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The Episode starts with Suraj drinking wine. Vivaan comes there and joins him. Suraj asks him to come. He says I m very happy today, I got company today, tell me which one will you have. Vivaan says any. Suraj gives him a drink. Vivaan smiles.

Ranjana asks Bhaiya ji why is she drinking today. He says Vivaan did not leave me any work since he started managing things, I have seen Suraj with Vivaan, they looked happy, both are managing work, what can be better than this. She asks him to take her somewhere out. He says not a bad idea, it can be thought of. They smile and hug.

Vivaan tells Suraj that all relations are useless, who are you, you are Bhaiya ji’s heir, owner of his everything, but you can’t see his locker, its all waste. Suraj says I will tell you, I feel very bad, Papa did not tell

me what he kept inside locker. Vivaan thinks even Suraj does not know locker info.

Chakor practices running at night. She gets a note. Someone asks her to come and meet, if she wants to know who made her fall in bathroom. Chakor says I know Tina did this, this time I will teach her a lesson. She goes to meet Tina and calls out. Someone wears gloves… and gets chloroform. Chakor asks Tina to come out… The person makes Chakor unconscious by the chloroform. Chakor faints.

Tripti looks for Chakor. Kusum says she will be running in ground. Tripti says she is nowhere, she just came from home, how will she go back, she should be here, its last day of registration.

Chakor wakes up in morning and finds herself in jungle. Her hands are tied. She says where did I come and shouts for help. Kasturi waits for Chakor’s call and tells Imli that she is worried, Chakor has to go for registration, its one hour now. Imli asks her not to worry. Kasturi asks her to go camp and check once. Imli says Suraj will not let me go there. Kasturi wishes everything is fine with Chakor.

Chakor says I have to go for my registration and I m still stuck here. She tries to cut the rope and prays for help. She says I can’t waste time, I have to reach camp. She cuts the rope. Everyone discuss that Tina has made Chakor disappear. Tina says I did not do anything. Kusum defends Tina and says I guarantee Tina does not know anything. Tripti says you both have done this. Kusum scolds her. Rathod tells them not to fight, Chakor was in Aazaadgunj and shows the letter from Chakor, she wrote she is going Aazaadgunj.

Tripti says Chakor should be here, its last day of registration. Kusum says her leg broke, she would have gone to help. Rathod asks them to fill forms, and not fight. Tripti wishes Chakor comes before registration. Chakor runs in the jungle and does not get the way to camp. She says there is no way to get out of here, I came to same point, its just few hours for registration, I can’t take part in marathon, what shall I do, I don’t know where I m and how far is camp.

Chakor runs on the road. Rathod says so this was the last form, your registrations are done. Chakor cries and says forgive me Maa, I made Aazaadgunj’s head bow down again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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