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The Episode starts with Aditya hearing some sound. He asks Vivaan to leave, else his life will fall in risk too. Vivaan stops and looks at him. Chakor is finding Aditya everywhere. She looks for him in some wine shop. Suraj teases Chakor and asks will you have wine, take it. He laughs. Chakor leaves. Suraj says half of the day passed, she can’t find Aditya. He smiles. Imli looks on.

Chakor worries and looks for Aditya everywhere. Suraj comes and asks what happened bandhua cat, you could not find your friend, you have just three hours. He leaves. Vivaan brings food and water for Aditya, and says sorry for not helping you. He opens his ropes. Aditya smiles. He drinks water.

Vivaan says I m always scared and will always be. Aditya says you are not a coward, else you would have not done this

for me. He eats food. Vivaan says I should leave now. Aditya says fine, go, but tie my hands again, else anyone will doubt, thanks I will not die hungry now. He asks Vivaan to promise, if anything happens to me, you will take care of Chakor always. Vivaan says nothing will happen to you. Aditya says just promise me. Vivaan says I should leave… Aditya says Vivaan promise me… Vivaan leaves.

Aditya says I m sure Vivaan, whatever happens, you will always take care of Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks who is there and spots Vivaan near the secret passage door. He asks what are you doing here. Vivaan says I was keeping plate in kitchen, some food fell and I picked it. Bhaiya ji says I feel sad to see you, see your brother Suraj, he shifts people and none knows it, and you are unable to take a plate, such useless you are, go from here. Vivaan goes and sees Bhaiya ji arranging the carpet well.

Chakor thinks where to find Aditya. She says Ishwar died to save me and now his son’s life is going because of me. She prays. Chagan passes by and stops seeing her. He asks what are you saying, what happened. She says they will kill Aditya, I have just 3 hours. He says calm down, nothing will happen, we will find Aditya, drink water. She says I don’t want water and sees his cycle. She asks for his cycle. He asks her to drive carefully. She leaves.

Vivaan sits in room and imagines wounded Aditya asking him to save him. Vivaan says no, I can’t save you, I can’t do anything, I m coward. He turns away and sees Aditya requesting him to save him. He sweats in fear. He hears Tejaswini and apologizes. He asks for milk, and says I m getting mad, I want milk.

Chakor tries finding Aditya and cries. She asks Lord is this your justice, why are you punishing me, I have come to do good with this village, why are you supporting bad people, I m not seeing any way to find my friend now, where shall I find him. She says don’t know where did they hide you. She thinks to check stable, where she was kept. She says Aditya can be there, I m coming Aditya, I will find you. She throws her shoes and starts running. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays……………

Vivaan goes to stable and sits there. Chakor comes there and says Aditya….. Vivaan turns and says Chakor…. She says you, I felt its Aditya, he is not here, Bhaiya ji and Suraj have hidden him, where will I find him, I have just 30mins, they will kill him, where shall I find him. Vivaan stops her and says I know where is your friend, Aditya. He takes Chakor inside haveli via window. Chakor asks is he here. Vivaan says yes, there is secret passage, if Maa sees me, she will not give me milk, without which I don’t get sleep. They hide and go ahead. Tejaswini calls out Vivaan. Vivaan worries. Chakor asks where is the secret passage and turns. She sees Vivaan gone and calls out Vivaan. She says Vivaan brought me here, even I will die with Aditya now, where to find the secret passage. She hears chain sounds and sees the carpet. Aditya says water… She says this sound is coming from here….

Chakor gets inside the secret passage and saves Aditya. She takes him, and lights come. They get surrounded by goons. Bhaiya ji and Suraj come there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow Finally The Three Friends Helped Each other……..
    Awsme Precap…….Plz make Vivan Fine………..

  2. Nice episode.. Luv u vivaan chakor and aditya

  3. Nyc vivaan help out chakor. I wish adi and chakor would safely elope

  4. Oh god ….tejaswini giving drugs to vivaav…

  5. Y aren’t they shwing charaj luv scenes

    1. i think vivaan and chakor will make a good couple.. suraj is juzt ******

  6. luv u Vivian.Hope chakor and aadi elope safely.

  7. Siraz n Chakor..yuck
    they should change d plot??

  8. Charaj is btr than chavan. Vivaan is shown like dumb. Suraj and chakor have some tashan , will make awsm luv stry.

    1. Vivaan is only looking dumb because Tejaswini has been drugging him. The drug has messed with his mind.

    2. How could Chakor and Suraj make an awesome love story? That’s a silly idea. Unless Chakor is able to change Suraj into a good person somehow and make him turn against his father. It would be interesting if they actually made that work somehow, because there is more interesting passionate emotions between them, even though they’re hate feelings now.

  9. i think tejaswini is mixing something in vivaan’s food/milk. it hampers his mental condition.

    1. She has been doing that. They showed her mixing white powder into the milk. Chakor saw it later and wondered what was at the bottom of the milk glass when she came to Vivaan’s room

  10. Guys i am new can i join u all

    1. Of course u can.. Welcome to the udaan team…

  11. Hey guys i am new here and can i join u all

    1. Hey..Welcome.. 🙂
      How are you ?

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