards chakor???..u can go to hell suraj!!!and live their with your mistress imli…
    glad the audience doesn’t encourage such a stupid track..

    1. I think people associated with making Udaan live in a bubble…VJ in his tweet thanked audience for showering love on the character Suraj when he is being ‘good’…how is that ‘goodness’…Having such good husband is like a girl’s worst nightmare come true..

      1. That’s their biggest mistake, in their thinking suraj is correcting his past mistake by helping imli. They consider his sacrificing his love for chakor as a good thing. They completely ignore that he’s hurting chakor and that many see this as suraj loving imli more than chakor.

        Suraj’s character is the victim of the disconnect between CVs and the audience. My claim is they never intended to show that suraj doesn’t love chakor or still love imli, they wanted to show that he has changed and that when he is faced with a similar problem as the past, this time he’ll take the right decision. Unfortunately their idea of the right decision is different from theirs,

      2. True..which girl would want to have a husband who prefers his ex over his wife…its saddening that the actor is trying to justify his character but they are definitely getting fitting replies in the form of trp

  4. Demi sukor u r so right suraj is imli ur wife noooo shes not u have no responsibility towards her he practly just admited that imli respect is more important then his wife chakor and guys theres a new olv i think imli gets ill and suraj takes her to the hospital chakor is also their and suraj is really worried he asks if imli is fine and the doctor said she needs care look after her the doctor asks who is the father suraj says me and signs the papers and he said he will take alot of care for imli chakor cries and runs out as she couldnt bare this omd i cant believe suraj i cant wait for the new inspector atleast he will only love and care for chakor so far every1 has been concerned about imli first it was vivaan then it was suraj they take turns to takr care for her but chakor no1 is there for her at her tuff times shes always alone suraj u have failed miserably he is still blaming chakor saying she doesnt trust him does he think chakor is a godess that she will forgive for everything he just admited the worst mistake any1 can do in marrige whicb was to cheat on his wife with another women that was her sister and guys remember yesterdays episode wen imli begged chakor not to go and chakor asks her put urself in my place if me and vivasn did this what would u do then imli went silent and u could see the gulit on her face imli and suraj are both pissing me of im watching the serial for chakor and whats even more stupid is that suraj thinks by doing this he is protecting chakor suraj needs a wake up call he even went through a divorce this shows how much care suraj has for imli she is more important to him than chakor

    1. Suraj cares for the baby and not imli, Suraj keeps saying this because CVs want to stress this point. Unfortunately they keep showing Suraj with Imli which pisses people off. The reason why Suraj doesn’t tell Chakor the truth is lame, it just serves to increase the misunderstanding between them.

      Don’t forget that Suraj is suffering as much as Chakor and even more. He’s lost the love of his life who now hates him, he lost her trust to the degree that she believes he betrayed the villagers and everyone now hates him even his mother. Chakor has her parents, he has no one.

      Imli is the least to blame, she tried to make Suraj tell Chakor the truth, she lied to convince Chakor to stay. She feels guilty because she knows that her sister is suffering because of her. The reason she doesn’t tell her the truth is weak but this is a reflection on the bad plot and not her character.

      This track is a disaster especially for Suraj, but the blame shouldn’t be on Suraj’s character but on the CVs and their stupid plot.

  5. Why are they blaming Surj, he got trapped himself. Chkr should think about him once before accusing him. Surj seriously cant live without her.????
    Love the song Mahiya, makes u want to feel that they are made for each other. Rab ne bana di Jodi.
    Still going to miss their jungli billi and pakhandi wala jagar but know that they will get together 1day. And I don’t know y but I have a feeling that its going to be KN that brings them back together again, along with Teju.

    OMG! Its so not fair!!! Y do lovers have to seperate in May all the time. I never get a good birthday when it comes to Tv. 3 more days (until my birthday) and Chkr had already started hating our cute Surj.

    1. Sunny dear i respect ur opinion suraj loves chakor alot but what chakor is seeing suraj is not and its the misunderstandings chakor thinks suraj wants imli but he wants chakor and at the moment chakor is heartbroken and angry at suraj but she also loves suraj so much thats why she is so upset and angryand i also miss the jungli billi and pakhandi drama thats why i watch the past episdoes becoz these ones are so emotional

  6. I do agree with u Tippu, but try to think in Surj’s view as well. If Chkr actually trusted him them, even after he made dis confession, she would say dat ‘Surj u r lying and I wont agree to whatever u say as I know dat u only love me. U couldn’t see me begging like dat in front off everyone, so u accepted d baby. I know u. U will never do dis to me. I am d one who has changed u from a beast and saved u from banduagiri. My love IS true i know it is. So i know one day, u will say dat this was a lie. I have full faith in my love.’

    Sorry, got a bit too dramatic there, but she really should have said that.

    1. Sunny u r absolutely right i agree with u thats why in a spolier chakor has alot of trust in suraj and goes to the haveli to talk but she sees imli and suraj close and they were having a good time which made chakor think she is the obstruction of imli and suraj i think as the track will devlop chakor will start understanding why suraj is doing this she will get clues suraj is going through alot so is chakor even if she loves him she cant forget that he is the father of imli child in an olv chakor says to suraj that if he loves her then why isnt the child in her womb why is it in imli’s this track we will see how much chakor and suraj love each other after the divorce as the track will devlop and cvs r trying to show somthing diffrent this time the male protagonist is hiding the truth and the female protagonist is expressing her feelings and anger

    2. No offence sunny, what world do you live in? Your comment has made me really angry he said he is the father, she didn’t believe him until he convinced her yet for his own stupidity your trying to say indirectly that it’s chakors fault. Who on earth after their husband admits to betraying them would believe anything that comes out of their mouth, He humiliated her far worse then her begging for Imli. If a third person said Suraj betrayed you Chakor, yes I’d understand if she refuses to believe it but Suraj himself said it, no one forced him too. If after he said that to her and she supported him I and I’m sure most viewers would lose respect for her, we’d be calling her a doormat

    3. Sukorian

      nice but Honestly i understand chakor n her doubt on surajn he had the times to confess the truth but he didnt he hide it n protected imli again noble but y it was so hard to tell her truth even in secret she would have inderstand it n would be happy but now she is shattered n heartbroken we all know if some1 breaks ur heart u cant forgive even if the intention were good.

    4. Chakor is too hurt to think clearly, if she did she would notice that all he said when she made him swear is that he’ll be responsible for the baby and he didn’t say he’s the actual father.

      To be fair to Chakor, anyone in her place will have the same reaction. This track is meant to mirror what Chakor was going through right after the marriage swap.

      I’m sure they’ll be back together and after the pain of separation there will be happiness when they reunite

  7. Sukorian


    she trcked suraj to get him sign the divorce paper by putting a gun on her head.

    1. Im spechless chakor is really really upset i think after seeing the closness of suraj and imli she gets really fustrated and takes this step i hate seeing chakor upset

    2. Thanks for the link!

  8. plz can anyone tell wats dat song maahi ve maine tujko hi maangha kudha which film song
    plz tell I am new here

  9. Thanks for the update. Poor suraj now everybody hates him, even his mother. He’s baring thr consequences of one decision.

  10. She did WHAT??? Y does she want divorce so badly. She should at least try and understand him. I feel so bad for Surj, dat I just want to Cry ? so badly. ?????

    I also watch the old epis back to back cuz I love their jagra all the time. I always watch the one when he proposed to her, d one when she was drunk ?, the karva chauth one and the one when they end up in a village and have to act as proper couples infront of them. The funniest bit is when he makes a lion noise and when they both scream NOOO! after d old lady talks about 7 phera’s meaning. Dat was hilarious ?????

  11. Ya I know I am probably taking Surj’s side too much. But I really want chkr to trust him even though he made dis confession. Ye in dhono Ki pyaar Ki intehaan Tha. Surj was testing his love. And chkr failed it. She believed in what he said and just….. U know….. Finished it.

    I couldn’t watch f episode today but I saw what is going to happen tomorrow.i loved da bit when he said ‘ hum marjaingi tumhate bina

  12. I love imli nd suraj track I am completely enjoying it ? even I like Vivaan ?

  13. Hey everuone i knoe tis track is very emotional so i wrote a new ff plz guys check it out and comment on what you would like to see or think about thank u every1 for the support and guys il stop commenting for 2 weeks as my exam are hear wish me luck

    1. Best wishes for your exams tippu, we’ll miss you. The new ff isn’t up yet, but I’ll read it once it’s posted.

      1. Thank uu and i dont know why its taking time but i hope u and everyone enjoys it once it finally is up

  14. Sukorian

    me again I havent found a link or spoiler but if its true n vivaan finds out that he is the father of imlis child than he will go against ragini n will ask for forgiveness than i really think that maybe Imli will forgive him only when he brings Sukor back together bcz not only the lie of szraj also vivaans behaviour is the reaon of divorce afterall he is dragging them.

    1. Theres a new spolier that the villagers sign a new contract and the kids become bundua and ragini and vivaan earn alot of.money kamal sees the gun factory and does understand anything ragini is happy saying kamal could have only dreamed about all this money very soon ragni truth will be revelaed and vivaan will stop supporting ragini and he will realise his mistake ragini reign will come to an end wen vivasn leaves her spoliers indicate this will happen very soon

  15. Lovely episode.

  16. Yes nemo i agree cvs are dumb fine suraj said he is the father of the child but why r they showing these scenes of imli and suraj chakor is angry and cvs showing suraj and imli quiet close which makes chakor even angry cvs trying to show suraj changed but they choose the wrong plot to do this cuz now it looks like suraj cares more about imli respect rather than chakors feelings and nemo ur right suraj sasys he will give the child his name but he never said that he is the father cvs are hinting clues out but no1 will understand those clues and this time cvs and writers have made the female lead misunderstand and take the divorce cuz normally its the male lead thats angry and the female lead keeps her feelings and the truth in secret so we will see suraj accepting everything but he wont say a word and personally i think the most to blame for the whole thing is vivaan who trusted ragini he knows how evil they both are did he forget how easily ragini manipulated every1 but only chakor suspected her if he only listend and trusted chakor imli and suraj then this track wouldnt get dragged and the problem imli has caused for sukor is that imli chakor found her a shelter and told her to stay there until the matter gets cooled down so they can start to find out the truth imli ran away and went bk to the village all she got was humilation and abuse from vivaan chakor was shattered that no1 was helping imli so suraj says he will give the child his name so that the child has a shelter to live in cuz imli became homeless if she listened to chakor then sukor would have been together and that night she was acting really mad who would say they would shoot thier own father the problem is that i also feel sorry for suraj he has no1 but he brought it on to himself cuz the writers made him convience chakor he is the father so chakor is shattered whatever she will do is cuz of anger but no matter what is going on chakor will always love him like today when she saw him she got a feeling of happiness and suraj line was sweet that chakor is his heatbeat and he will stop breathing if he dont see chakor and nemo ur also right suraj only helping imli for the child i think suraj loves kids he got food cuz of pakhi through chakor and that changed him he has alot of affection for children and he dont want imli to lose her child but his whole relationship is at stake cuz of this i just want this tracl to end soon one thing is this is all ragini fault if she wouldnt pester vivaan and change his report then none of this usless buchwa track would happen the only sad thing is that it all started the day the confessed thier love and guys i miss kamal im sorry but ragini and vivaan are boring villains the bore me too much they aint good as kamal is

  17. Suraj’s behaviour n responsibility towards imli looks like love..cvs couldn’t put it properly..suraj doesn’t have proper n valid reason to accept imlis baby n betray lie to chakor. In suraj’s view what is the future of chakor, imli, her child n own suraj after this storm..no meaning. He himself confessed the lie of imli child by keeping hand on chakors head. In surajs tough time chakor supported him by all means but in her tough time he left n hurt her.
    Only one little mistake i think chakor made that she hurriedly take divorce, she should wait for some time to pass.. Everything is scattered n meaningless..

    1. The problem is CVs completely misjudged the track. They meant to make Suraj look like a hero and instead many now hate him. Chakor may be rushing with the divorce, but what can she do? Her husband is the father of her sister’s child and the only thing she can do is clear the way for them. It’s for her self respect.

      Do you think it’s rushed? This track is torture. They’re rushing the divorce to get to their new twist. My guess is vimli will get divorced and we’ll have imli and suraj marriage preparation. Then just before the wedding, truth will be revealed and imli and vivaan will get married.

      Or they want sukor to divorce, so that they can start their relation fresh, free from their past. And if they’re planning to have a love triangle, it will be wrong if chakor is still married.

  18. By breaking betraying someone innocents heart n when u r deeply in love with her only to give justice to any other woman though she is helpless is not at all fair n digestable n tolerable thing..which suraj done..

  19. Everything for imli’s respect
    will suraj marry imli for her and child’s sake.i think that will happen as per temple bell msg.suraj start to hate chakor with her closeness with new hero.eventually imraj fall for each other just like child1 track. where suraj refuse to accept the child then vivaan did it.here its suraj.then vivaan make child as banduva,chakor will fight for that.but what will be chakors future.will she end up with new hero.my hope of sukor decresed daybyday eith suraj.pls cvs save my sukor.nowadays i fear to watch the serial.suraj is one of fav character.but i startedhating him like chakor.but my heart always want sukor.

    1. Sukorian

      I feel the I made the similar comment on Previous page

  20. Suraj confessed that he would be called imlis childs father…but he is incapable of clearing out the mess himself…without chakor s help he can never prove himself innocent…if he can’t find out the truth and show it to everyone he should have not taken such huge responsibility himself….now divorce would also happen…i think when the inspector comes suraj will understand the pain of seeing your partner with someone else…

  21. Shreya.

    Hii guys….wat to say abt dis episode…bt I loved d lullably nd I loved hw chakor reminisces Suraj…..nd guys u know what when chakor enters haveli that tym Suraj sees her nd said himself na tat I know u will back ND I hv full faith on my love…seriously guys after seeing dis I can’t control my laugh…his thinking shows his innocence….guys dnt mine yaar bt I just felt like dis way only…cute budhu Suraj…nd guys hw chakor told if u cheat me thn u can cheat anyone…dis word shows how much she hurted…at d same tym after hearing dis words from chakor’s mouth Suraj also more hurted…i know guys Suraj deserves punishment…bt honestly I don’t want to c sukor’s pain even I don’t want to c vimli’s pain…feel like crying…uff….nd I loved d song mahiya…

    Guys I agree with all of ur cmnts…..I dnt want to took stand for one person neither Suraj nor chakor…bcz sometimes I think Suraj is wrong bt sometimes I think suraj took d wrong way to clear dis mess bt his intention is gud so Suraj is ryt..he gives pain to chakor bt he also feels that pain….on d other hand I know chakor is more hurted by suraj’s words.. can’t c her condition lyk dis…if am in chakor’s place am also behave lyk dis…so chakor is ryt at her POV….bt sometimes I think chakor took d divorce decision soon bt she also took wrong decision…bt I never say chakor is wrong…especially in dis episode hw she told that “I wanted love in my life nd saw dreams bt nw am much tired”…in these lines I feel much pain….. dis is d lesson for our Lyf also if v took any decisions suddenly definitely it will hurt us more than others…

    Viji..sry dr I don’t know d film name…nd welcome to our udaan family…

    Tippu best of luck for ur xams Dr…definitely v will miss u nd ur cmnts…

    Aanya hw was ur exams dr…. Sukorian tanx for d link…

  22. Hi guys i am new here I have one query can anyone clear it is there any new entry in udaan? Is it officially confirmed

    1. Hi Gr, there is nothing officially confirmed. That’s the common guess because there was some characters mentioned a new inspector who can not be bought with money, so it was assumed there will be a love triangle between sukor and him.

  23. Hey guys..those who are new here welcome to udan family.
    Guys I’m really fedup with this track. Finally sukor get separated.and they get divorced. I don’t want to see sukor in much pain.I want sukor together always… I really miss their nokjhokes I miss their jagatmata,janglibilli,paakhandi dialogues
    I don’t want this suraj who sacrifice s everything for others. I want the old suraj the angry young man…when suraj turns good,his smartness,, intelligence lost he never used his brain at all.when the new contract signed, he never read it. He became budhu…..
    Plzz team udaan, don’t make the surajs character in this way…we want his old attitude back..their misunderstanding s should be cleared.he should prove that he is innocent and expose the truth…waiting for that day…pls end this track soon

    1. Sukorian

      bravo u nailed it ☺ i agree with u totally

    2. Well said!

    3. Shreya.

      Well said

  24. Demisukor, I don’t think it’s just the actor, it’s the CVs view point. I believe they consider Suraj as good. You can see that in all of Suraj’s monologues.

    In my opinion, this track mirrors what chakor went through right after the marriage. They are making suraj stand in chakor’s shoes by experiencing her past pain. They just forgot the pain they’re causing chakor now.They’re disconnected from the fans.

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